When to go to Alicante climate Alicante. Our observations!

Alicante is a beautiful city located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, near Valencia and Barcelona. In Alicnate are many ancient attractions, major cargo port and yacht Marina. In addition, Alicante is primarily the freshest gifts of the Mediterranean sea, warm sun, miles of wide and clean beaches with fine Golden sand and of course the warm sea. About Alicante, its beaches and the sea, places of recreation and leisure activities we already wrote a lot on the pages of this blog, this time I want to talk about the climate and seasons, when to go on holiday in the Spanish resort town of Alicante.

Alicante in September

Climate Alicante

For Alicante has a mild climate with pleasant warm summers, full of sunshine and moderately cold winters. The average temperature in July is +28C, but in the heat of midday rising above 30 degrees Celsius and in the winter months - from +10 to +13C.

When to go to Alicante

In Alicante and the surrounding area the sun shines for over 300 days a year.

Winter in Alicante in January-February and beginning of March is kept fairly warm and Sunny weather, For the same spring March-April and beginning of may is characterized by a small number of rains, and in summer, from may to October, is set to hot weather with a light sea breeze. Autumn in Alicante is also good, predominantly Sunny, but November is rainy and cloudy.

So walking through the colorful narrow streets of old Spain and enjoy the sights any time of year, but the Mediterranean coast, Alicante is especially great in the summer swimming season from April to October. In June, July and August in Alicante attracts thousands of tourists, for lovers of relaxation again unfavorable, as the streets and beaches of the city becomes too crowded.

climate of Alicante

That is for us and checked on personal experience, so the ideal time for beach holidays in Alicante are the end of August-beginning of September months. At this time of year the water is fully warmed up, what is called milk, and the sun is not so hot. The average temperature during this period +26-+28 degrees Celsius, and water +26 - +28 degrees, then there is absolutely no discomfort in the sun and sea baths, jumping in the sea and swimming a pleasure. However, in the midday heat can rise above plus thirty degrees, but it did not spoil our holiday, in this watch we were introduced to the true Spaniards and went to relax on the Siesta.

Again, a plus for travelers like us, who do not like bustle and noise of children, the beginning of September is a wonderful time, pupils and students have already departed, and the prices slowly creep down. Somewhere closer to the 10th of September it was a couple days when the rain was bucketing down, even blouses had to wear. But after, we were again enveloped the warm sun and gentle waters of the Mediterranean sea.

when is it better to go to Alicante

rains in Alicante

Also less hot months are August and September, when the sun does not roast, are perfect for exploring the attractions of Alicante.

For families with children who have learning time starts in September, the ideal time to visit Alicante is the second half of August. Maximum temperature of sea water +27-+28 degrees reached and held, and the sun is not such a stick as in July or June.

Alicante in August

Now let's talk about the other months for vacation in Alicante

In April in Alicante is not the spring, but not summer. That is neither there nor here. Too early for bathing, but for sight-seeing walk that would be great. The average day temperature - +19-+25 degree, night - +14-+17 degrees, the sea water is a maximum of +16 degrees.

In may and June in Alicante is warm and the sea water is gaining its degrees. But the discomfort from the temperature difference between the air and the water is still there. This time of year, the temperature reaches +24-+27 degrees, and water in the Mediterranean sea - +19-+22 degrees. To plunge can be, but a full-fledged beach holiday is unlikely. In early June, the sea water warms up to +23-+25 °C, and within a month, quickly gaining a temperature up to +25-+26 °C. As can be seen in "fresh milk" is coming! Here, with full confidence we can say, the beach season is opened!

In the hot summer months, starting somewhere between July and August months, inclusive, when the heat makes the Central city of Spain, in the hot concrete jungle is an ideal place of rest becomes the coast of Spain. However on the coast the sun fuck be healthy. That is why these months are not very comfortable to stay in Alicante, get sunburn very easily. Air temperature reaches 31 degrees Celsius, and sometimes rises much higher , but the sea water tale - +26-+28 degrees.

August in Alicante. A little bit about the month of August and September in Alicante we described above, here only give some General data. The average air temperature in August - +28-+30 degrees, the water in the sea - +26-+28 degrees.

With Nov month in Alicante begins the "rainy season". However, the rainy season in Spain, the concept is very relative, but still, this is the time of year, most precipitation falls. So, depending on the year, November-December may be not very suitable for months to stay in this beautiful city. The average temperature during the day - +16-+20 degrees, the water in the sea - +16-+19. In early November, to dip and catch the warm Sunny days are still quite real.

cloudy weather in Alicante

Time for shopping in Alicante

As for shopping in Alicnate, for this purpose, suitable any time of the year. On the sales and outlets of the city you can always find a few things at super low prices.

High season discounts in the shops in Alicante are the Christmas sales from late December to March and summer big sale falling on the middle of the summer the month of July.

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