Hammam - Turkish bath in Kemer

The name Hammam determine the public baths of Turkey and the East. We have Hamam is associated primarily with Turkish baths. If you haven't been in these Turkish baths, then you have lost much. I advise you to go. And that this thing was a car, what is the process of evaporation, the cost of visiting in Turkey and some other secret nuances and hammams will be discussed in this article.

Currently, the entire territory of Turkey, in almost every town or village, you can find the Hammam.

Hamam is not just an unusual and fascinating process of evaporation, and, according to doctors, a beneficial effect on General health, besides the Turkish baths help in colds, asthma, bronchitis, heat and cholera. Like it or not I can not say, because we happened to be in the Turkish bath only twice, and both times it was in the resort town of Kemer.

Based on personal experience, about hammams definitely can say only that the pleasure and positive emotions during the treatment we received by far. Possible to get any healing effect you need to visit the Hammam regularly, however, for us, the Turkish bath became a ritual of pleasure.

turkish bath hammam in Kemer

Currently, the Hammam is very often proposed in combination with the accompanying Spa treatments. For us it was more: peeling, cleansing mask, herbal and aroma massage General full body. Also, in addition to in addition to the Turkish baths in the same complex is a swimming pool and sauna, we have the first visit included a sauna.

Both times we ordered a Hamam in the city of Kemer, hotels they've stayed at. And both times, the Hamam is distinguished by the treatment provided by the advanced services and quality.

Will say a few words about the Turkish bath - the process of evaporation, the price and the nuances

The first time we visited the Turkish bath at hotel Seker Resort Hotel and the second hotel located in the centre of Antalya, Sumela Garden Hotel. The first time the Hammam was more professional, and excursion diving.

Both times the hotels were booked via the website Booking, and the tickets were purchased through Aviasales.

From the first minute in hotels diligently begin to work Barker. First you call a high price, and by the end of the holiday, when people they have, the price take off three times. First vacation visit to the Turkish baths cost $ 30 per person, and after a few days we went to the Hammam for $ 20. However, there is one thing but to visit the Hamam better yet the skin is not tanned, and certainly not burn in the sun, otherwise instead of pleasure from the bath you will only get discomfort and peeling skin as while Turkish baths every inch of your body will be thoroughly scrape ihotkey.

In the room of the Hamam welcomes you to the administrator. With a need to grab our bathing suits. At our first visit to the Turkish bath we have spent in the shower, then the sauna, where we had steamed out of the body. After the sauna we were shown directly in the hall of the Hamam. In the hall are marble, stone beds (the Turks call them Chebek-Tashi, translated meaning stone of the stomach), which performs all massage and body treatments. Chebek-Tashi always hot, even there is an expression: "Let Chebek will always be hot!".

The process of bathing in the Turkish baths is plain. The attendant poured us water and smeared a thick layer of foam, and then began to carefully RUB the entire body with a washcloth, not missing not edinho centimeter of skin, is made a soapy massage. The feeling was quite pleasant and relaxing, and my skin after such a procedure is more delicate and smooth.

That's just all this fun was only the first, but the second time everything was much worse:

sauna was not conducted immediately into the room of the Hammam. I think that the sauna bath just before needed. Why... I'll write a bit below;

- black and hairy attendant, unpleasant even to look at, greeted us. The girls immediately disappeared, the bath went only to men. Brought to the room of the Hamam, doused with water, smeared with foam and massaged, and somehow beat this ihotkey, and with reluctance.

In the photo process soap massage in the Hammam

Hamam in Turkey, Kemer

At the first visit after foam treatments in the steam room we did a cleansing and soothing mask on the face. During the masks we lay on the sunbeds and drinking sweet tea. After removing the masks we were shown into the massage room, where they played nice music and the delicious smell of aromatic oils. The body is rubbed with massage oil, then 25 minutes doing a General relaxing full body massage. The massage was pretty good quality and brought a lot of positive emotions. After all the procedures took a shower and it is went home happy.

Again, second visit to the Hammam in the hotel Sumela Garden Hotel after the sauna was poured cold water, so much so that the next day I had to go to the drugstore for nose drops. Poured a Cup of tea, done massage. The massage was no impression that it was done at random, as necessary.

As can be seen in a Turkish bath in Turkey can vary significantly depending on where you order Hamam.

They say it is best to book Hamam not in hotels and specialized centers. Really have to this center still to go, but I think it's worth it. Can who went? Share your experience in the comments!

To buy a tour Hamam in the spec. the centre is on the streets of any Turkish city, is 12-15 dollars.

Next time we'll try a Turkish Hammam in a specialized center in Istanbul. Let's see what will do there. After describe the experience on the pages of this blog.

Whichever the Hammam you don't hit, don't take it seriously, take a visit to the Turkish baths as entertainment and getting new experiences and impressions. It is not only because the Hamam we all go to Sunny Turkey...

Why, in our view, necessary before the Hamam sauna

The fact is that Hamam is the most cool of all existing types of baths and simultaneously one of the most humid. The average temperature in the premises Hamam rarely exceeds 35-50°C, but the absolute humidity is approaching 100%. This "tropical" climate is naturally very useful, easy to carry, allowing the person to relax and get the maximum effect from the treatments. However, for a more comfortable and painless rubbing of the body with ihotkey, the skin required intensive warm up and to sweat, and indoor Hamam, this effect cannot be achieved, it. That is why the sauna with higher temperatures in our opinion is so necessary before visiting the Turkish bath.

So next time we'll have to look for a Hammam with a sauna:-)

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