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Colosseum - Roman amphitheater in Italy

Currently, the Colosseum is the symbol of Rome, so that there is Rome, perhaps all of Italy. It's like the Eiffel tower in Paris, the world famous and attracts tourists from around the world. Also the Colosseum every year as a magnet draws to itself thousands of tourists, traveling from all corners of the globe to see this miracle of architecture and history, and just the tiniest touch of the once mighty Roman Empire.

The main purpose of the Colosseum in Rome were the gladiatorial fights.

Now the Colosseum is a magnificent ruins, the most ancient monument of architecture, on the creation of which I took the great masters thousands of slaves, specially brought to Rome for the construction of the Coliseum by order of the Emperor of tyre, who worked day and night. Also the Colosseum was included in the list of one of the seven new wonders of the world, which is considered the greatest creation of man.


roman amphitheater

The destruction of the Colosseum and the vandalism continued for centuries. So far he is in need of restoration that from time to time and do at present.

Colosseum in Rome

Upon closer inspection you can see where the old stones, and where the gaps repaired with new bricks and concrete. From the original Coliseum to the present time it remains only one third.

Colosseum inside

Roman Coliseum

This magnificent structure is now a ruins and is the hallmark of Rome. But once it was an active arena, which held the bloody battles of gladiators and the baiting of wild beasts, and sometimes even death. Bloodthirsty spectators sat along the round of the arena and decided to be or not. It is now, centuries later, it seems to us that the atrocities taking place in the arena, as if of no concern to us, but we should not forget that at this stage blood was shed, people and animals died painfully under the noisy applause of the audience.

New Wonder of the World - Colosseum

colosseum arena

Standing in the walls of the Coliseum, on a wooden platform, created in the present time for tourists... Look at what is left of the Colosseum and imagine how in the cellars under the stage, in cages held the once living souls and as you can see in the thumb of the Emperor, who in one second decided the fate.

Colosseum ruins Rome

It now Colosseum call of the Colosseum, and in fact its first and original name was the Flavian Amphitheatre (Latin name Amphitheatrum Flavium). The Colosseum from the Latin name literally translates as Colosseus colossal, huge. And this is true, one need only look at its size. Therefore, the familiar name - the Colosseum, eventually supplanted the original amphitheatre.

The Colosseum was built on the site of the lake is about the "Golden house" (Palace) of the Emperor Nero. After Nero took his own life, the new Roman Emperor, Titus Flavius Vespasianus (Titus Flavius Vespasianus) was told to fill the lake with earth and in its place erect the amphitheater for the entertainment of residents and guests of the city. Place for the construction of the Colosseum, the former possessions of the former Emperor, was chosen for a reason. In those days, the amphitheater served as a symbol of power and a sign that the hand of Titus may decide the fate of any nepovinoveniya.

The construction of the amphitheatre was conducted for eight years. Construction began in 72 ad and 80 year amphitheatre was consecrated by the Emperor Titus. The capacity of the amphitheater was more than 50 thousand people. In the center of the amphitheater stood the Imperial Lodge, connected with the Palace by an underground passage, in case of attack and to quickly hide the Emperor.

In the same year in which it completed the construction of the Colosseum began play-fighting in honor of the opening of the amphitheater. The fighting continued without interruption for one hundred days. During this time each other tore and cut 2,000 gladiators and 5,000 animals.

Arena of the Roman Colosseum and the seats, in the rainy days, strong heat and rain could not close temporary canvas tent, something similar to the ceiling. The floor of the arena for fighting were made of wood, usually covered with a layer of sand, and was movable, could rise or fall depending on the nature of representation. For example, during sea battles, scenes of naval battles, the arena was filled with water. In the center of the arena was adorned with a statue of Jupiter. In the arena at the same time could fight to 3,000 gladiators, held chariot races and theatrical performances.

Outside the amphitheater was lined with marble, and arched poem was decorated with marble statues, none of which have survived to the present times.

Photo of the remains of an amphitheater, Colosseum

Rome Tourist Center - Colosseum

antique amphitheater

the ruins of Rome - Colosseum

Colosseum Italy

Here, apparently, there was rows of seats and a semicircular arch served as the passages to the seats

spectator seats at the coliseum

gladiator fights - colosseum

Now established the observation deck of the Coliseum

tourist platforms in the coliseum

tourists at coliseum, italy rome

Location, hours of operation Coliseum

The Coliseum is in the heart of Rome, walking distance from Piazza Venezia, in the hollow between the Esquiline, Palatine and Zelewski hills. And indeed all the attractions of Rome are located within walking distance from each other, in the historical part of the city.

Currently, the Colosseum is a protected object. To get in in the daytime and buy a ticket. Opening times vary depending on the season.

Where and how to buy tickets to the Colosseum

Single ticket. That is, buying one ticket, you can visit the Colosseum, the Roman forum (Palatine hill), across the street from the Coliseum.

Tickets can be purchased here at the ticket office of the Coliseum. Notice cash in the amphitheatre is always a great turn. You can do easier to walk 100 meters and to buy the exact same ticket at the ticket office near the Roman Forum, there are virtually no queues.

In what order you will visit the objects is irrelevant, only enter one ticket for each object only once. A single ticket costs 16 euros, valid for a day. Price may vary depending on the time of year.

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