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Kurhaus in Svetlogorsk

Kurhaus or kurhaus Rauschena (German name Kurhaus) - translated from German means "resort house".

Such a status in the resorts of Germany and East Prussia was awarded to a hotel that was the center of resort life and meets all the high requirements of an institution designed for accommodation and pleasant pastime of resort guests.

The Kurhaus building was erected in 1901 in the Art Nouveau style near the seashore.

The kurhaus consisted of three wooden two-storey buildings with an entertainment part and was an elite hotel with 30 rooms.

Concerts and dance evenings were held in the halls of the kurhaus building, guests played billiards, vacationers were offered drinks and newspapers. From August 1903, divine services were held in the building until the Evangelical Lutheran church (now the church of Seraphim of Sarov) was built in Raushen. Read more about the Church of Seraphim of Sarov in Svetlogorsk (Raushen Church)...

In August 1929, Thomas Mann, an outstanding German writer, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, rested in the Kurhaus. In memory of this event, a memorial sign to Thomas Mann is installed near the Kurhaus building. Learn more about the memorial sign...

Since 2002, the Corvette entertainment and restaurant complex has been located in the building.

The kurhaus building is located in the city of Svetlogorsk, at the address: Oktyabrskaya Street, house 36.

Also along Oktyabrskaya Street in Svetlogorsk there are restored kurhaus buildings, now representing historical monuments:

- guest building of kurhaus No. 1 (Oktyabrskaya Street, 34);

- guest building of kurhaus No. 2 (Oktyabrskaya Street, 32);

- guest building of kurhaus No. 3 (Oktyabrskaya Street, 30).

In the walls of one of the former buildings of the kurhaus, at the address: Oktyabrskaya Street, house 34, it is currently possible to stay. Here are located:

Featuring free Wi-Fi, Guest House Korvet offers rooms with a desk and a flat-screen TV, a wardrobe and a kettle. Link to the guest house booking

Guest House "By the Sea" offers free Wi-Fi, rooms equipped with a TV with cable channels, a refrigerator, a kettle and a wardrobe. All rooms at the guest house have a private bathroom with a shower. Link to the guest house booking

All accommodation facilities in Svetlogorsk can be viewed and booked herebooking

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