Kungur Ice Cave, Perm Region

On the next weekend we went to the Kungur ice cave and on the way visited the Belogorsky Monastery. We believe that there is no special reason to go to the Belogorsky monastery, but it is very worthwhile to stop by when visiting the cave, especially since it is located on the way to the Kungur cave.

The ice cave is located in the Perm Region, on the right bank of the Sylva River on the outskirts of the town of Kungur in the village of Filippovka, just 100 kilometers from the city of Perm.

You can get to the cave by bus, or you can drive yourself by car, which we did. There are also excursion buses from Perm to the cave, unfortunately, we do not know the cost.

Entrance to the Ice Cave is paid. The price includes a guided tour. The sightseeing tour lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes and costs 600-700 rubles - an adult ticket. There is also an excursion with a laser show (the cost is 700-800 rubles). We took a simple sightseeing tour.

The Kungur Ice Cave is one of the most popular and visited sights of Siberia and the Urals. Together with the Ice Mountain, it forms a historical and natural complex of regional significance. This is truly the pearl of the country.

The cave belongs to the unique geological monuments and is one of the largest karst caves in the European part of Russia, the seventh gypsum cave in the world in length. The length of the cave is about 5700 meters, and the length of the excursion trail is 1.5 kilometers. There are corners in the cave that have not yet been fully explored and remain mysteries.

Although we visited the cave in the summer, it is quite cool inside, so we advise you to take jackets with you and wear closed comfortable flat shoes. Of course, because the average air temperature in the center of the cave is only +5 °C.

This cave is one of the largest in the world and, frankly, the largest and only beautiful of all that we have managed to see.

We have been to the cave twice, in summer and in winter. There is no way to say unequivocally at what time of the year it is better to visit it, since the temperature in the cave is always comfortable for glaciers. Unless, the thickness of the ice in winter is more voluminous and weighty.

Cave outside

Entrance to the cave

The journey through the cave begins with an acquaintance with the cold halls, where ice crystals are preserved all year round, and the layers of layered centuries-old ice literally fascinate the eyes and make you think about the power of Mother nature. Of course, because the age of the cave, according to approximate data, is 10-12 thousand years.

During the trip, we were introduced to the history of the cave, its glaciations, told colorful legends that envelop literally every corner of this fascinating beauty.

The purity of the water in the underground lakes of the cave amazes and impresses literally everyone. The water is so clear and transparent that it seems as if it's the bottom, a couple of centimeters below you, but no, be careful, the depth of some of the lakes reaches up to five meters. A special impression is made by the largest underground lake of the cave, it is called - Large and is 1300 square meters.

The whole cave is divided into grottos, each of which opens the cave from a new, incredible side. The highest grotto reaches 20 meters and is called Meteoric. Here they did not explain to us why it was so named, they just turned off the light, and we understood everything ourselves. Behind the hill of fallen stones, there is a backlight, when the main light is turned off and the hill is properly illuminated, the impression of a comet flying past is created.

There is a grotto of Dante, Coral, Wet Hummock, Giant, Lukina, Tower and even a Sculptural grotto.

The sculptural grotto was not named by chance, there are many large boulders and small stones in it, looking closely at which, you can see the outlines of animals. According to the stories of the guides, all these are creations of nature, although looking at all the stone animals it is hard to believe, it is the work of man and no one else, a kind of marketing ploy, but how else to attract tourists.

Steps lead to the central grotto - Ladies' tears, about which we were told a beautiful legend. The fact is that the steps are slippery, polished to such an extent by water. So, according to legend, in those ancient times, a young girl, walking on the steps, slipped and hurt her knee, so much so that she started crying. And her life turned out as follows - she met a man, not anyone, but the Swedish king, married him and became a queen. It was this story that gave rise to the belief that if a young girl breaks her knee on Ladies' tears, then a successful marriage will soon be waiting for her. Girls, do not try to slip on the steps, remember - this is just a beautiful legend, and we have one neck))

In the Ethereal Grotto there are several natural, so-called organ pipes, open and closed. That is why the sound of dripping water is constantly heard in this grotto.

The air in the cave is so clean and fresh that, according to our guide, it contributes to the preservation of youth, beauty and promises eternal life. That's just for this, you will have to spend it (your life) without leaving the walls of the cave. But we're better off without it somehow.

As you can see, the whole tour is accompanied by legends about this or that grotto, which, in addition to the beauty of the cave itself, creates a fabulous and somewhat childish mood.

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