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Beaches of Paphos, Cyprus. Coast of Paphos

The majority of tourists coming to Paphos, pursuing primarily two main goals: a beach holiday on the beach and exploring the local attractions. The city of Paphos and its surroundings are ideally suited for these purposes.

In the city of Paphos and the surrounding area (district Paphos) you can spend your holidays, combining a beach holiday and attractions, of which close to Paphos and the surrounding area is not so little. After all, the Paphos region is rich in historical and natural attractions, as well as various beaches.

In Paphos there are a few sandy beaches, however, most of the beaches of Paphos is a mixture of sand with gravel and partly rocky sea floor, also has a concrete beach.

Most of the beaches of Paphos are awarded with "Blue flag" - a sign of purity and quality of the beach and sea water.

All municipal beaches of Paphos, which means is absolutely free, you will have to pay for the use of beds and umbrellas if desired. Average cost for two sunbeds and a sun umbrella is 7.50 Euros.

All the beaches of Paphos and well-equipped. On the beaches: deck chairs and umbrellas, toilets and showers, rubbish bins and changing rooms, rescue towers and designated for water sports. On some beaches, a small Playground and area for sports. Close to the beaches or directly on those, there are always a couple of cafes or bars. Lifeguards with lifesaving equipment and first aid are on the beaches from April 15 to October 31, from 11:00 to 17:30 hours.

In Paphos there are hotels located near the beach. Beaches near hotels public. As a rule, hotel guests can make free use of sunbeds and parasols. For the rest, rent of beach equipment will be paid.

The Beaches Of Paphos. The Coastline Of Paphos

For easy orientation, conventionally, the beaches of Paphos can be divided into South and North. South those located further South along the coast from Paphos castle and the Central promenade of Kato Paphos. And the North, respectively, to those located North of the coast from the castle.

More popular, and therefore crowded beaches of Paphos are the southern beaches, including the beaches of the Paphos town and the beaches of Yeroskipou.

To the Northern beaches include all the beaches of the North coast of Paphos town and the beaches of Coral Bay, part of the municipality of Peyia.

The southern beaches of Paphos

Just behind the Harbour and Paphos castle, South along the coast, is the main promenade of Kato Paphos, on the one hand where the boundless Mediterranean sea, and on the other - the abundance of cafes and restaurants. This is one of the main places for walking and recreation for visitors and residents of the city. Read more about the main promenade of Paphos...

Beach Municipal Baths

Municipal Baths Beach is one of the main beaches of Paphos, located in the heart of the coast of Kato Paphos.

The beach has a length of 100 meters and stands out from the usual concept of the beaches of Paphos, there is no sand nor shingle strip and convenient entry into the sea. It is a concrete beach with a wide wooden deck and concrete piers equipped with ladders, for a more comfortable descent into the water. Read more about beach Municipal Baths...

Alykes Beach

The beach of Alykes Beach is 200 meters. The beach is a narrow strip, which runs along the waterfront - Coastal Broadway. Rare places on the Alykes beach, there are small areas of coarse sand of a dark color mixed with pebbles.

The beach is surrounded by breakwaters that protect swimmers from strong waves and currents. At the bottom of a lot of big rocky stones. Read more about Alykes beach...

Beach Vrysoudia B

Beach Vrysoudia B is a small and narrow beach of mainly dense sand is gray, sometimes mixed with pebbles. The beach is cleaned regularly. On the beach there are algae.

On both sides of the beach are the breakwaters, making the beach look like small semi-circular Bay. Thanks to these breakwaters sea water is quite calm. The entrance to the sea is flat, the bottom is mostly sandy.

The beach is situated below a small cliff, down to the beach, one side has steps and the other has direct access to the beach down the hill. Read more about the beach Vrysoudia B...

Above the line of the beach Vrysoudia B promenade is a waterfront Broadway. Here is a 4-star hotel Alexander The Great Beach Hotel with landscaped grounds, 2 pools and direct beach access.


