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Filinskaya Bay (beach of Filinskaya Bay), Kaliningrad Region

Filinskaya Bay is considered a pearl and one of the most picturesque places on the Baltic Sea coast in the Kaliningrad region.

Filinskaya Bay is located in the Filino Nature Reserve, near the urban-type settlement of Primorye in the Svetlogorsk City District of the Kaliningrad region.

There is an equipped beach in the center of the bay.

The landscape of Filinskaya Bay is impressive - a wide strip of light, soft and pleasant to the touch fine sand borders the waters of the Baltic Sea, there are also pebbles and rare stones on the coast.

Behind the sandy strip, green vegetation zones and high ledges with partially steep slopes begin.

From the ledges there are wonderful panoramic views of the bay itself and the ledges, the beach of Filinskaya Bay, the Baltic Sea and Cape Taran (Mys Taran) with the operating coastal lighthouse Taran (formerly Brewsterort).

Filinskaya Bay

In the center of Filinskaya Bay there is a beach with several sun loungers and umbrellas, a children's playground and changing cabins.

In the summer season, lifeguards are on duty on the beach.

Some information about Filinskaya Bay

Filinskaya Bay is an important element of the unique ecosystem of the coast: rare species of fish spawn in the waters of the bay, and migratory birds nest on the coast.

The bay also has archaeological value. There were two Teutonic settlements in this place, which are now lost, but the 60-meter-high Vakhtennaya Mountain still has traces of objects from the Prussian and Teutonic periods of the region's history.

According to scientists, a detailed study of the coast of Filinskaya Bay can be a reason for discoveries in the field of archeology.

The fate of Filinsky Bay

There are plans to build a large-scale children's sports center in Filinskaya Bay for year-round training of athletes.

At the same time, the authorities promise to preserve access to the bay for vacationers and fishermen. For this purpose, a pedestrian descent will be built, and for fishermen with tugboats of small vessels, it is planned to organize a pass regime to the equipped slip.

Residents of the Kaliningrad region are against such development and are fighting for its abolition.

How to get to Filinskaya Bay

Filinskaya Bay is located 46 kilometers from the center Kaliningrad (Victory Square) and 10 kilometers from the center of Svetlogorsk.

From Kaliningrad (Kaliningrad bus station), you can take buses 125 and 125A to the Filino stop or the villages of Primorye and Donskoye. The closest way to go to the bay is if you get to the Filino stop. From the village of Primorye to the beach of Filinskaya Bay is about 1.8 kilometers. From Donskoy you can walk by road - a distance of a little more than 6 kilometers; or walk along the coast along the sea line - descent to the coast is possible from the village of Donskoye.

From Svetlogorsk, the resort village of Otradnoe, the Pioneer resort and the village of Donskoye, you can also get by bus, walk or bike. Bus number 288.

The bus schedule and the cost of tickets from Kaliningrad can be specified on the website of the bus station: avl39.

But the most convenient option is to get there by car. The car at the beach of Filinskaya Bay can be left in an improvised parking lot - where there is a clearing in front of the beach. If you go from Kaliningrad, then you should follow the A192 highway, then turn to Svetlogorsk, then follow the western direction through the villages of Otradnoye, Lesnoye and Primorye.

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Or arrange a pleasant and unhurried two-day hiking: start from Svetlogorsk (Otradnoye), walk to Filinskaya Bay + enjoy the beach and views, spend the night near the bay, the next day walk along the coast to Donskoy and return by bus to your place of deployment (Kaliningrad, Svetlogorsk, Otradnoye, Pionersky, etc.).

Where to stay near Filinskaya Bay

Zagorodny dom Filino Country house, located near the bay in the village of Filino.

The house has 5 bedrooms, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, an equipped kitchen with a dishwasher and a microwave, a washing machine and a bathroom with a shower. There is a gazebo on the street and a garden. Link to a country house

In the village of Primorye: Hotel Primorye with restaurant, bar, garden and terrace; apartment in Primorye (Gross Kuhren) with 2 bedrooms and apartment in Primorye near Svetlogorsk with 1 bedroom.

In the village of Lesnoye: holiday home Villa Lesnoy Vacation Home with 3 bedrooms, fireplace, living area, sauna and private parking; apartment Sunny house with 2 bedrooms, terrace, free Wi-Fi, sauna and garden with gazebo.

All accommodation facilities in the Kaliningrad region, including near Filinskaya Bay, in Kaliningrad, Svetlogorsk, Otradnoye, Pionersky, etc., can be viewed and booked here

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