Where to go from Dubai (sights of the UAE): sea, ocean, desert, mountains, oases, cities

аabDubai is a world-class tourist destination, annually attracting millions of tourists from all over the globe.

Dubai is certainly multifaceted and interesting. After you have fully enjoyed Dubai, its beaches, islands, attractions, museums and entertainment, it is worth going outside the city and paying attention to other attractions and places of the UAE, of which there are many and each of which it is interesting in its own way.

The places and attractions of the UAE given in this article can be applied not only to departure from Dubai, but also to departures from any other emirate, city and place in the Emirates.

You can travel around the Emirates from Dubai by public transport, rented car or taxi, as well as with organized excursions.

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Excursions from Dubai

Where to go from Dubai (independently and with excursions)

Boat trips, cruises and diving

From Dubai, you can go on a cruise along the Persian Gulf on a yacht, including in the luxury style.

You can also go out into the sea waters and go snorkeling, diving or deep-sea fishing.

Lakes and desert safaris

One of the most visited attractions from Dubai is desert safari, where you can see lakes, the most visited nearby to Dubai of which are artificial lakes:

- a crescent-shaped lake called Moon Lake;

- lake of love (Love Lake) in the shape of two hearts (Love Lake).

You can arrange a desert safari and visit lakes by off-road vehicles or with jeep safari and buggy safari excursions. There is also an extreme safari for the bravest.

Safari excursions may include Arabic-style lunches and dinners, barbecues, hookahs, camel rides accompanied by a Bedouin, horseback riding, quad biking, visiting a Bedouin village with a show program with fire and dancing, photo shoots in national clothes.

Excursions are held both in the morning and in the afternoon, and in the evening.

There are group and individual excursions.

Hot air balloon flight in the desert

In the morning, you can go to the Arabian Desert and fly a balloon in the air meeting the dawn and admire the desert landscape from an unusual angle.

This is a sightseeing trip.

Abu Dhabi

Visiting the capital of the Emirate, Abu Dhabi, can also be an unforgettable adventure.

The city has beaches and islands; long embankment; museum quarter with the Louvre Abu Dhabi museum, which is the largest cultural project France abroad; ethnographic complex "Heritage Village"; hotel Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental with private beach; Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which is the largest and most beautiful mosque in the country; the UAE Presidential Palace, open to the public; the oldest stone building of Qasr al-Hosn and the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi.

Adu Dhabi is also attractive with Yas Island, where amusement parks are located: "Ferrari World", featuring the fast roller coaster "Formula Rossa"; the theme park "Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi"; the water park "Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi"; the oceanarium "SeaWorld World" with 8 exciting areas that take guests on incredible adventures from the poles to the tropics.

Near Abu Dhabi is the National Automobile Museum and Emirates Park Zoo.

It is unlikely to be possible to visit the sights and go to the Abu Dhabi amusement parks in one day, so it is better to stay in Abu Dhabi for a few days.

For accommodation, the city offers a large number of good hotels booking

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Excursions from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Moroccan baths

After extreme safari trips, walks around Abu Dhabi and fun in amusement parks, you can arrange a day of relaxation in the Moroccan baths "Imar Spa" with a beach and swimming pools located in the small emirate of Umm Al Quwain.

This is one of the best spas in the country with a Moroccan steam room that gradually heats up to 40 degrees, fragrant herbal teas and various treatments: scrubbing, masks, manicure, pedicure, massage, spa treatments, etc.

Oasis city of Al Ain

Al Ain is one of the unusual places, spread out in the middle of the desert.

Al Ain is famous for its green squares, alleys and parks, thanks to which it is known as the "garden city" or "oasis city".

The city is also known for being the birthplace of Sheikh Zayed.

In Al Ain there are: the El Muji Palace; the Hili Archaeological Park, which is the largest monument of the Bronze Age in the UAE and dates back to the 3rd millennium BC; the Al Ain Palace Museum, located in the palace of the former President of the UAE Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and his family; the National Museum Al Ain (the oldest in the UAE); several restored forts; Al Ain Oasis; Wadi Adventure Water Park, including swimming pools, surfing, kayaking and rafting areas; the largest zoo in the UAE; Hili Fun City amusement park and shopping centers.

It is also popular to visit thermal springs, a geyser and a park in the Green Mubazar, at the foot of the high Jabel Hafeet mountain. On the mountain are: 4-star Mercure Grand Jebel Hafeet Hotel, luxury tent Pura Eco Retreat, Jebel Hafit Desert Park, observation decks and an extensive natural cave system. Beehive tombs are also notable nearby. Mount Hafit and the nearby beehive tombs are part of a national park called "Jebel Hafit Desert Park" or "Mezyad Desert Park".

Liwa Oasis

Liwa Oasis is a large oasis in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, on the northern edge of the Rub al-Khali desert.

The geographical and economic center of the oasis is Muzayri.

An important traditional branch of the economy in the area is the cultivation of dates. The importance of tourism is also increasing. There are several hotels in the area, including 5 Star Anantara Qasr al Sarab Desert Resort, 5-star Liwa Hotel, camping Liwa Art Hub Farm and luxury tent Liwa Nights ليالي ليوا in the desert.

