Lithuanian cuisine (what is worth trying in Lithuania)

This article we've prepared especially for those who are going to visit Lithuania and not know what's so tasty and unusual to try in this wonderful country.

Any traveler, in addition to what to eat in Lithuania, and undoubtedly interested in the money issue. So though Lithuania in 2015 and the Euro moved prices in the country remained quite affordable, at least to eat in Lithuania is much cheaper than in other Euro area countries. For example, a full lunch or dinner for two with drinks will cost 20-25 euros.

So, in our opinion, is arriving in Lithuania, the first is to try national dishes, and after all what is pleasant to look at. After all, we all, necessarily, in each visited country is exactly what in this area is the national dish, because many things will be strange, what will remain unappreciated and misunderstood.

The first dish, which is certainly worth a try in Lithuania it is the national dish of the Lithuanian cuisine consisting of potato zeppelins. The Lithuanians and the Belarusians, like potatoes in their kitchen it is present in many different variations.


The second name of this dish - didzkukuliai (Didzkukuliai).

Externally zeppelins (Cepelinai Lithuanian name) is similar to large gnocchi a form with all sorts of fillings. Classic meat filling, can also be starting from vegetables or cottage cheese.

The taste of the dumplings quite tasty, on top of boiled grated potato, and the inside is filled with minced meat. I liked them, but Vladimir not so. Try and draw your conclusion.

Serve dumplings with sour cream and sauces to choose from. The classic sauce for dumplings sauce, pork rinds (fried pieces of fat) and sour cream. You can also select just the sour cream, mustard sauce or vegetable.

Each serving of two dumplings. Each of the Zeppelin is quite large in size, two I never finished. So for two people it is enough of one dish from Zeppelin and one salad. Portions of salads in Lithuania too large. Salads Lithuanian cuisine is diverse, mainly composed of vegetables and different dressings.

Lithuanian dishes - zeppelins

Don't know what we're doing with the zeppelins and the entire Lithuanian cuisine, even strange, but always remember them with nostalgia. Sometimes, especially go to the nearest towns of Lithuania, or linger for a few days longer to enjoy these amazing dishes.

On the second place on popularity - soup in a bun

Soups in bread in Lithuania are of different types, mostly cream of mushroom soup. The whole joke is that served this soup in bread, black or white.

Taste the soup as the soup is just the dish he poured it into the bread. From small loaves of bread, reminiscent of our glass, only bigger, cut off the top and remove all the flesh so that only the crust. This formed a bowl pour the finished soup. Bread bowls of soup, too, can have.

Lithuanian dishes - soup in bread

Lithuanian dishes - soup in bread

Hot cakes with fillings

Little hot cakes are different shapes and with various fillings - meat, vegetable, cheese, cottage cheese, mixes. Serve them hot. Tastes just the song, go particularly well with hot coffee or tea.

Lithuanian dishes - hot pies with fillings

Meat and fish dishes

Meat and fish dishes in Lithuania, too, deserve special attention. They are all delicious, fresh and always high quality.

Of meat, mostly pork, chicken or beef in different variations prepare main dishes, from simply grilled piece of meat - a chop, steak or steak to a variety of sausages and wieners. There is certainly nothing concrete to suggest that you like and then choose.

In the Lithuanian menu will never separate meat or fish and side dish in our restaurants. If you order meat (fish) in Lithuania, then automatically it will bring a side dish, fresh or pickled vegetables and sauce. The portions are big enough.

Lithuanian dishes - meat and fish menu

Lithuanian soup

Lithuanian soup is not the usual for us, hot soup with beets and cabbage, although beet borscht Lithuanians also present. Lithuanian borscht is a cold soup made from beets, vegetables and several meat products - smoked bacon, ham or beef. Looks and tastes like our beetroot.

The taste is so-so, we didn't like, although if you have on a hot July day may be the most. Our hash tastes better. We even photographed this soup did not, probably nothing, but the desire it itself is not caused.

According to the Lithuanian cold borscht recipe staroletova origin. Came to him from those distant times when there was Starogladovskaya kitchen.

Pig ears

Pig ears in Lithuanian cuisine are quite common. They are prepared in various forms - smoked, boiled, boiled-smoked, fried, salted, dried.

Serves pig ears as a snack, or as a separate dish with different toppings and sauces, usually with garlic.

Particularly well are such lugs with beer. In our opinion, this all you can eat. As a separate food is not exactly tasty, at least, a lot of them do not eat, and we were not familiar.

Drink Lithuanian beer and hot berry tea

Beer in Lithuania many different types and varieties, from light to black. All of it delicious and the price is not expensive, cheaper than the German.

That we duck, we would have put Lithuanian beer on a par with German and somewhere close to Czech.

Our favorite was the unfiltered wheat.

In addition to beer in Lithuanian cuisine distributed various hot and cold non-alcoholic drinks.

We took a sample oblepihovoe-strawberry tea. It was so delicious that I ordered every night. And most importantly, this tea is all-natural, it is prepared from the berries of sea buckthorn and strawberry. Drank seagulls, after the spoon and ate the berries.

Serve tea in tall glasses.

Photo beer and berry tea

Lithuanian dishes - beer and berry tea

Desserts in Lithuania

Sweets are loved by tourists of all ages, from children to the adults.

In Lithuania there are no problems. On every corner you can find a bakery or coffee shop where you can always find a variety of bread, cakes, biscuits and jelly. That's just gross. Rather there can be, but fun it does not get.

You can allocate, except that different cookies. Sell confectionery, of which there are many in any Lithuanian city. They are not cheap, but delicious loaves in coffee shops.

To highlight in the Lithuanian kitchen, two sweet dishes sakotis and doughnuts.


Sakotis (name sakotis Lithuanian, Polish sekacz), traditional Lithuanian or Polish cake unusual shape, consisting of egg dough, baked on an open fire. Translated from the Lithuanian means "branched", which is included in the Lithuanian national Fund of culinary heritage. It is called banchan or rogač. This cake in Lithuania is traditionally served at weddings and celebrations.

For the preparation of sakotis mix the flour, eggs and sugar, and cook with a stick, turning it over an open fire and pouring on it the mixture. As such, sakotis can be stored up to six months.

Find sakotis in pastry shops or supermarkets of Lithuania.

Before the trip to Lithuania, we of course were prepared and read on the Internet that sakotis prepared in the cafes and restaurants in the streets, roasted on an open fire on a spit. But in one Lithuanian town, we have not seen in restaurants this dish. It was sold only in supermarkets already prepared and Packed in cellophane, with very large sizes. Fresh and straight from the fire we would certainly have tried, but buying it in the supermarket, we were not hunting, so this Lithuanian sweetness we never tried it.

Lithuanian dishes - shakotis


Doughnuts is doughnuts with a variety of coatings - berry, fruit, lemon, mint, chocolate and of course classic.

Do doughnuts is an American dish. Dunkin Donuts (Dunkin ' donuts) - American (now international) chain of coffee shops with doughnuts, one of the company's network Dunkin Brands. Presented more than 10 thousand outlets in 32 countries, approximately 6.7 thousand points is in the U.S. and more than 3 thousand in other countries. Lithuania is not an exception.

These donuts were very fond of the famous cartoon character Homer Simpson. Remember, he ate them constantly. At the entrance of one of the institutions in the Lithuanian city of Kaunas, on laisvės alėja even painted Homer.

The donuts are very tasty, what is called "yum", and satisfying one or two of the donut you ate for half a day. The scale of the price of donuts starts from 1 Euro for classic and 1.30 euros for donuts with glaze.

Lithuanian dishes - donuts

Lithuanian dishes - donuts

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