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Sea and beach of Sopot, Poland

The Polish town of Sopot is situated between the two great cities of gdańsk and Gdynia, on a picturesque coast of the Baltic sea in the Gdansk Bay, in the territory of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. As the seaside resort of Sopot, thanks to its wonderful sandy beaches, widely known in Europe since the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Sopot is one of the most prestigious resorts in Poland, for this reason, the city, like a magnet, attracts tourists from all corners of Europe.

One of the main attractions of Sopot, of course, are its beaches and the sea. The beach in Sopot is clean and wide, with fine and delicate sand stretching over four kilometers. All these four kilometers there is a beach booths, ballot boxes, towers, rescuers and wooden flooring. The beach has courts for beach volleyball.

The beaches of Sopot for several years are considered to be the most organized and safe seaside resorts in Pomerania.

In the height of tourist season along the beach arrange water slides, rental shops for water-sports and beach equipment, working showers, small bars and cafes. For an additional fee on the beach you can rent parasols and sun loungers.

On the beach organize various sports and recreational activities including: beach volleyball tournaments and football matches, happenings, pop and cross to the beach.

Sopot sea

the coast of Sopot

Sopot beach

In the photo below can be seen the famous Sopot pier, Europe's largest wooden jetty on the sea. Walk around the Mall a pleasure. Entrance fee, but all this we wrote earlier, it is possible to read here.

On the mol concentration of iodine in the air is several times higher than on the shore, which is very useful for health, especially to children and pregnant women.

view of the pier from the beach

the sea in Sopot photo

beach in sopot

The tourist season, that is the time when in the Baltic sea can take a dip occurs in July-August months. However, this does not mean that at other times of the year, the city is empty. In Sopot come in any weather and even in winter, the city is always something to do. In nakoplenie time of year the beach can just walk around, breathing in the fresh sea air, or exercise, a run along the coastline.

jogging along the sea line

We were in Sopot in June, the weather and the sea was still cool, but we had a wonderful time, just walking around the city and the beach, overlooking the sea. So do many tourists, they just sit, lie, and some even fall asleep on the coast.

quiet hour on the beach

Sopot beach

Sopot beach

On the beach with people resting and swans. Neither the swans nor the other people not feel awkward on the wide beach, room enough for all. When you see swans floating in the pond, they seem so large as on the beach. Each individual is a fit above the knee.

Seen such a picture: two guys were sitting on the beach and drinking beer, apparently one of the swans did not like it, and he went to them in the attack, while hissing menacingly. The boys grabbed a beer and went to the leaked, Swan proudly arched neck and went back to his. Females certainly made an impression.

Sopot beach

Sopot beach

Sopot beach

Seagulls are also regular guests of the beach. They are much larger than our black sea.

seagull on the beach

Relax on the beach, bring bread to feed the swans and seagulls. Soon begin to throw pieces of bread, a tutu around you will gather a few dozen birds.

we feed the birds on the Sopot beach

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