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Royal Forest on the Curonian Spit. + access to the Baltic Sea

The Royal Forest is one of the natural attractions of the Curonian Spit (Kaliningrad Region, Russia).

The Royal Forest is an ecological trail (a walking circular route), with a length of 2.9 kilometers, which runs along a part of the Curonian Spit - on the 6-6.5 kilometer of the spit.

The Royal Forest is located in the direction of the Kursk Bay from the road 27A-015 (to the right of the road, if you move from the city of Zelenogradsk). There is an information sign "Royal Forest" near the road, behind which there are places where you can park a car. In the direction of the Baltic Sea from the parking lot there is an exit to the sandy coast of the Baltic Sea, which is also included in the route.

Public buses stop near the route "Royal Forest".

The route "Royal Forest" passes through century-old coniferous trees, some of which were silent witnesses of royal hunts taking place on the spit since the 16th century.

The walking route "Royal Bor" is laid between the highway and the Curonian Lagoon. It passes through coniferous forests and old stands of introduced trees,including giant thuja. The route has an exit to the shore of the Curonian Lagoon, and part of the route passes along the section of the ancient postal route, which was the main road from East Prussia to Russia for a hundred and fifty years.

There is an observation deck along the route near the bay.

Access to the Baltic Sea

Returning from the route to the road, you can go in the opposite direction - to the Baltic Sea, where there is an observation deck and a descent to a wide sandy strip of the coast is equipped.

There are also parking spaces on the opposite side of the road.

A path through the forest leads to the sandy coast and the sea.

Along part of the trail there is an "Alarm Alley", with information stands, the exposition of which is dedicated to rare and endangered species of animals and plants of the Curonian Spit.

At the end of the trail there is agazebo for recreation and an information stand that tells about the inhabitants, origin, geography and ecology of the Baltic Sea.

The exit to the Baltic Sea coast is equipped with a wooden staircase, on which there is a small observation deck.

The Baltic Sea coast is wide and sandy, there are pebbles. The sand is light in color, fine and pleasant to the touch.

Here you can sunbathe and swim in the sea. The beach has no infrastructure.

Why "Royal Forest"?

The name "Royal" is promoted by the history of the area.

So, once upon a time, even under the Prussians, the virgin forests of the Curonian Spit, thanks to their special position and microclimate, were distinguished by the richness of the animal world. Of its large representatives, the most numerous were red deer and elk.

Thanks to the game and convenient places for hunting, since the 16th century, hunting on the spit has become a favorite place for royal hunts, which have been successfully organized here for centuries.

Rich hunting resources attracted poachers to the forests of the Curonian Spit. When deer began to disappear due to their fault, the Royal Forest Reserve was organized in the virgin forest of the root part of the spit by decree of King Frederick William I.

Practical information

The average time to complete the route "Royal Forest" is 40 minutes.

Visiting the route "Royal forest" is free (free of charge).

Coordinates of the beginning of the route: 54°59'20.4"N 20°33'36.8"E (54.988996, 20.560211).

Map-scheme of the route "Royal forest"

You can get to the Curonian Spit, including the route "Royal Bor", by taxi or car from anywhere in the Kaliningrad region, as well as by buses from the center of Kaliningrad, from Zelenogradsk and Svetlogorsk (including Otradnoye and Pionerskiy resort).

More information about all the ways to get to the Curonian Spit, about the entrance to the spit and how to move along it, can be found here →

You can stay on the Curonian Spit in the villages of Lesnoy, Rybachy and Morskoe. There are hotels, apartments, holiday homes, camp sites.

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