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The currency of Lithuania. How much money should I take with me to Lithuania

In this article we will consider two questions:

1. What currency is the official money of Lithuania. That is, what currency should I take with me going on holiday to Lithuania.

2. How much money to bring to Lithuania.

The Currency Of Lithuania

From 01 January 2015, Lithuania joined the Eurozone, and the currency of Lithuania became the Euro (EUR). Until January 2015, the domestic currency was Lithuanian litas (LTL), which has been used widely throughout the state.

A bit of history. The monetary unit of the Republic of Lithuania Litas (lit. litas, PL. h litai, R. p. PL. h litų) was run from 1922 to 1941, and from 1993 to 2015. It is divided into 100 cents (lit. сentas, mn. сentai h, R. p. mn. h centų).

Lithuania's transition to Euro has become a significant event for the Republic of Lithuania, because it has long joined the European Union and sought to move the currency in the Eurozone.

Also, this event caused a stir in the masses, resulting in the Bank of Lithuania gathered huge queues in order to exchange the litas to the Euro. What has affected people, we don't know, because the authorities were not going in a moment to withdraw all of litas from circulation, and put the country on the Euro. Even in the summer of 2015 in the course of two currency - Lithuanian litas and the Euro. All price tags in shops, restaurants and other public places of the country was specified in the dual currency, i.e. in litas and in Euro. And this dual currency will be a walk in the country to until of turnover will not be withdrawn all of lita, and the country is not fully adopt the Euro.

From the foregoing we conclude that currently the national currency of Lithuania is the Euro. And going on a trip to Lithuania to take only need euros.

How much money to take with me to Lithuania

So, what money to bring to Lithuania we have already decided. Is the Euro. Now decide how many of these euros need to bring to stay in Lithuania was decent and comfortable.

Of course, this question is purely individual. Someone for a good rest, you need a lot of money to someone very much, and someone a modest sum would be sufficient.

If you plan on three times a day to eat at restaurants, plus shopping and carouse the night away at the clubs, then it all depends on the size of your wallet, take as much as finances allow. Otherwise, bring the remaining money home.

If you are planning an average stay. That is, I mean that like most people for the trip you have prepared in advance - paid round-trip tickets, booked hotels. And as a result have spent a certain amount of money. You have only to take some money with you for food, tours and entertainment.

From this calculation and we will proceed now. We in the article, how much money to take with him to Spain , wrote that the average "cheap" countries of the Euro area, two a day for food, sightseeing and a little shopping missing 50 - 60 euros. In Lithuania, the rule is not valid. Prices in the country by the standards of Europe are very affordable. For example, a full dinner for two with drinks and beer costs about 20 euros. So you on holiday is enough for 40 - 50 euros for two per day. This amount includes food in public institutions, sometimes replacing it with food from shopping, independent sightseeing, a modest shopping, buying gifts and the money will remain on all sorts of trivia and other fun.

Once I started talking about restaurants and food, it would be appropriate to mention the Lithuanian dishes that are worth a try in Lithuania. We wrote about it in an earlier article, to read and see photos of the Lithuanian dishes here.

It seems that as the momentum of the Euro in the country and inflation rates in Lithuania will increase, so in proportion to the money you will need to take correspondingly greater.

Above already talked about the fact that the holiday planned in advance - purchased tickets and booked hotels. If you have just started preparing for the trip and these questions have not been worked out, I advise you for booking hotels Internet Booking service. Very reliable system, we always use safely, no stocks have been identified. Housing prices are quite affordable and the quality is high. Payment can be made on the day of booking, or at check in.

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