Beaches and promenade in Svetlogorsk

Svetlogorsk is a resort town of federal significance, located near the waters of the Baltic Sea, in the Kaliningrad region, about 40 kilometers from the center of Kaliningrad.

Svetlogorsk is a leader among the resorts of the Kaliningrad region, which is facilitated by its history (former Raushen), the abundance of coniferous vegetation and the presence of an extended promenade along the coastline.

The relief of Svetlogorsk is medium-hilly, as a result of which the coastline (beach and promenade) is located under the slope of the hill.

You can go down to the beach and the promenade using several equipped stairs, a road or a cable car.

Beaches in the center of Svetlogorsk

There is no beach on most of the coast of the center of Svetlogorsk.

The non-stretched section of the beach strip is located on the west side of the promenade, below the Svetlogorsk-2 railway station.

Behind the Svetlogorsk-2 railway station is the upper station of the suspended cable car. The lower station is located right on the promenade (embankment), at its western end, near the beach. More about the cable car in Svetlogorsk...

On the beach there is fine light sand mixed with large boulders and pebbles. The approach to the sea is quite gentle, the depth comes gradually.

There is a cafe on the beach, a point for the sale of soft drinks, sun loungers (cost 300 rubles per day), changing cabins, showers, rescuers are on duty in high season, places for first aid services are equipped. There are toilets on the promenade near the beach (cost 20 rubles).

Promenade in Svetlogorsk (Svetlogorsk embankment)

The promenade in Svetlogorsk (Svetlogorsk embankment) is an extended embankment running along the sea line and located on a concrete foundation above the sea line.

In places, a narrow strip of sand can be seen near the promenade.

The promenade originates right next to the beach and stretches along the entire resort.

On the embankment: car Parking (near the beach), cafes and restaurants, places to relax and latkes with souvenirs.

One of the best hotels in Svetlogorsk is located directly on the embankment - the 5-star Grand Palace Hotel with an outdoor heated pool, a fitness club with sauna, indoor pool and gym, as well as a restaurant and pizzeria.

Breakfast is included in the room rate. Link to the hotel

Near the Grand Palace Hotel there is a sculpture "Siren" or "Undine", better known as "Rusalka" - a bronze elegant sculpture that has won the hearts of many and is the hallmark of the promenade and one of the attractions of Svetlogorsk.

Near the serpentine descent to the sea there is a bronze sculpture "Nymph", above which there is a cafe of the same name.

The sculpture was created by Hermann Brachert in 1938, cast in bronze in Georgenswald (now the village of Otradnoye) and installed on the promenade in Raushen. The model for the sculpture was seventeen-year-old Kete Tsigan, married Porst.

During the fighting in 1945, the sculpture was seriously damaged. After restoration work, it was returned to the Svetlogorsk promenade.

The mosaic shell located around the sculpture was made in the 1980s.

Today, the sculpture is one of the attractions of Svetlogorsk, has the status of a cultural heritage site of regional significance.

Zodiac sundial, located at the very end of the "old" part of the promenade, near the foot of a wide central staircase, connecting the promenade with the main urban infrastructure. The staircase has 265 steps and rises to a height of 36 meters. Learn more about the central staircase to the sea in Svetlogorsk...

The diameter of the clock is 10 meters, its base is made in the form of a mosaic panel depicting the signs of the zodiac. The angle of inclination of the metal rod of the clock (gnomon) is equal to the geographical latitude of Svetlogorsk (the angle of inclination of the gnomon has 55 degrees).

The work of the sculptor Nikolai Pavlovich Frolov. The clock was installed on the promenade in 1974. For the originality of the composition and the accuracy of the time display, the Svetlogorsk sundial is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest sundial in Europe, made in mosaic technique.

Behind the sundial, in an easterly direction, runs an extended part of the "new" promenade, which was opened in 2019.

In this part of the promenade there are places to relax, a bicycle path and a tourist train runs.

All accommodation facilities in Svetlogorsk, both near the beach and the embankment, and in the city center, can be viewed and booked here

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