Turkish Maldives: lake and island, sea and mud, nature and solitude

The Turkish Maldives (Türkiye'nin Maldivler'i) is one of the most popular and visited natural attractions in Turkey.

Under the name "Turkish Maldives" in Turkey there are two objects: Lake Salda and Suluada Island.

Although these two attractions are located in different places of the country, they are united by several factors - the color of sea water and sand on the beaches, as well as untouched nature and privacy, which gives the objects a picturesque appearance and made them famous as the "Turkish Maldives".

Lake Salda

Lake Salda (Salda Gölü) is a mountain lake in Turkey, which is cratered and located in southwestern Turkey, within the Yesilov district of Burdur province.

The lake has an area of 44 km2 without runoff and a depth of up to 184 meters.

Salda Lake is also popular because of the hydromagnesite mineral, which is believed to help with some dermatological diseases. To do this, people smear clay from the lake.

White sandy beaches of the lake, clear water of a bright azure hue and white islands in the lake complement the already beautiful landscape. Learn more about Lake Salda, beaches, how to get there and excursions to the lake...

Suluada Island

The island of Suduada or Sulu-Ada is a small Turkish island located in the western part of the Antalya Bay, in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, about 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) from Cape Gelidonya.

This rocky uninhabited island has an elongated shape, virgin nature, two beaches with white sand and crystal clear turquoise sea water, as well as rocky coves, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Learn more about the island of Suluada, how to get there and excursions to the island...

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