Beach SODAP the official name Vrysoudia A. In comparison with other Central beaches of Paphos beach Sodap quite large and well maintained. The length of the beach is 300 metres away.

The beach is mostly fine sand of gray color, sometimes mixed with gravel and boulders. The beach is cleaned regularly. On the beach there are algae.

On both sides of the beach and there are breakwaters that protect the shore from large waves. However, despite this, the beach is still often present waves. The entrance to the sea is quite shallow, the bottom is mostly sandy.

Above the beach along the promenade. And because the beach is below the level of the embankment, the area is very picturesque. Read more about the beach SODAP...

For the Central part of the beach SODAP, South along the coast is another little piece of beach under the cliff. On the South side to the beach are stairs. And above the line of the sea runs the promenade, which is a 4-star Amphora Hotel & Suites with direct beach access, swimming pool kidney-shaped, a restaurant and a lounge bar.

The Beaches Of Geroskipou

Behind the beach Sodap originate from the beaches of Yeroskipou, which is considered one of the best in the Paphos area. Near most of the beaches of Geroskipou, on the first line, located hotels having direct access to the beaches and manicured green areas. From hotels:

- 5-star Constantinou Bros Asimina Suites Hotel. It offers 2 outdoor pools, an indoor heated pool, a tennis court, a Spa center and a gym;

- 4-star Sentido Cypria Bay by Leonardo Hotels. It offers a restaurant and a swimming pool with hydromassage;

- 4-star Leonardo Plaza Cypria Maris Beach Hotel & Spa- adults only guests. It offers a large pool, 4 restaurants, a Spa centre and 2 tennis courts;

- 4-star Constantinou Bros Athena Royal Beach Hotel with three pools, 2 hot tubs and a tennis court.

- 4-star Constantinou Bros Athena Beach Hotel with a Spa, 2 saunas, 2 steam baths, a gym, a tennis court, an outdoor and a cool bowling alley, children's club, swimming pool and mini Golf.

Along the shoreline, in adjacent areas Otley, pedestrian area, she's promenade.

Pachyammos Beach

Pachyammos Beach - there are two Pachyammos beach: Pachyammos and Pachyammos 2, together forming a single beach.

Pachyammos beach is mostly sandy, sometimes mixed with pebbles and stone ledges.

For Pachyammos beach - a wild coast, sometimes alternating with beaches, near which are also the hotels that have direct access to the beaches.

The Geroskipou beach and Rikkos beach

The beach of Yeroskipou (Geroskipou Municipal Beach), smoothly flowing in the Riccos Beach, together forming a single beach (also known as the beach Atlantida Beach) - sand and pebbly municipal beach, located in the South-Eastern part of Yeroskipou. Read more about Yeroskipou and its beaches...

Northern beaches of Paphos

Behind the Harbour and Paphos castle, North of the coast there is the promenade from one side of which is a wild coast, and on the other fence, behind which is located the Archaeological Park of Paphos.

This promenade leads to one of the Central beaches of Paphos - Faros.

Faros Beach

Faros beach another name for the Lighthause beach is quite wide and spacious beach. The length of the beach of Faros are 400 metres away. On the beach the sand is light gray, sometimes mixed with pebbles and stones.

The beach is cleaned regularly. However, algae on the beach are abundant.

Sea water is clean, the bottom is not very convenient - sandy-stony, also in the water is the abundance of algae. For a more comfortable entry into the sea the beach has a concrete pier with a ladder leading into the sea water. Read more about Faros beach...

The beach in front of hotel Kefalos beach

The 4-star Kefalos beach Tourist village or just to Kefalos beach, located on the first line, near the Mediterranean sea.

Refined green territory of hotel Kefalos is a complex, which has all the necessary infrastructure beach: lovely two-storey building, walking paths, a promenade with benches for relaxing, a swimming pool, a café and a restaurant.

