Where to buy and how to choose a quality wine in Spain

Having arrived in Spain, we probably, like many people visiting this beautiful southern country, wanted to taste real Spanish wine. And then we faced two questions: where to buy a delicious quality wine and how to choose it? After all, there are a huge number of these wines in all the trading shops of any Spanish city, just fill up, so much so that your eyes run away.

We consulted both in stores and with local residents, they say, what and how, where to buy, how to choose? We met a local Ukrainian on the streets of the city, a young guy from Ukraine who has been living permanently in Spain for a year and a half. And they also asked him about Spanish wines, all the tastes of visitors and local residents may differ. However, that this young man, that the locals with one voice advised the same thing.

By the way, you can read about our meeting with a Ukrainian on the streets of the Spanish city of Alicante and his story about a year and a half of life in Spain here.

Here's what they advised us:

In fact, you can buy good and delicious wine in Spain in any store, supermarket or market. Any of its varieties will be of decent quality and, most importantly, without preservatives, the addition of alcohol and dyes. And there are actually a huge variety of wines in Spain - red, white, pink; with different sugar content - dry, semi-dry and semi-sweet. There are wines and wine drinks, Sangria wine drink is very common.

Sangria is a Spanish medium-alcoholic drink based on red wine with the addition of pieces of fruit, sugar, as well as a small amount of brandy and dry liqueur. It is best to eat chilled, with the addition of pieces of fruit and ice. It cools well on a hot Spanish day. We even added this drink to the list of dishes that are definitely worth trying in Spain.

So, without hesitation, go to any retail store and drill any bottle of wine you like. The most important thing is that the country of origin on the label is Spain (Spain).

The cost of wines is inexpensive, in supermarkets and markets ranges from 1.5 to 17 EUR (euro). It will be slightly more expensive in elite alcohol shops. The quality of the wine does not suffer from the cost. The cost depends on the year of grape harvest, the longer the wine is aged, the more expensive it is and, accordingly, its taste will be more tart, here it is for an amateur.

We bought a bottle of pink semi-sweet wine, 2014 harvest for 3 euros. We drank it in the evening. The wine is delicious, without foreign impurities and odors. The next morning, my head was light, I did not make noise, as sometimes happens from the evening consumption of wines bought in our stores at a more expensive price.

Remark! Opinions about the taste of wines, as well as any drink or dish, are subjective, and experts also do not understand anything about it, since their receptors and tastes are also individual. Therefore, try different wines and drink those that you really like, without paying attention to the "experts" and(or) the price of the drink.

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