How to get from Bologna airport to the center (from the center of Bologna to the airport)

Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport or simply Bologna Airport (Aeroporto Guglielmo Marconi di Bologna or Aeroporto di Bologna) is the tenth international airport in Italy by passenger traffic. Bologna Airport is named after engineer and Nobel laureate Guglielmo Marconi.

Bologna Airport is located 7 kilometers from the tourist center of Bologna and the central railway station of Bologna.

The airport regularly sends and receives flights from many European cities, including direct flights connecting Bologna with Ukraine, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, etc. Flights to Bologna and other cities of Italy →

From Bologna Airport to the center of Bologna and from the center of Bologna to the airport

Bologna Airport has a well-developed transport connection with the city center, so you can easily get from the airport to the center or from the center of Bologna to the airport.


To get from Bologna airport to the center of Bologna, as well as other cities and resorts in Italy, it is more convenient and fastest by taxi. You can order a taxi / transfer in advance, even from home. At any time of the day, at the airport, a driver will be waiting for you with a sign where your first and last name will be written. To order a taxi, it is enough to provide your flight data!

There are both taxis with a capacity of up to 4 people, and mini buses with a capacity of up to 12 people.


If you plan to travel to Italy, then car rental will be an ideal option. You can choose and order a car in advance, at the appointed time your car will be waiting for you near the airport or elsewhere in the city.

Public transport

From public transport: monorail train and public city buses.

Monorail train

The Marconi Express monorail train connects the airport with the central railway station of Bologna - the Bologna Centrale railway Station. Stops at the Lazzaretto intermediate station.

The train takes passengers to the center of Bologna in just 7 minutes.

Trains run daily, approximately from 05:40 a.m. to 00:00 p.m.; every 7 minutes during rush hours.

The cost of a full one-way ticket is 9.20 euros, round-trip - 17 euros. Tickets can be used for 12 months from the date of purchase. In case of purchase of a round-trip ticket, the return trip must be made within 30 days after the first trip.

There are also family and group tickets. Family - 2 adults + 3 children aged 5 to 16 years inclusive. Group - at least 10 people.

The fare between Lazzaretto and Bologna Centrale stations is 1.70 euros.

To find the monorail station at the airport, upon arrival, you just need to follow the signs for Marconi Express, which will take passengers to the first floor of the terminal, and from there to the passage leading to the railway station.

The layout of the station at Bologna airport

Departing from Bologna Station, you must pass through the connecting passage with the station, which is located on the side of the railway tracks (on the side of Via Carracci / Via de' Carracci).

The layout of the station at the Bologna railway station

Tickets can be purchased at vending machines at departure stations and at other ticket offices at the airport, train station and in the city center; also on the Marconi Express website and in the app.

We recommend that you check all the necessary information about the monorail, including the current cost and types of tickets, timetable, stops, etc., on the company's website: .

Public city buses

Public buses are the most budget-friendly way to get from Bologna Airport to the center or from the center of Bologna to the airport.

From the airport to the center, as well as from the center to the airport, buses will have to go with a transfer. There is no direct bus.

The ticket price for a 75-minute ride will be 1.50 euros. Tickets with the possibility of using TPER buses and/or Trenitalia or TPER regional rail services within the city area of Bologna cost 1.80 euros.

Tickets at the airport can be purchased at the Carrefour Express store. You can also buy a ticket directly on the bus, at the vending machine. A bus ticket costs 2 euros and vending machines accept only coins.

The ticket must be composted at the entrance to the bus and at each subsequent route change. The trip time is 75 minutes after composting. So, you can get to the city center on one ticket with a transfer, the main thing is that the travel time does not exceed 75 minutes.

If you are going to continue to travel around Bologna by bus, then there are tickets for 24 hours and for 10 trips, which can be used by several passengers (up to a maximum of 7 people).

The Bologna Airport bus stop is located to the left of the main exit from the airport. We go out, turn left and go to the end. There will also be a bus schedule here. We need bus number 54.

