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Gdansk Railway Station

The main train station in Gdansk or gdańsk główny, the full Polish name of Gdansk Głowny is the largest passenger station of the Polish city of Gdansk.

The railway station is located in the centre of the historic city, five minutes walk from the old town, at the address: Poland, Gdansk, street the Basement of Grodzka 2 (Podwale Grodzkie 2).

The station building is certainly impressive and so in harmony with the architecture of old Gdansk. The building is an imposing red brick with wide Windows in arched shapes. A high tower of the station, decorated with a clock can be seen from afar.

This impressive and spacious railway station was built between the years 1894-1900, in the so-called style of "Gdansk Renaissance". The gdańsk Renaissance style is a kind of connection forms of the Renaissance and Baroque. The opening ceremony of the station was held on 30 October 1900. Tower station, the one with the clock has a height of 50 meters, was built later, in the years 1900-1903. In 1945 the building was struck by fire and then restored.

Gdansk Railway Station

Gdansk Railway Station

Interesting facts

! The building of the railway station in gdańsk, built in the same project as the station in Colmar. Outwardly, they look like twin brothers.

! Palace of weddings in the Japanese city of Imari was built in the likeness of the Gdansk railway station.

Inside the station is a simple, but nonetheless quite modern.

Gdansk Railway Station inside

ticket offices of the railway station in Gdansk

In the building of the main station clock train station ticket office, information displays, waiting room, Luggage storage, round the clock pharmacy and a currency exchange (the rate is not profitable), a Bank, several stores, small catering outlets and restaurants, toilets and family room. In some places in the station free Wi-Fi.

Across the street from the train station, shopping centre Krewetka with large grocery supermarket Biedronka. Biedronka in translation from Polish means ladybug.

Biedronka Gdansk

Why even write about the Danzig railway station? I don't know... Probably for two reasons: first, we were impressed and really liked the architecture of the station, and secondly, for residents of the Kaliningrad region, gdańsk station, and indeed Gdansk, is a kind of starting point, the centre for further travel in Europe. Especially in Gdansk all conditions. Gdansk station supports connections to intercity and international routes.

In Gdansk there is a relatively convenient connections for travel in Europe and some African countries.

Near railway station, on 3 May 12,80-802 Gdansk, Poland is a bus station Gdansk - Gdansk PKS (Bus station Busbahnhof Gdansk or Gdansk). The building of the railway station underground passage connected to the bus station.

Gdansk bus station is quite old and dirty))

bus station Gdansk

hall and ticket offices of the bus station Gdansk

bus station Gdansk inside

17 kilometers from the train station, the international airport named Lech Walesa. To get from downtown to the airport in 20 minutes by a direct bus. One of the stops located near the railway station.

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