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Suluada Island, Turkey - Turkish Maldives: photos, beaches, where it is, how to get there, excursions

Suluada Island or Sulu-Ada is a small Turkish island that is a popular tourist destination, and, due to the color of sea water and sand on the beaches, as well as privacy, is known as the Turkish Maldives (Türkiye'nin Maldivler'i).

In ancient times, the island was called "Krambusa".

The current name "Suluada" is a compound word meaning "water island", referring to the source of fresh water on the island. The water in this spring is considered healing.

This is an uninhabited island located in the western part of the Antalya Bay, in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, about 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) from Cape Gelidonya.

Administratively, the island is part of the Kumluk ilche (district) of Antalya province.

This rocky island has an elongated shape, virgin nature, two beaches with white sand and crystal clear turquoise sea water, as well as rocky coves, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Thanks to all this, the island of Suluala looks very picturesque, forming unique landscapes, and it is compared to Maldives.

Stretched from northwest to southeast, Suluada Island is only about 1.3 kilometers (3,900 feet) long and 350 to 100 meters wide.

Most of the island's area is occupied by a mountain, the rocky slopes of which steep banks descend directly into the sea waters.

How to visit the skeleton of Suluada

The easiest way to visit the island of Suluada is with excursions organized from nearby resorts and cities in Turkey.

You can also arrange a trip to the island of the "Turkish Maldives" yourself. At the same time, you should negotiate directly with the team of pleasure yachts and tourist boats in the bay of the village of Adrasan, from which excursions to the island start. Contacts of the "captains" of boat excursions to the island can be viewed on the website: adrasan.org_turu.

Adrasan Bay can be reached by public buses/minibuses, as well as by taxi or car.

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Excursions to the island of Suluada

Practical information

Coordinates of the island of Suluada: 36°14'19.0"N 30°28'18.0"E (36.238611, 30.471667).

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Remark! In addition to the island of Suluada, there is another place in Turkey that is called the "Turkish Maldives" - this is Lake Salda with picturesque nature, beaches and therapeutic mud.

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