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Central staircase to the sea in Svetlogorsk

The relief of Svetlogorsk is medium-hilly, as a result of which the coastline (beach and promenade) is located under the slope of the hill.

You can go down to the beach and the promenade in the center of Svetlogorsk by several equipped stairs, including a romantic serpentine descent, a road or a cable car.

One of the most popular descents is the central staircase, which is a wide, slightly winding staircase consisting of 265 steps and rising to a height of 36 meters.

The staircase was built in 1973.

The central Svetlogorsk staircase connects the main urban infrastructure of Svetlogorsk with the central promenade of the resort.

The upper part of the staircase is located at the intersection of the Central Square with Dynamo Street, which is near the central street of Svetlogorsk - Lenin Street.

The composition "I 💗 Svetlogorsk" at the top of the stairs.

From the upper platform there are panoramic views of the stairs, sea waters, part of the promenade and the Zodiac Sundial located on the promenade at the foot of the stairs.

The diameter of the solar Svetlogorsk clock is 10 meters. The clock was installed on the promenade in 1974. The work of the sculptor Nikolai Pavlovich Frolov.

The base of the clock is made in the form of a mosaic panel depicting the signs of the zodiac. The angle of inclination of the metal rod of the clock (gnomon) is equal to the geographical latitude of Svetlogorsk (the angle of inclination of the gnomon has 55 degrees).

For the originality of the composition and the accuracy of the time display, the Svetlogorsk sundial is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest sundial in Europe, made in mosaic technique. Learn more about the beaches and the promenade of the center of Svetlogorsk...

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