You can get from Bologna airport to Florence by taxi, car, shuttle bus.

You can get from the center of Bologna to Florence by taxi, car, train, bus.


Bologna is the capital and largest city of the Emilia-Romagna region in Northern Italy.

Modern Bologna is a special atmosphere and flavor, a city that is constantly full of life, a place where together the intertwined history and modernity. Where slowly walking around the narrow ancient streets with an abundance of sights, and hard to imagine that it is a developed industrial, financial and transport hub and one of the richest cities in Italy.


The historic center of Bologna is the second largest in Europe, preserving important monuments of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque.

The "old city" of Bologna is bright and vibrant, for the most part with narrow streets along which there are numerous attractions, including: historical and architectural monuments, churches and basilicas, palaces and squares, museums and theaters.


The complex of St. Stephen or Santo Stefano is a complex of religious Christian buildings, perhaps the most unusual and voluminous in Bologna.

Today the complex is a consolidated stylistic homogeneity, which makes it the most interesting Romanesque monument of the city.


The Basilica of San Domenico is one of the important churches in Bologna, dedicated to the founder of the Order of the Dominicans.

In the basilica, in the chapel of St. Domenic, in the marble ark, the remains of the Saint are preserved. Also, in the interior of the church, made in the Baroque style, one can distinguish three naves, transept, choir and apse.


The Basilica of San Francesco or Saint Francis historical and one of the largest churches in Bologna.

Basilica built by the Franciscan community between 1236 and 1254 years, the main structure of which was finally completed in 1263, is the first Italian example of Gothic style of French origin.


Neptune square - very elegant and one of the two main squares of the historical city centre of Bologna.

On the square is always quite crowded, and around the perimeter of the tower are the main historical buildings of the city.

In the middle, stands the largest and most famous fountain, the old part of Bologna is the Neptune fountain.


The Maggiore square is the biggest Central square in the historic centre of Bologna.

The history of the square originates from the 13th century. In the 1200 years the municipality started to purchase the house and adjacent land for the construction of the square, which would become an important element and gathered all kinds of urban activities at the same time.


The Cathedral of San Pietro or St. Peter's Basilica is the Cathedral of the Bologna Archdiocese dedicated to St. Peter, located in the heart of the historical part of Bologna.

The interior of the cathedral is made in the Baroque style and from the first minutes of the visit creates an impression of grandeur.


The most significant of the towers of the historical part of the city are the Two Towers of Bologna, also known as the leaning towers of Bologna - Azinelli Tower and Garisenda Tower.

The towers are located close to each other, represent a single ensemble, are one of the most famous and recognizable sights and the unchanging universally recognized symbol of Bologna.


The Madonna di San Luca (Santuario Madonna di San Luca) - sanctuary, a monumental Church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, is located on Guard hill South-West of Bologna's historic centre.

Currently, the Church of San Luca, is a revered Shrine, one of the symbols of Bologna which are among the main attractions of the city and the surrounding and a place of pilgrimage and the veneration of the icon of the Madonna of San Luca.


The market of herbs in Bologna (Mercato delle Erbe) - an indoor food market on a permanent basis and located in the historical center of Bologna.

Market delle Erbe although small, but the selection of fresh and quality products happy. The main buyers in the market are locals. On the market are mainly fresh vegetables and fruits, there are also greens, sausages and meat products, cheeses, fish, olives, etc.


Bologna Airport is located 7 kilometers from the center and railway station of Bologna.

From the airport to the center can be reached by taxi, car, monorail train and public buses.

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