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Walk along the streets of Sopot. City architecture (photo)

In category Sopot we already wrote a lot about the city, its beaches and the sea, the main attractions, parks and recreation areas. All of this can be found if you pass on this link.

In the same article, just want to upload photos of the city.

In truth, to lay out these posts with pictures of the streets of the usual city life and the people we love the most. It seems that the only way to really see and learn the life of cities "from the inside".

In Sopot, as in any other city in the world, the closer you come to the center and tourist places, the city is becoming more well-maintained, clean and beautiful.

Here are the streets of the Polish resort town of Sopot. Pictures will spread, ranging from remoteness from the tourist centre and the beach, gradually coming closer.

walking through the streets of Sopot

streets of Sopot

streets of sopot photo

Sopot photo

streets of Sopot

streets of sopot photo

walking through the streets of Sopot

walking in Sopot

walking along Sopot photo

Sopot photo

streets of sopot photo

streets of Sopot

streets of Sopot photo


Sopot center

sopot photo center

The architecture of some buildings is amazing

sopot architecture

architecture of Sopot photo

buildings of Sopot

buildings of Sopot photo

houses in Sopot

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