In Florence, there are both paid and free viewing platforms and observation points that give beautiful panoramic views of the city.

There are also view bars, restaurants and hotels in the city.


The gardens and parks of Florence are beautiful green oases of the city.

There are both large historical gardens and small parks and villa gardens, some of which offer views of Florence.


The article provides a list of the main and most striking sights and museums in Florence, which are worth a visit in the first place or if there is little time allocated to the city.


The palaces (palazzos) of Florence were formerly the homes of the powerful families of the city and the region, including the Medici, Strozzi and Gondi.

There are many palaces in Florence, some of which are museums and you can visit them.


Palace of Corsini (Corsini al Parione) - a luxurious palace in Florence, in which halls with frescoes, stucco and a grotto have been preserved; there is a grand staircase, a throne room and a terrace.

The palace can be visited.


The Arno River is an integral symbol and landmark of Florence.

The river is crossed by bridges; embankments with colorful historical buildings and palaces stretch along the river.


San Firenze Square (San Florence) is one of the most visited squares in the historical center of Florence, where there are palaces, museums and churches.


The fortifications of Florence, known as the walls of Florence (Mura di Firenze) - the ancient ring of the city, which performed a defensive function and consisted of fortress walls, gates, towers, forts and other fortifications.


Villa Corsini of the Baroque era with a garden during the history belonged to the Strozzi, Medici and Orsini families.

The villa exhibits collections of Etruscan and Roman sculptures of the Archaeological Museum.


The Stibbert Museum in Florence is located in a villa with a park; containing collections of weapons, artifacts, antiquities and works of art from Eastern and Western civilizations.


Garden and Villa Petraia is a beautiful and famous villa with a historic garden of the Medici family, located in a hilly area in Florence.


Villa Castello is a beautiful villa with a historic garden of the Medici family, located in the hilly area of Florence.


Badia Fiorentina (Florence Badia) is an abbey in Florence with an important Catholic church, monastery and works of art.


The San Firenze complex (Complesso di San Firenze) is one of the rare examples of the Baroque style in Florence, within the walls of which is the Zeffirelli Museum and the Church of San Filippo Neri.


Carraia Bridge (Ponte alla Carraia) is one of the three main historical bridges across the Arno River in Florence.

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