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Cossack village Ataman - etnoturistic complex in Krasnodar region

Ataman is a life-size ethnotouristic complex of a Cossack village in the open air on the Taman Peninsula of the Krasnodar Territory. The total area of the museum is 68 hectares.

You can get to the complex both by your own car and by bus.

Entrance to the museum is paid. You can book a tour of the complex. Information about the opening hours of the complex and the cost of tickets can be clarified on the official website -

The Ataman Theme Complex is a place that is definitely worth a visit. Disappointed there is definitely not to leave. A beautiful and memorable adventure awaits everyone for a lifetime.

You will be in the Krasnodar Region, go to the Ataman.

We have been to Atamani three times and will definitely come again.

When going to the Chieftain, prepare time with a margin, it's better to spend the whole day, for 1.2 hours you definitely won't see everything here.

In the complex, everything reminds of the old days. It clearly shows the way of life and lifestyle of Cossack families of the XVIII-XX centuries. Each Cossack farmstead with a hut is assigned to a separate municipality of the Krasnodar Territory, they take care of it and sponsor it, carry out all the necessary work, from construction to landscaping of the territory.

Walking through the streets of the complex, it seems as if you get into the past, so naturally close to reality everything is arranged and thought out to the smallest detail.

You can go into some Cossack huts and see how the life of true Cossacks was arranged. Fish nets are drying in the farmsteads, fish are drying, cabbage, sunflower, and various berries are growing. And all this is not scenery, but the most real and alive.

The complex consists of a large fairground, several streets of the Cossack village, where each farmstead represents a separate activity, specialty or craft: potter, beekeeper, baker, shoemaker, barber, ataman, headman, huts of ordinary Cossacks. There is a school, a fire station, a mill, a church parish and even Baba Yaga's residence. And the chapel towers over the whole complex.


Interior decorations of the huts



A cart with gifts of Cossack lands. Everything is natural.

Beekeeper's beehives

And here are the Cossacks

Baba Yaga's Hut


Here you can taste dishes of Cossack cuisine - cabbage soup, dumplings, lard, honey, pies with various fillings and Cossack moonshine.

Ataman is located on the coast of the Sea of Azov. You can walk to it.

There is a misconception that the Chieftain is located on the Black Sea coast, but this is not so. The Taman Peninsula is really located on the Black Sea, but the Ataman complex itself is on the Azov, there are still several kilometers to go to the black Sea.

Atamani hosts thematic festivals almost every week, the largest of which is the annualThe regional festival of the legend of Taman.

Legends of Taman are held every year, on the first weekend of September. If you are in the Krasnodar Territory at this time, be sure to visit the holiday, you will not regret it.

The festival is accompanied by performances of creative teams, theatrical performances in the spirit of the old traditions of Cossack families. Festivities take place in every courtyard of the Atamani.

It is very beautiful on the territory of Atamani. It can be a fun and memorable photo shoot.

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