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The Rock of Aphrodite and the beach of Aphrodite, Cyprus (Petra tou Romiou)

Aphrodite's rock - a legendary rock, one of the main and most visited attractions of the West coast of Cyprus.

Rock of Aphrodite-kipriotsky also known as Petra tou Romiou, which means the Rock of the Romans. This rock belongs to the legendary Byzantine hero Basil (as it says in the poem "Digenis Akritas"), who was half Greek and half Arab, which was his middle name Digenes (duocracy). According to legend, Basil threw a huge rock from the Troodos mountains to keep the invading Saracens. The surrounding rock is called a Rock of the Saracens or Saracen rock.

With the rock of Aphrodite is rich in legends, the essence of which boils down to one thing - this stone is the birth place of the beautiful maiden emerging from the sea foam goddess of beauty and love Aphrodite. It is also known as the goddess of fertility, eternal spring and life, was the goddess of marriage and birth. In General, the goddess everything associated with youth, beauty, love and new life.

Near Aphrodite's rock is the eponymous beach of Aphrodite. The pebbly beach of Aphrodite and has the shape of a small Bay. The sea in this area, usually with strong waves, so that local warn tourists to bathe in it, also can not climb the rock of Aphrodite. But all the warnings are useless, you still swim and rock climb. Well and how not to dip a curious tourist, after all, according to legend, the waters of the Bay of Aphrodite have a powerful energy of life and rejuvenation.

To the North, behind the rock and the beach of Aphrodite, is another beach.

Also, the South beach of Aphrodite, is also a beach

Close to Aphrodite's rock

If from the beach of Aphrodite walk or drive, if you drive South along the coast (towards Limassol), on the way you will meet some vantage points with great views to the rock of Aphrodite, the beautiful coast and surrounding countryside.

Near all inspection points have here are the ramps for cars

And if you go pitch, on the side of the road

On top of the mountain is an observation deck which is also accessed

Church. Such a small Church can often be seen in Greece and Cyprus. Inside, there was usually a lamp, icons or pictures. They say that these churches put on a certain place, in gratitude for something. This set in honor of "Faith, Hope, Love."

Behind the Church, if we move further along the coast, you can go to another beach, with both sides ukryta high cliffs.

Parking and a cafe near the rock of Aphrodite

Directly next to the stone and the beach of Aphrodite there is a Playground where:

- small café-shop with a gift shop and outdoor Seating;

for shopping shop has locker rooms and shower facilities. Shower surcharge of 50 cents;

- car Parking.

Here come by public bus from Paphos - the last stop. When exiting a bus should not cross the road and climb over the fenders, as do the majority and we, including ignorance. Near the cafe, near a wooden fence, there is a descent to the underground tunnel under the road that will lead directly to the beach of Aphrodite and Aphrodite's rock.

View of the underpass from the beach of Aphrodite

Close to Aphrodite's rock is vidovo restaurant (fish tavern) Marios resturant, located in an elevated position, 900 metres from the Aphrodite's rock. From a café near the rock of Aphrodite, you can request a free Shuttle to the restaurant. They say the food in the cafe is expensive and not very tasty, but visit for the view, drinking with a refreshing drink - you can.

Where is the rock of Aphrodite

Aphrodite's rock and the adjacent beach of Aphrodite is located in Kouklia village, near the shore, along the main coastal road linking Paphos and Limassol.

Distance from Harbor of Paphos to Aphrodite's rock is approximately 24 kilometres; from the Limassol castle is 44 kilometers; and from the beaches of Pissouri - 13 kilometers.

Rock of Aphrodite on the map

How to get to Aphrodite's rock

By bus from Paphos centre

From the bus station, the Harbor (Harbour Main Bus Station), located in the centre of Kato Paphos, near the harbour, Paphos castle and promenade, the beach of Aphrodite ply public buses No. 631.

Schedule depending on the season:

1. From Paphos to the rock of Aphrodite:

a) from April to November:

- Monday - Saturday: 07:25, 09:10, 10:40, 14:10, 14:20, 15:40, 16:00, 17:30, 18:40, 22:30;

- Sunday + holidays: 06:30, 9:10, 10:40, 14:10, 14:20, 15:40, 16:00, 17:30, 18:40, 22:30.

b) from December to March:

- Monday - Saturday: 07:25, 09:10, 10:40, 14:10, 16:00, 18:40, 22:30;

- Sunday + holidays: 06:30, 9:10, 10:40, 14:10, 16:00, 18:40, 22:30.

2. From Aphrodite's Rock in Paphos, every day:

- from April to November: 08:15, 10:05, 11:35, 15:05, 15:15, 16:35, 16:55, 18:20, 19:30, 0:00;

- from December to March: 08:15, 10:05, 11:35, 15:05, 16:55, 19:30, 0:00.

The fare is € 1.50. After 21:00 cost night ticket is € 2.50. Luggage and tax included in the ticket price.

Free travel for children up to 6 years.

50% discount: holders of European youth card; children up to 12 years; students 13 to 18 years, presenting an identity card or identity card of the student; the owners of social maps of Cyprus.

The payment is made to the driver upon entering the bus. Please make the payment with coins or denominations of 5, 10 and 20 Euros.

There are also travel tickets:

- on the day, valid from 04:00 to 21:00. Cost: 5 Euro;

- week - € 20,00;

- month - € 40,00;

- a year is € 400,00.

Card of the day is available from the bus drivers, all other types of tickets are available at the information offices of the bus stations.

Bus passes Kukliu. You can combine a visit to the rock of Aphrodite and Kouklia, where, in Paleo Paphos is the equally famous temple of Aphrodite.

The bus route 631: Harbour (Main Station), Ledas, Alkminis, Poseidonos Av., Danaes Av., Aphrodite's Av., Spyrou Kyprianou Av., Gianni Kontou, Ippokratous, Makariou Av., Paphos-Limassol old Road, Kouklia Archeological Site, Petra tou Romiou.

The scheme of the route 631 bus on the map

The bus from Pissouri and Paphos

Near the rock of Aphrodite is a bus stop No. 630, next to the bus station Caravelle (Karavella Bus Station), in the center of Paphos to Pissouri.

Buses run from Monday to Saturday:

- from Paphos to Pissouri: 06:30, 09:30, 14:30;

- from Pissouri to Paphos: 07:40, 10:40, 15:40.

The bus route 630: Karavella Station, Neofytou Nikolaides (Government Offices), Geroskipou, Koloni, Acheleia, Timi (Limassol - Paphos old Road), Kouklia (Archaeological Site), Petra tou Romiou, Pissouri Village, Pissouri Bay.

The scheme of the route 630 bus on the map

Attention! The schedule of movement of public transport and fares are subject to change. Please check before you travel.

By taxi

Also, from any point of Cyprus can be reached by taxi. The order and the cost of a taxi here...

By car

From Paphos , Kato Paphos you need to take the road B6 and directly, never deviating from the road, go to the rock of Aphrodite. Car hire in Cyprus...

From Pissouri on the road B6 towards Paphos.

From Limassol you can go on highway A6, then go on the road B6 or B6, and move on to keep the direction in the direction of Paphos. Landmark: on the left side (at shoreline) here is a pointer and the right cafes and Parking for cars.

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