The desert landscapes of Liva can be truly incredible. And the nearby Moreb dune (22°59'N 53°47'E), 25 kilometers south of Muzairi, has a height of 300 meters (980 feet) and is one of the largest dunes in the world. The length of the dune is 1600 meters.

Every year, the Liva Festival takes place in Liwa, which attracts guests with off-road races and camel races.

In Liwa, camel hikes, trips and desert dune walks are organized for tourists.

Hatta Mountain Resort

Hatta is a village among majestic mountains near the border with Oman. Everything here is saturated with a leisurely and peaceful rhythm, shrouded in pleasant coolness.

Due to its location in the mountains, Hatta has traditionally served as a summer residence for Dubai families fleeing the heat and humidity of the coast.

Old Hatta includes two 18th-century watchtowers, a Juma Mosque built in 1780 and an authentic fruit market.

The historical and ethnographic heritage village of Hatta with reconstructed mountain dwellings is notable in the village. Also an attraction is the Hatta Dam, built in the 1990s to supply the area with electricity and water. You can go hiking in the nearby foothills and mountains.

Especially popular is the picturesque Lake Hatta, where you can ride a catamaran, canoe or kayak. There is a recreation area near the lake.

To the Indian Ocean (to Fujairah)

Fujairah is an emirate located on the coast of the Gulf of Oman of the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean.

There are beaches, a mountain range, green areas and oases. However, tourists, first of all, go to Fujairah to see and swim in the Indian Ocean, where they also go diving and snorkeling.

Fujairah has preserved one of the oldest mosques in the country - the Al Bidya Mosque, there is a restored fort Fujairah (Fujairah Fort) of the 16th century, the Archaeological and Local History Museum of Fujairah (Fujairah Museum), the Fujairah Heritage Village (Fujairah Heritage Village), the large six-minaret mosque of Sheikh Zayed (Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Fujairah), inspired by The Blue Mosque in Istanbul and other attractions.

On the way to the coast of Fujairah, you can stop at the eastern market "Friday Market", where carpet products of masters from all over the world, exotic fruits and handmade souvenirs are presented for sale.

From hotels in the Emirate of Fujairah:

5-star Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort with oceanfront pools

5-star Address Beach Resort Fujairah near the sandy beach

5-star luxury tent Mysk Kingfisher Retreat

Luxury Tent The Retreat


Sharjah has been awarded the "Cultural Capital of the Arab World" heritage.

The main destinations in Sharjah include: Antique Car Museum, Bazaars, Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, Al-Nur Mosque, Al-Markazi Bazaar, Dhaid Fort, Mahattah Fort (now Aviation Museum), Al-Hish Fort Museum and Sharjah Heritage Area with museums and indoor Al-Arsa Bazaar.

From entertainment: large indoor entertainment center "Adventureland", located in the shopping center "Sahara Center"; Sharjah Aquarium; water park "Al Montazah Parks" and theme park "Island of legends"; Al Kasbah Canal with embankments, Ferris wheel and boat tours; large park "Al-Majaz" with an embankment, restaurants, water and playgrounds; Arab Wildlife Center (Arabia's Wildlife Center Zoo); Al-Nur Island with art and light installations.

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Ajman is the smallest of the emirates of the UAE by area.

Sights of Ajman: Ajman Fort, which was previously the residence of the ruler of Ajman, and today it is a museum with an eclectic collection of artifacts and exhibitions of traditional life in Ajman; Red Fort, built during the time of Sheikh Humaid bin Abdulaziz Al Nuaimi and consisting of four rooms in three towers; Manama Museum, located in the fort Al-Marir; Al Murabaa watchtower, built in the 1930s and located on the Ajman embankment; Ajman Embankment, which is a popular place for family holidays in the evenings and weekends; zoological garden, parks and beaches.

Hotels with beaches in Ajman:

5-star Ajman Hotel Resort with a swimming pool and Arabic-style rooms.

5-star Fairmont Ajman Resort with infinity pool and spa.

3-star Ajman Beach Hotel near the beach and with an outdoor pool.

Ras Al Khaimah (Musandam Peninsula)

Quiet Ras al Khaimah is located on the Musandam Peninsula and is known for its natural landscape with beaches and mountains.

Here are the Al-Hajar mountains, and in particular the Jebel Jais Mountain, which is the highest point of the country, which offers views of the rocky peaks up to the coastal plain, which makes this place popular for photographers, especially in the late afternoon, when the rocks are covered with orange rays of the sun. The world's longest zipline "Jebel Jai" is also located in Jebel Jais.

Other attractions include the Daya Fort, the National Arab Museum of Archaeology and History in the building of the former fort, the Al-Qasimi Palace and the Tower Links Golf Club.

From hotels with beaches and near beaches in Ras al Khaimah, you can distinguish:

5-star Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Beach Resort with a private beach, swimming pools, children's area, rooms and villas.

5-star resort The Cove Rotana Resort - Ras Al Khaimah with a private beach, swimming pools and restaurants.

Camping "Longbeach Campground" with tents, swimming pools, garden and barbecue area.

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