House-Museum of Herman Brachert, Otradnoe, Svetlogorsk

The Hermann Brachert House Museum is a museum located in the former Brachert country house, where the family of the German sculptor lived from 1933 to 1944.

The house was built in Georgenswald (now the village of Otradnoye, Kaliningrad region) according to the project of the Konigsberg architect Hans Hopp and had an adjacent garden.

Pre-war photos of the Brachert House

In 1992-1993, the house was reconstructed for the memorial museum-estate, which consists of a house-museum and an adjacent garden that have preserved the atmosphere of past creativity.

Now the house of the sculptor Herman Brachert is an architectural monument of regional significance and is subject to state protection.

There is an exposition in the house-museum, exhibitions, music evenings, various thematic programs and other cultural events are also held.

Entrance is paid, the cost of entrance tickets to the museum exposition is 100 rubles; for students and schoolchildren - 50 rubles; for pensioners - 80 rubles. Audio guide - 100 rubles, crossword guide - 20 rubles.

One of the central places in the museum is occupied by the sculpture "Carrying Water" (German name Wasserträgerin) by Hermann Brachert.

The sculpture was installed in 1944 in the center of the Kurpark of Raushen (currently - The Larch Park of Svetlogorsk). From 1945 to 2003, the sculpture was located in the park, after which it was moved to this museum, where it is still located. In 2005, in the Larch Park of Svetlogorsk, in place of the original, a copy of the "Water Carrier" was installed, created from artificial marble by sculptors from St. Petersburg (Hermitage) by order of the city administration.

The Brachert house is surrounded by a small garden park. Admission is free (free).

In the park: walking paths, lawns, places to relax, sculptures and monuments.

Reliefs of the facade of the Koenigsberg coil factory (now the wagon factory, Kaliningrad), 1923, Herman Brachert. Dismantled in 2001.

"The Source of love", marble, carving, 1930. Herman Brachert.

"Dancing Girl", recreated version, 2017. Nadezhda Likhogrud, Dmitry Astafyev (Moscow, Russia).

The bronze sculpture of Hermann Brachert "Dancing Girl" decorated the cascade of the Royal Pond in Konigsberg, dismantled in the 1930s and lost.

"Spring", sandstone, carving, 1998. Lyudmila Ponomareva (Kaliningrad, Russia).

"The Noise of the sea", seashell, 2018. Nadezhda Likhogrud.

Fragments of the monument "V.I. Lenin and I.V. Stalin in the Hills", discovered during construction work in Svetlogorsk, were transferred to the house museum in 2003.

Monuments with variants of the composition "V.I. Lenin and I.V. Stalin in the Hills" by different authors were installed in many cities of the USSR. After October 1961, they were dismantled.

"Bathing among the trees with golden fruits", seashell, 2018. Ignazio Campagna (Viju, Italy).

"Skull", granite, 2016. Evgeny Dolmanov, Grigory Bogachuk.

"This way of continuing life and remembering that it is not worth wasting it on empty," is how the sculptors defined the idea of their work.

"Red Horse", granite, 2009. Sergey Arishchenko (Kaliningrad, Russia).

Fragment of the monument to Franz Stahl. Unknown sculptor.

The monument was erected in 1927 on the promenade in Georgenswald. F. Stahl supervised the work on strengthening the collapsing shore in Georgenswald.

"Bather (Leningrad crumpet)", seashell, 2018. Ivan Kovalev, Alexandra Suleymanova (Saint Petersburg, Russia).

"Moose" is a fragment of the park sculpture composition "Moose". Gift of A.B. Kozhakhmetov, Director of Anyuta Tour Operator. USSR, 1957, concrete, casting. Author: Soviet sculptor-animalist G.N. Popandopulo.

The composition "Moose" was probably installed in the late 1950s in Svetlogorsk on one of the slopes to the sea. The image of a standing moose was lost in the 1960s.

"Donkey and beauty", granite, metal, carving, 1998. Slavomir Piotr Belina (Warsaw, Poland).

Practical information

Opening hours of the Hermann Brachert House Museum: September - May from 10:00 to 17:00; June - August from 10:00 to 19:00. Seven days a week.

Hermann Brachert House Museum website: hbrachert

Address of the Herman Brachert House-Museum: 7 Tokarev Street, Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad region, 238560.

How to get

from the center of Svetlogorsk:

- by public buses No. 1 to the Otradnoye stop. One of the stops in Svetlogorsk is located next to the railway station Svetlogorsk-2;

- on foot, distance 2.1 kilometers. The entire path runs along the carriageway along the pedestrian sidewalk.

From the center of Svetlogorsk, you need to go to Kaliningrad Avenue and walk along the street, without turning anywhere, in the direction of Otradnoye (west direction), to the intersection with Tokarev Street, then along Tokarev Street to the house-museum.

From Kaliningrad: by car, taxi, viaSvetlogorsk or by direct buses Nos. 125, 554, 525 and 527. You can check the bus schedule and ticket prices on the websiteKaliningrad bus station.

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