Traffic pattern and schedule of buses No. 54 from the airport

Traffic pattern and schedule of buses No. 54 from the Birra stop to the airport

You can get off the 54 bus at four stops. The first from the airport is Birra, the next is Due Ponti, then Acquedotto Triumvirato and Triumvirato. Then the bus turns right, and if you need the center of Bologna, then we turn left.

Getting off at one of the four stops, without going anywhere, at the same stop, we are waiting for the next bus. Buses No. 81 and 91 will approach the center. Both buses make several stops in the center, the final one is the Bologna Train station. If you need to go to the historical center, it is better to get off at the Marconi stop.

Stop Birra, if you go from Bologna airport to the center

Stop Birra, if you go from the center of Bologna to the airport

Bus route diagram No. 81

The scheme of movement of the bus No. 91

From the center of Bologna, following the bus 81 or 91, you should only get off at any of the 4 stops listed above (Birra, Due Ponti, Acquedotto Triumvirato or Triumvirato).

If there is no time to wait at the airport for bus No. 54, then you can walk to the Birra stop, the distance is about a kilometer.

Tickets for buses 81 and 91 and some other city routes are not sold in the bus cabin (perhaps because not all buses are equipped with automatic machines yet). In this case, tickets must be purchased in some cafes, bars and tobacco shops of the city. At the Birra stop (the one towards the airport), tickets are sold at the bar.

Shuttle bus + city buses

There is also the Airport-Hospital Maggiore shuttle bus (Airport-Ospedale Maggiore), a special fare service that, integrated with other lines of the Tper bus network of the Emilia Ponente route, represents a connection with the city's public transport.

Buses run every day from 5:00 to 00:45 hours with flights every 20 minutes. The first two morning flights (departure from the central station) and the last two flights in the evening (departure from the airport and arrival at the station) depart from the central station at 5:00 and 5:20, and from the airport at 00:15 and 00.45.

During the journey, the bus makes intermediate stops: Birra, Triumvirato, Pontelungo and Santa Viola. The Birra and Triumvirato stops are the same stops where the 54 bus stops; only unlike the 54 bus, the shuttle then turns left, where it makes two more stops.

To use the Aeroporto-Ospedale Maggiore shuttle, special tickets for a simple trip worth 4 euros are required, which can be purchased on the Tper website, in the Roger app, at ticket vending machines at the airport, at Tper ticket offices.

Tickets are valid for one shuttle ride to/from the airport and must be composted at the entrance to the bus. Also, this ticket gives the right to use other public transport in the urban area of Bologna for 75 minutes after its compost.

Attention! Bus and shuttle tickets must be confirmed in compost, as well as one ticket for each route change.

Children under 4 years old enjoy the right of free travel, also in the shuttle bus.

The cost of tickets, their terms of use and routes may change. We recommend checking the current information on the official website of Tper-a: .

Intercity service of Bologna

From Bologna Airport, direct buses run to Rimini, Modena, Reggio Emilia, Ferrara and Florence.

From the center of Bologna by bus you can get to many cities in Italy, as well as to Switzerland, France, Monaco, etc. There are also Flixbus buses. Flixbus bus tickets →

Trains run from Bologna Railway Station to many destinations, including high-speed trains connecting Bologna with major major Italian cities. You can find out the exact train schedule, ticket prices and purchase tickets on the Trenitalia website or on the Rail Europe website.

Spend the night near Bologna Airport

The 4-star FlyOn Hotel & Conference Center with its own garden is located one and a half kilometers from Bologna Airport. It offers a fitness center and free parking. The rooms at the hotel are equipped with air conditioning and a TV with satellite channels. There is a private bathroom with a bath or shower. A buffet breakfast is included in the price of some rooms.

The 3-star Brianza Hotel is located 1.8 kilometers from the airport. It offers non-smoking rooms with satellite TV, as well as free private parking and Wi-Fi. There is also a lounge with a TV and a bar.

All accommodation facilities in Bologna, including in the city center and near the airport, can be viewed and booked herebooking

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