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Walk along the northern coast of the Akamas Reserve, Cyprus

The Akamas is a natural attraction of Cyprus - Cape located in the North-Western tip of the island, an area of 230 square kilometers.

On the territory of the Akamas, in different points scattered many natural attractions. So, one of the most attractive areas of Akamas serves the North coast of the reserve.

To visit this coast in different ways, one of which is a walk along the North coast of the Akamas nature reserve. About all the ways to visit the North coast of the Akamas, you can click here.

A walk along the North coast of the Akamas

Walk along the North coast of the Akamas starts from the baths of Aphrodite and stretches to the Bay of the Fountain. In total the route is around 5,2 - 6 miles one way. If you want you can go further, to the most westerly point of Cyprus, Cape Arnaoutis (Cape Arnaoutis).

The North coast of the Akamas introduces its guests to such popular natural attractions as:

- baths of Aphrodite;

- Blue lagoon;

other less known but no less lovely places, for example, bays Manolis and Fontana Amorosa, mountain Calscale (Kakoskalia) and the Bay of Blagi (Blaji bay);

- if you want to roll into the Peninsula and Hiking tourist routes in the reserve, among which are the trails of Aphrodite and Adonis.

Nearest settlements to the baths of Aphrodite are Neo Chorio and Polis. From the bus station to Polis the baths of Aphrodite there is a direct bus. Close with a stop at the baths of Aphrodite there is Parking for cars, tourist information center, viewing cafes, shopping shop with drinks and snacks.

Baths of Aphrodite or the baths of Aphrodite (Baths of Aphrodite) - the source - a small grotto. This place is considered important mythological object, to see which many tourists come from different parts of the island of Cyprus.

Legend has it that in this place Aphrodite took a bath in the natural pool of the cave. Baths around a small Botanical garden has walking paths, a gazebo. Read more about baths of Aphrodite...

Near the baths of Aphrodite, from the sea, is an observation deck, which offers stunning views of the Bay. At the observation deck of vidovo is a restaurant with a terrace.

You can go down the stairs, and visit the beach, which is also called the beach of the baths of Aphrodite. For those wishing to sun loungers and parasols.

From the baths of Aphrodite and access to Hiking trails, natural Hiking trails of Adonis and Aphrodite.

And you can continue along the coast and enjoy stunning views of the coastline of the Akamas. Where the rocky coast that looms over the sea surface, forming sea caves, accessible only by sea, it becomes flatter and gives the opportunity to go down to the water.

Part of the Hiking path runs along the only dirt road which goes transport. For this reason, along the dusty road.

Mountain Calscale (Kakoskalia) located directly opposite the St. George island (St Georges island) is the big mountain that just falls into the sea, and the trees hang from the rocky precipices. Here you can enjoy nature, feeling the breeze from the sea or boating directly under the mountain.

Walk further

One of the most picturesque places of the Northern coast of the Akamas

Then begins the part of the coast, having convenient approaches to the sea, where a succession stretch of bays and coves with crystal clear sea water. And the road widens, becoming more gentle and comfortable.

Bay or Manolis Manolis Bay (Manolis Bay) is a Cove surrounded by the overhanging sea-water rock formations, featuring natural sea caves, as well as fast set the depth reaches 5 meters. Read more about Gulf Manolis...

Quite a bit of the way on a comfortable road and we come to arguably the most famous and visited natural attractions in North coast of the Akamas, but of the whole of Cyprus - the Blue lagoon.

Blue lagoon or blue lagoon (Blue Lagoon) - framed by rock formations of the Bay. This, above all, untouched nature, crystal clear waters with amazing colors, from sky blue to rich sky blue, with areas of lighter and darker shades.

To the water's edge there is easy access. Here a small wild beach, which is mostly stones, there are areas of the start and pebbles. In the water sand and rock ledges. This beach has the name beach of the Blue lagoon (blue lagoon beach / Blue Lagoon Beach). Read more about Blue lagoon...

Blue lagoon lies the Bay, Fontana Amorosa (Fontana Amorosa / Fontana Amoroza). The Gulf coast is predominantly rocky with small rocky formations. Approach to water readily available. Places near the water's edge, there are narrow areas of pebbles and sand. This non-classical, the beach has the same name - the beach Fontana Amorosa (Fontana Amorosa Beach).

The water in the Bay is a transparent, color from light blue to dark blue, sometimes with a green tint.

The bottom of the Bay consists of sand and rock formations and reaches a depth of 3-5 meters. Read more about the Bay and Fontana Amorosa...

Coast next following on which you can walk to the most westerly point of Cyprus.


If you decide to Hiking in the Akamas, you are advised to wear comfortable closed-toe shoes, a hat, closed and preferably loose clothing and(or) liberally apply sunscreen to exposed areas of the body (in the case of visiting in the hot summer months), to bring clean drinking water (lots of water) and some snacks (if desired). Sunscreen is better to be smeared in advance, on the Akamas Peninsula is very dusty, apply it to your dust-covered body is extremely uncomfortable.

You can also bring sunscreen with you, and if you plan on swimming in the pond, you need a bathing suit. All things most convenient to fold into a backpack.

A schematic map of the attractions of the North coast of the Akamas

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