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Park named after Maria and Lech Kaczynski in Sopot

The Park is named after Maria and Lech Kaczynski (Polish name Park Marii i Lecha Kaczynskich) is located in the Polish resort town of Sopot.

The Park is located near the coast, near the beach, directly on the pedestrian promenade aleja Wojska Polskiego, which can rightly be considered a promenade of Sopot. Also within walking distance from the Park, just a three minute walk, are located such important sights of the city like Sopot pier - the longest in Europe wooden jetty on the sea, the old lighthouse, the tower with an observation deck and a resort square - the city's largest recreational Park.

Park Marii i Lecha Kaczynskich area is small green with Seating areas and a baby Playground. The Park is planted with many trees, different bushes, and flower beds. The Park is also equipped and beautiful lanterns.

If you are after the beach, tired from the sun, this beautiful Park is a great place where you can sit on a bench in the shade of the spreading crowns of the trees.

As we have noted earlier, the Park is a pretty modest size, more like a square. There is nothing particularly remarkable, such a lot of squares in any city. But we drew in the Park, something else, or rather, in whose honour the Park is named. This Park until April 2010, was called South Park, however on 16 April 2010, after the death in the crash near Smolensk of Polish President Lech Alexander Kaczynski and his wife Maria Helena Kaczynski was renamed in their honor. But this will describe below, anyone interested can read the article to the end, and now photos of the Park itself.

Maria and Lech Kaczynski Park

The small Central square in the centre of the Park

Maria and Lech Kaczynski Sopot Park

Benches in the shade of trees and shrubs

Maria and Lech Kaczynski Sopot Park

park Marii i Lecha Kaczynskich

The paths of the Park and green areas with flower beds

park Marii i Lecha Kaczynskich Sopot

park Marii i Lecha Kaczynskich Poland

Some statue in the Park of Maria and Lech Kaczynski

Maria and Lech Kaczynski Sopot Park

Children's Playground in the Park

Maria and Lech Kaczynski Sopot Park

That's basically the whole Park. More like a green recreation area.

And now, as promised, about the history of the name of the Park Marii i Lecha Kaczynskich

As I said earlier, the Park of Maria and Lech Kaczynski named in honor of former President of Poland and his wife.

Lech Aleksander kaczyński (Polish Aleksander Lech Kaczynsk) was born on 18 June 1949 in Warsaw. From 2002 to 2005 held a post of the mayor of the city of Warsaw. In 2005 he was elected President of Poland.

Maria Helena Kaczynska (Polish Maria Helena Kaczynska), nee Mackiewicz was born 21 August 1942 in the village of Mahao General district of Belarus. Was a Polish economist and public figure, also wife of the 8th President of Poland Lech Kaczynski.

Both husband and wife Maria and Lech Kaczynski died April 10, 2010 plane crash at Smolensk, near the airport of Smolensk North.

10 APR 2010 the call of the Tu-154, on Board of which there were 96 people, mostly the political elite of Poland, including the presidential couple, flying to honor the memory of victims shot by the Polish soldiers in Katyn, crashed during a flight from Warsaw to Smolensk.

The funeral of the couple was held on 18 April 2010 in Krakow in the Wawel crypt under the Silver Bells tower, near the graves of Jozef Pilsudski. The funeral was attended by high-ranking foreign guests: the presidents of the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the German Chancellor, heads of the European Commission and NATO.

The couple left a daughter and two granddaughters.

The perpetuation of the memory

In addition to this Park in Sopot, in honor of the presidential couple and President and other named places:

- one of the streets in Batumi named after Kaczynski spouses;

- April 28, 2010 filename Kochinsky the Park is named in Gdynia;

- in April 2010 the name Kaczynski decided to call the hospital in Ambassa in Gabon;

- in 2010 in the Ukrainian city of Khmelnitsky Uritskogo street was renamed the street of Lech Kaczynski;

- in Odessa, the name of Lech Kaczynski has called one of the Central streets, connecting the Deribasovskaya street Bunin street;

- one of the streets of Tbilisi is named in memory of Lech Kaczynski;

- in Chisinau is another street named after Lech Kaczynski.

Park of Maria and Lech Kaczynski on the map

Maria and Lech Kaczynski Sopot Park

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