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Baths of Aphrodite, Akamas, Cyprus. Observation deck

Baths of Aphrodite - a small grotto, located in the national Park of the Akamas Peninsula (North of Paphos), in the North-Eastern coast.

This place is considered important mythological object, to see which many tourists come from different parts of the island of Cyprus.

Legend has it that in this place Aphrodite took a bath in the natural pool of the cave.

Still around the baths of Aphrodite there are many myths, some of which read as follows:

- bathing in the source gives fertility;

- wash water from the baths of Aphrodite is possible to prolong youth and beauty.

That's just to swim in this place is prohibited, it is possible, perhaps, to wet your hands.

Baths around a small Botanical garden has walking paths, a gazebo.

Themselves bath is a small grotto with a trickling waterfall, surrounded by the Fig tree. Near the grotto there is a small Playground.

From the baths of Aphrodite and access to Hiking trails in the Akamas Peninsula:

- along the northeast coast of the Akamas. You can walk to the famous Blue lagoon;

- natural Hiking trails of Adonis and Aphrodite.

To say that the baths of Aphrodite - place of magnificent beauty, we can't, the impression to expect, having read the guidebooks - not produce. However, it is still worth visiting, at least in order to make your own opinion and moreover in order to see the Akamas, and it is really worth it.

Near the baths of Aphrodite, from the sea, there is an observation deck, which offers stunning views of the Bay. At the observation deck of vidovo is a restaurant with a terrace.

You can go down the stairs, and visit the beach, which is also called the beach of the baths of Aphrodite. For those wishing to sun loungers and parasols.

Practical information

The passage to the baths of Aphrodite free. Directly near the entrance, just below, there is a Parking space.

Opposite the car Park: bus stop and a tourist pavilion with public toilets.

Photo of the entrance to the baths of Aphrodite

When to go. At the height of tourist season is crowded.

We left at 9 am, lived in the Polis, when visiting the baths of the people there was virtually no Parking was empty. After visiting the baths of Aphrodite and take the Hiking route to the Blue lagoon to get to the baths was already hard, free Parking was not.

If you want to combine a visit to the baths of Aphrodite with Hiking in the Akamas, you are advised to wear comfortable closed-toe shoes, a hat, closed and preferably loose clothing and(or) liberally apply sunscreen to exposed areas of the body (in the case of visiting in the hot summer months), to bring clean drinking water (lots of water) and some snacks (if desired). Sunscreen is better to be smeared in advance, on the Akamas Peninsula is very dusty, apply it to your dust-covered body is extremely uncomfortable.

How to get to the Baths of Aphrodite

Visit bath can be both independently and with one of the excursions.

With a group tour, I think, is not the same effect, except that individual, the complex with visits to other places of interest in Cyprus.

From any point of Cyprus can be reached by rented car or taxi. Car hire in Cyprus...

The public bus. The bus runs one route 622 from the bus station in Polis. To go to the last stop. From the stop about 5 minutes walk to the baths.

The bus runs from 06:00 to 18:00 hours, approximately every hour, journey time about 30 minutes. Passing on the road Е713: past the Western tip of the beach of Polis, Latsi next cute and goes along the coast Neo Chorio, Akamas.

To the bus station of Polis can be reached from Paphos and Сoral Bay (Peyia):

- Paphos airport - bus № 649. Operates from 17:30 to 23:00 hours. The journey time is approximately 70 minutes;

- center of Paphos (Karavella bus station) - buses 641 and 645. 645 walks more often. The journey time is approximately 60 minutes;

- Coral Bay bus № 648 to three times a day. The journey time is approximately 45 minutes.

The fare is € 1.50. Ticket for the day - 5 Euro. Tickets are available from bus drivers.

Attention! The bus schedule and fare are subject to change, please check before you travel.

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