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Serpentine descent to the sea in Svetlogorsk

The relief of Svetlogorsk is medium-hilly, as a result of which the coastline (beach and promenade) is located under the slope of the hill.

You can go down to the beach and the promenade in the center of Svetlogorsk by several equipped stairs, including a wide central one, a road or a cable car.

One and, as many believe, the most beautiful and romantic descent from the main urban infrastructure of Svetlogorsk to the sea and the promenade is the serpentine descent. In addition, it is one of the few central descents to the sea in Svetlogorsk.

The descent was built in 1938, it is a winding pedestrian line consisting of an inclined road and steps running through the dense vegetation of the hillside.

The descent begins at the end of Oktyabrskaya Street, near the building of the former Kurhaus and a memorial sign to Thomas Mann and leads to the sea promenade and the beach of Svetlogorsk.

Under the serpentine descent, from the side of the promenade, there is a bronze sculpture "Nymph".

The sculpture was created by Hermann Brachert in 1938. It was cast in bronze in Georgenswald (now the village of Otradnoye) and installed on the promenade in Raushen. The model for the sculpture was seventeen-year-old Kete Tsigan, married Porst.

During the fighting in 1945, the sculpture was seriously damaged. After restoration work, it was returned to the Svetlogorsk promenade.

The mosaic shell located around the sculpture was made in the 1980s. Learn more about the promenade and beaches in Svetlogorsk...

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