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Where to stay in the center of Vilnius - Center Stay hostel

  • Updated: 22.11.2016

If you are going to visit one of the European cities of Vilnius, in front of all the travelers stand, perhaps the two most important questions:

- where to stay in Vilnius?


- what hotel to stay in Vilnius?

The first question the answer is unequivocal - to visit in Vilnius in the first place should be its historical part - old town. It is in the old town of Vilnius are concentrated all the main attractions of the city. After all, to breathe and to fully experience the life of old Europe is possible only in the historic part of any city, and in Vilnius it's nothing like the old place.

So to the first question, we sorted and decided where you will stay in Vilnius. Now a second question arises, where in the old town it is best to stay. It should be close to the old town, but rather in its vicinity.

In the old town there are cheap hostel Center Stay Hostel. Location address: Ausros Vartų g. 16, of Old town, LT-02100, Vilnius, Lithuania. This hostel has dormitory rooms with 4-8 beds in the room where you pay per bed, and there are also private double and triple rooms.

It looks like the building from the street. Not presentable, but comfortable and cheap

Center Stay Hostel

Bathrooms are shared and are located on floors.

We chose this hostel for several reasons:

1. First and foremost is, of course, its location. The hotel is located a minute walk from the old town. Get out of the hostel and directly across the street is the entrance to the old city - the gate of dawn.

After passing the gate, you get on one of the main streets in the old location. Here you and the famous square, and temples, and shops, and numerous cafes, pubs and restaurants where you can taste dishes of European as well as truly Lithuanian cuisine.

So look gate in the old city at the exit of the hostel. Very close

entrance to the old town near the hostel Vilnius

And this roadway is a road and a small tent fair at the gate of the old city

market near the old town of Vilnius

Central train station is 400 metres away and city hall is 750 metres away. Embankment of the river Vilija (Neris) from a major commercial center located in a 20-30 minute leisurely walk from the hostel Center Stay.

2. Another important factor is the price. Hostel one of the cheapest places of accommodation within the historic part of the city.

The cost of one night in a hostel in a double room with a shared bathroom will cost about 23 euros for two. A bed in a shared 4-8-bed room starts from 15 euros per day.

3. Free guarded Parking.

In European cities there is practically no free Parking lots, especially in the center, and the penalties for violation of Parking rules are rather big, up to the evacuation of the car. In one of these penalties, we ran the first day of stay in the Lithuanian city of Kaunas. Details about this and how we pay the penalty, can be read here.

In the courtyard of this hostel it offers free Parking. More and reservation is not required.

We traveled by car so for us the free Parking was an important component when selecting presents.

4. Free cancellation.

This is a very important point in the choice of housing in Europe. Put hotel reservation before applying for a visa. And there is always the risk that for any reason the visa can not give. Therefore, to visa requirements, we always book those hotels that offer free cancellation.

This means that when booking do not take money, and in the case of trip cancellation you can easily cancel your reservation with no losing a single penny. Hence the obvious fact - if you can book a hotel, which does not provide free cancellation and the trip will be canceled, money will not be returned.

Picked and booked the hotel is, as always, through the system of online booking. Very convenient and easy to use system with a 100% guarantee of quality and price. Moreover, all consulates and visa centers have long known about it, so when submitting documents for a visa printout with armor is enough.

5. Convenient hours of arrival and departure. Check-in from 13:00 to 00:00 hours. Departure 06:00-12:00 hours.

If your choice, like ours, will fall to the hostel Center Stay Hostel in advance I want to warn you, towels are not included in the room rate. They need to have with you, or you can rent at the reception for an additional fee.

Inside the hostel Center Stay hostel at who stayed in such places, he will understand. Nothing special - rooms with beds and the basics, shared female and male bathrooms, a shared kitchen, a shared lounge and a vending machine with hot drinks for an additional fee near the entrance. And of course, for us, in the strength of our hobby is important, it's free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

During our arrival in the hostel lived in families with children, young people and couples from 30 to 70 years. In General, if there is a need to communicate, to find a company it is really people of any age.

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