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Pregel Bastion, Kaliningrad: Museum of East Prussia, Fort Boyard, cafe

The Pregel Bastion may also be known as the Pregel Fortress - one of the bastions that was part of the defensive belt of the fortress city of Konigsberg.

The bastion was built in 1851-1862 by architect I. Strauss, as an element of the inner wall fortification of the city, closed the eastern flank of the Haberberg Front and covered the Pregel River, as well as the entrance to the city by land through the Friedland Gate, located near the bastion and which currently houses the museum "Friedland Gate".

Initially, the bastion was an impressive fortification with moats, including internal ones.

In its original form, the bastion existed for a relatively short time and did not play any significant role in the military history of the city. The rapid development of military affairs in the 19th century led to the fact that by the end of the century the fortification could not protect the city from enemies. In the early 1900s, the moats of the bastion were filled in, part of the second roller bypass was dug for the development of the city, and only the reduit of the bastion remained - the reduit of the bastion "Pregel", which can be seen today.

Until 1945, the reduit was used as an ammunition depot, then the reduit premises were occupied by warehouses and some organizations.

Currently, the reduit of the bastion "Pregel" is subject to state protection, is a monument of history and architecture and is an object of cultural heritage.

The reduit of the Pregel bastion is located at the address: Dzerzhinsky Street, 31, Kaliningrad city.

The Kaliningrad Stadium, located on Oktyabrsky Island and built in 2018 for hosting World Cup matches, is clearly visible from the reduit. As well as the Pregolya River and some surroundings.

In the walls of the reduit of the Pregel bastion are

Since 2015, the Night Wolves motorcycle club has been based on the territory of the Pregel bastion. In part of the premises there are:

Museum of East Prussia

The museum consists of several halls, which house exhibits - household items and other things that surrounded the inhabitants of this area in the past (ceramics, dishes, figurines, toys, old signs, etc.) and tell about the history of Konigsberg (now the city of Kaliningrad).

The museum exhibits are authentic. They were found by the founder and director of the museum during excavations conducted mainly on the territory of the Kaliningrad region.

By visiting this museum, you can touch the history, learn moments from the life, both the ups and downs of the inhabitants of Konigsberg, as well as feel the rich and extraordinary culture of the region. All this will be silently told by the exhibits of the museum, which literally "burst" into us from the past.

The entrance fee to the museum is 200 rubles. Opening hours: daily, from 10:00 to 19:00.


In which various events are held.

Fort Boyard

Within the walls of the former bastion, a quest show "Fort Boyard" is organized for children and adults, with a banquet area, drinks and snacks.

All details about Fort Boyard can be found on the website: fortboyard-kln.

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