The beach is near the hotel Kefalos narrow for ease of movement, along the line of the sea with a wooden deck, near which on the green lawn, sun loungers and parasols.

On the beach of gray sand mixed with small pebbles. Entry into the sea is rocky. For the convenience of the direct descend into the water equipped pier with a ladder. Sea water is clean, the bottom of the stones, also occur in algae. Read more about the beach in front of hotel Kefalos beach...

The beach near the hotel Elysium

The 5-star Elysium is located near the Royal tombs.

Below the hotel is a small beach, having the form of a small Cove. On the beach dark grey dense sand. The beach is clean, sea water too. The bottom is mostly sandy. Entry into the sea is easy and gently sloping.

For entry into the sea without having to go down to the beach, equipped pier with steps leading into the sea. Read more about the beach near the hotel Elysium...

Behind the beach near the hotel Elysium originates the long wild coast, rare in some places alternating with beaches near 5-star hotels and more or less suitable for swimming in places where either no, or virtually otsovetuyu beach infrastructure.

Sandy beach close to the 5-star Venus Beach Hotel, located just behind the Royal tombs.

Behind hotel Venus to the North along the coast there are several 5-star hotel: Capital Coast Resort And Spa, King Evelthon Beach Hotel & Resort etc.

The beaches of Coral Bay

The beaches of Coral Bay are among the best beaches in Paphos. They are located at a distance of 12 kilometres North along the coast from the centre of Kato Paphos.

The Coral Bay Beach

The most well-maintained part of the beach is Coral Bay has a length of about 600 metres away, while the bathing of the coast of Coral Bay reaches 1 kilometer. On the beach are mainly small and pleasant to the touch the sand is light in color.

The Coral Bay beach is shaped like a Crescent, flanked by limestone headlands, making the beach more picturesque, and the sea water in the Bay, both sides closed the speakers in a sea of common land, more relaxed and favourable for the sea baths.

On the North side of Coral Bay, on the Cape, is a 5-star hotel Sentido Thalassa Coral Bay, which features indoor and outdoor swimming pools, rooms with sea views, a tennis court, a Spa and a sauna. The hotel has direct access to the beach, backed by a staircase running along the slope of the Cape. Read more about coral Bay beach...

Beach Laourou

Laourou Beach also known as the beach Corallia is the second beach resort area of Coral Bay.

Beach Laourou framing a Bay with an elongated shape. On the North side of the beach covers the Cape, behind which is the Coral Bay beach.

From the South-East side of the beach Laourou is a 5-star Coral Beach Hotel & Resort Cyprus with direct beach access and landscaped area. Also near the beach is a 3 star Corallia Beach Hotel Apartments.

On the beach Laourou mostly fine and pleasant to touch the sand. Its color is from yellow to gray. The beach is cleaned regularly. However on the beach you can see the natural debris (algae) and found small household (cigarette butts, bottle caps). Read more about the beach Laourou...

Beaches near Paphos

In addition to these, in the district of Paphos there are several popular beaches, though located at a sufficiently remote distance from the centre of Paphos town.

The Beach Of Aphrodite

The Aphrodite Beach is a pebble. The sea in this area, usually with strong waves, so that local warn tourists to bathe in it.

The beach is located in Kouklia village, along the main coastal road linking Paphos and Limassol. Distance from Harbor of Paphos to Aphrodite's Beach is approximately 24 kilometers.

Close to the beach, no hotels, so it is better to visit this beach one day trip to see the legendary landmark in Cyprus - Aphrodite's rock, because on this beach it is. Read more about the beach and Aphrodite's rock...

Other beaches in the region Paphos

The Lara Beach, Latsi Beach and Polis beach, located North along the coast from the centre of Paphos, is also recommended as one of the best in Paphos.

Lara beach or turtle beach, is located along the road, at a distance of 27 kilometers North along the coast from Paphos city center. While the beaches of Latshi and Polis is more convenient to visit while vacationing in the area of Polis.

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