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Paphos Castle is a medieval fort of Paphos

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Paphos Castle (Pafos Castle, Paphos Medieval Fort) is a medieval Fort and one of the main attractions of Paphos.

Paphos castle is on the ancient mole in the Western part of the port city. This files most often visit Paphos castle combine with walks along the promenade and visit the Archaeological Park of Paphos, located in the immediate vicinity of the castle.

From the promenade to the only entrance to the castle, on the East side, the bridge goes.

This medieval fortress in the past was a part of the coastal defense system of Cyprus. During its long history the castle was repeatedly subjected to restoration, and its current characteristics are the result of various interventions.

The Frankish rulers built the castle in the middle of the XIII century to replace the Byzantine Fort, the "Saranta Kolones" which was destroyed after the earthquake of 1222. When the Genoese took over the fortress in 1373, they made some changes, and has formed a defensive moat, removing part of the pier that connected the castle with the land. Shortly before the Ottoman conquest of 1570, the Venetians controlled Cyprus at the time, destroyed what was left from two towers with the use of explosives to the tower was not used by the Ottomans.

Fortress, which has survived to the present day, is restored by the Turks in 1592, the Western Frankish tower buildings of the Venetian era.

Since the beginning of British rule the castle was used as a salt store until 1935, when, in accordance with the Law on antiquities, it was declared an Ancient monument. Since then the castle has been restored and protected by the Department of antiquities of Cyprus.

What to see in Paphos Castle

Currently Paphos castle is a small rectangular stone structure, consisting of one tower with two floors.

On the first floor of the castle you can see the indoor courtyard

From the first floor, the wooden stairs, you can climb to the second floor which is a open area. The entrance to the second floor pay, is € 2.50.

The first floor landing has a 360-degree view and offers wonderful views of the harbour and the main promenade of Kato Paphos and the Mediterranean sea.

Opening hours of the Pafos Castle

The winter period from at 16.09 15.04: Monday - Sunday from 8:30 to 17:00 hours.

Year period from 16.04 to 15.09: Monday to Sunday from 8:30 to 19:30 hours.

How to get to Paphos Castle

Paphos castle is located in Kato Paphos, at the end of the city promenade, on the territory adjacent to the port with yachts and fishing boats.

To get to the castle by public transport, reaching the bus station, the Harbour, which is located approximately 600 metres from the castle. Bus harbour is the starting point and ending point of the following routes:

- 603 (Karavella station - Harbour);

- 603В (Alexandrou Papagou - Harbour);

- 606 (Geroskipou - Harbour);

- 610 (municipal market - Harbour);

- 611 (Geroskipou beach waterPark - Harbour);

- 612 (airport Paphos - Harbour);

- 615 (Coral Bay - Harbour);

- 618 (Karavella station - Harbour);

- 631 (rock of Aphrodite, Kouklia - Harbour).

The cost of the bus trip is 1.5 Euros, pay the driver at the entrance.

There are tickets:

- on the day, valid until 04:00 next day. Cost: 5 Euro;

- week - € 20,00;

- month - € 40,00;

- a year is € 400,00.

Card of the day is available from the bus drivers, all other types of tickets are available at the information offices of the bus stations.

Can also be reached by taxi or rental car.

Scheme Pafos Castle

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