Park Amber period, Otradnoe, Svetlogorsk

The Amber Period Park is an open-air complex for family recreation, with entertainment and several themed areas.

The park is located in front of the village of Otradnoye, 2 kilometers from the center of Svetlogorsk.

The Amber Period Park is located in a wooded area, which creates the atmosphere of a walk in the bosom of nature.

Just outside the central gate, guests are greeted by a sculpture of a bear, which is the mascot of the park.

The sculpture is carved from 850-year-old oak. The tree was felled during a strong hurricane in the late 90s of the last century, after which it remained lying in the field for a long time. When trying to take out the oak, they even broke the crane. In 2015, sculptor Igor Ryk gave the tree a second life by creating a bear sculpture out of it. In 2018, the bear ball was placed on the territory of the Amber Period Park.

Next to the bear sculpture is one of the favorite attractions of the park - "Amber Tree" or "Amber Oak".

Oak is an artificial tree whose fruits (acorns) are made of amber. Inside the oak there is a spiral staircase that leads to a decorative balcony or the upper platform of the tree.

Russian Russian Amber Oak was created by the Russian Amber Company and installed in the park on June 29, 2019 as part of the third annual Russian Amber Festival. The diameter of the oak is 4.4 meters, and its height is 7.1 meters.

In the center of the park there is a volcano and a mountain rock.

The volcano is active. Sometimes smoke comes from its crater, sometimes eruptions occur with real amber. Eruptions of the park volcano are not so frequent, so it is reported in advance on the park's website.

Decorative mountain rock is located next to the volcano.

A yurt that sells themed souvenirs, + you can shoot arrows.

Themed area "Dinosaurs". This zone is represented by several dinosaurs (velociraptor, dimetrodon, pterosaur, tyrannosaurus, triceratops), some of which move and make frightening sounds.

Mini-zoo "House of forest friends". Decorative chickens, goats, sheep, rabbits, llamas, raccoons, foxes and cats live on the small territory of the mini-zoo.

Entrance to the territory of the mini-zoo is free (free). If desired, you can buy pet food and feed your favorites (the cost of feed starts from 20 rubles).

The entertainment and gaming area of the park is represented by:

- wooden treehouses.

Children's rooms are small, you can play in them, climb from house to house. Children from the age of 4 are invited to the cabins, accompanied by their parents. The cost is 200 rubles.

There is also a large house where you can stay with the whole family and even spend the night;

- children's playground with slides and sports area;

- rope park "Adventurers" and obstacle course.

The park has 6 trails of various difficulty categories depending on height and age: 3+ (height 90-110 cm), 10+ (height up to 130 cm), 12+ (height 130 and above).

The cost of passing the trails from 150 rubles;

- troll "Flight over the volcano";

- tubing from the slides. Two large slides are placed in front of the central entrance to the park. They work all year round. 3 descents - 150 rubles, 7 descents - 300 rubles.

Near the slides there is a small lake with houses for ducks.

In addition to the above, in the park there are: various decorations and sculptures, a stage, a children's trampoline, a shooting range, a hydroball, fishing with prizes, etc.

In the park there are toilets, a souvenir shop, outlets with sweets, snacks and drinks, cafes.

In the cafe: pizza from 145 rubles, barbecue from 200 rubles, pilaf - 200 rubles, mackerel on coals - 250 rubles, shurpa and lagman for 200 rubles, as well as French fries, dishes with nuggets, sausages, hot dogs, chicken burger, cheeseburger, etc.

Gazebos with barbecue grills can be rented in the cafe area. The cost starts from 3000 rubles.

Practical information

The cost of entering the Amber Period Park:

- adult/child (single) - 100 rubles;

- large families - 50 rubles, upon presentation of a passport ("children" page - at least 3 minor children);

- free of charge: WWII veterans, disabled people of groups 1 and 2 (upon presentation of a certificate), combat veterans, children under 3 years of age (upon presentation of a document confirming their age).

Attractions, with the exception of a playground, dinosaurs, a mini zoo and other public attractions, are paid separately.

Opening hours of the Amber Period Park: Monday - Friday from 10:00 to 18:00; Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00.

The address of the Amber Period Park: Kaliningrad region, Svetlogorsk, Kaliningradsky Prospekt, 74 B (forest p. Gratifying).

The site of the Amber Period Park: dinopark39

How to get to the Amber Period Park from the center of Svetlogorsk:

- by public buses No. 1 to the Otradnoye stop. One of the stops in Svetlogorsk is located next to the railway station Svetlogorsk-2;

- on foot, a distance of 2 kilometers. The entire path runs along the carriageway along the pedestrian sidewalk.

From the center of Svetlogorsk, you need to go to Kaliningrad Avenue and walk along the street, without turning anywhere, in the direction of Otradnoye (west direction), straight to the park. The park will be located on the left side of the road.

From Kaliningrad: by car, taxi, via Svetlogorsk or by direct buses Nos. 125, 554, 525 and 527. You can check the bus schedule and ticket prices on the website Kaliningrad bus station.

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