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Walking through the streets of Alicante + photos of Alicante

After swimming in the sea and visiting the main attractions of the city of Alicante, it's time to take a walk through the streets of this pretty Spanish town. Believe me, just walking through the streets of Alicante, there is also something to see. In order for the walk to be more interesting and rich, you do not need to think over any routes and make plans, in this city you just need to go where your feet carry and your eyes lead. Each of our trips includes such a route, we choose a day and walk through the streets of the city, so we took a walk in Alicante with pleasure.

In this article we will put photos of the streets of Alicante, will also describe some of the most memorable streets in the city.

We lived near the Central Postiguet beach, the famous pedestrian Boulevard of the Esplanade de Espana, with a pattern of sea waves under your feet, the promenade and the sea port. All these important places in the city we have already described in detail in the previous articles, read the heading of Alicante. So, on this fine Sunny day, our road, which runs through the streets of Alicante, took its origin from the Central beach. First of all, we walked for mount Benacantil and Central beach side of Benidorm.

On this side the sandy beach becomes rocky steep Bank, the trail begins and there are residential neighborhoods, the buildings in which we can find houses have interesting architecture.

streets of alicante

photo of Alicante

Residential house triangular

houses in alicante

In this part of town, nothing to do, turn around and return back to the center of Alicante.

In the heart of the historic part of the city, there are many winding narrow streets, most of which are lined with tables of countless cafes and restaurants for every taste and wallet size.

streets with cafes and restaurants in Alicante

Along the way there are original sculptures, small green squares and parks with huge plane trees, eucalyptus, pine trees and the huge size of hundred year old rubber plants with roots hanging in the air.

monuments in Alicante

squares of Alicante

parks of alicante

architecture of Alicante

Go go through the busy streets, wading through the tables of cafes, placed in the middle of the streets, the transition from one green to another Park, and suddenly turning to the right or to the left be on a completely deserted and unremarkable street.

concrete streets of alicante

streets in the center of Alicante

graffiti on the walls of houses in Alicante

On these streets doing absolutely nothing, and you're faster than trying to roll again to find a picturesque street or the public garden.

photos of the streets of Alicante

Did not notice as we came to the Plaza Ruperto Chapi and the Main theater Alicante - the Principal de Alicante (Teatro Principal de Alicante). Externally, the theatre is very like our Palace of culture, the kind you might find in any Russian city.

The building of the Main theatre of Alicante, built between 1846 and 1848 in neo-classical style. In the theater hosts concerts, community events, performances of ballet and Opera singers.

The main theater of the city of Alicante-The Principal de Alicante

Ruperto Chapi Square in Alicante

One of the most unusual it seemed to us street with mushrooms! Street with mushrooms, we just called her that because when she came on to her, I didn't know the street name, and the first thing that caught my eye this cute cartoon mushrooms, placed here and there across the street.

street with mushrooms in Alicante

cafes and cartoon mushrooms on the streets of Alicante

In fact, this street is called San Francisco/Calle San Francisco, a beautiful name. This is the street child experience all along the street on both sides, cool in addition to mushrooms and insects, there are many children's shops. So if you came on holiday with children, walk along the street you and your children will get a lot of impressions, but at the same time and may buy what their children.

San francisco street, Alicante

children's shopping street in Alicante-calle San Francisco

At the end of the street is a large candy shop FiNi, there are many different flavors of marmalade colors and shapes, candies, pop and other sweets. Even we could not resist and got me a bag of mixed gummies.

FiNi candy store in Alicante

shop of chewing marmalade and lollipops in Alicante

chewing marmalade at the FiNi store in Alicante

If you walk down the streets of San Francisco, you can go to the El Corte Ingles Department store and shopping street with boutiques. About shopping in Alicante we were told in a separate article, read here.

One of the Central and wide avenues of the city of Alicante is the Rambla méndez nuñez/la Ramb Mendez Nunez. This wide and busy Avenue can rightly be called the heart of Alicante. Along the street are all the official parades and processions, religious and festive processions. La Rambla starts at the center of the city, near the Central marketand ends at the waterfront.

Rambla Mendes Nunez street in Alicante

Rambla Mendez Nunez in Alicante

On both sides of La Rambla in Benidorm are cafes and restaurants, shops and supermarkets, office and residential buildings, and in the center is a wide roadway. In the evenings the street is always full of people, people walk, breathe the air and sit in outdoor cafes.

central street of Alicante La Rambla

La Rambla street Alicante

Go to the Plaza de Espana next to the arena bull ring and bullfighting Museum (Taurino). Here on the square you can see the monument to the running of the bulls and the picador, and the Museum not only to see the attributes that are used in bullfighting, but also to learn about famous bullfighters from Alicante and most famous tournaments. Like bullfighting, or bullfighting in Alicante and Plaza de Espana we wrote earlier, read here.

bullfighting arena and bullfighting museum in Alicante

at the Plaza de Espana in Alicante

Further our path lay in the Outlet Park in Alicante - the outlet stores. On the way to the outlet we further and further moved deeper into the city.

In this part of Alicante's neighborhoods have become familiar outlines of ordinary residential city, and the streets less sparkle Mediterranean resorts. Vegetation is becoming scarce, and residential buildings more and more.

streets of alicante

streets in the city of Alicante

residential areas of the city of Alicante, Spain

Came across the auditorium of the regional Council of the province of Alicante (Auditorio de la Diputacion de Alicante Paseo Campoamor), abbreviated ADDA and the alley next to the building.

The building is multi-purpose. It hosts concerts, music events, conferences, receptions and business meetings. The area of the building 28,580 square meters, ADDA has its own Symphony hall with total capacity of 1225 people, additional rooms, rehearsal halls, office space for artists, meeting rooms and Banquet Protocol.

regional auditorium of the Council of the Province of Alicante

alley near the regional auditorium in Alicante

Going a step further, came across the Catholic Church Parish of our lady of Los Angeles (Parroquia Nuestra Senora de los Angeles), located at Calle de Rosalía de Castro, 1, 03010 Alicante, Spain. Inside the Church we went, and it well very beautiful. So graceful and elegant, with superior design and proper lines.

Our Lady of Los Angeles Parish in Alicante

Walk on. Someone involved in sports, while others just go about their business.

walking the streets in alicante

residential buildings in Alicante

somewhere on the way to the Alicante Outlet Park

Almost at the very outlet of stores came upon a snow-white monument, similar to a written piece of paper, carelessly torn from a notebook. Unfortunately neither sought we never found what or who is the subject of this sculpture. Maybe, you know, what is this monument? Share in the comments, we will be very grateful!

a monument that looks like a scribbled piece of paper, carelessly torn out of a notebook, Alicante

After we went to the outlet, bite, climb on the shops and on the bus back to the hotel. About Outlet Park in Alicante we also told you earlier, read here. Our walk through the streets of Alicante has come to an end. In his hotel room, we returned late in the evening, pretty tired, but quite pleased, it was a pleasant fatigue.

And you just love to walk the streets of unfamiliar cities, away from the tourist routes, admiring the scenery and architecture, approaching the life of the locals and discovering something new and unusual? Or maybe you during his travels doing something more interesting and exciting? Tell us about your preferences in the comments!

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