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Sculpture «The Frog Princess», Svetlogorsk

The sculpture "Frog Princess" appeared in Svetlogorsk in 2006 as a symbol of the new Svetlogorsk and its revival.

The sculpture is located in a small city square, opposite the Svetlogorsk-2 railway station, along Lenin Street.

The bronze sculpture is the work of the Honored Artist of Russia Oleg Melekhov.

The frog princess is captured at the moment when she has already shed her frog skin and began to turn into a beautiful girl.

The monument is a female figure sitting on a boulder in a characteristic frog pose, with lips folded for a kiss, with a small crown in the form of a flower bud on her head and with hands and feet resembling frog legs.

There is a belief that if you exchange kisses with the princess, first put your finger to your lips, and then to her lips, the most cherished wish will come true.

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