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Elephant riding in Phuket: where to ride on your own, prices, excursions

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Elephant trekking, or also called, elephant trekking is a popular and most visited amusement among tourists in Thailand. The island developed a tourist destination, and it is no secret that the island is at least a dozen elephant farms where you can ride elephants through the jungle.

Many elephant farms, in addition to the standard elephant Safari, you can see a show with elephant, monkeys or snakes, and also to take part in the swim with a baby elephant take a shower with an elephant or ride on ATVs.

Visit the elephant farm, you can, both independently and with a guided tour, which on the island abound.

Elephant riding in phuket

ATV riding in Phuket

An independent visit to elephant farm

Camp elephant is situated on the island, mainly near tourist places (beaches) and near popular attractions. So, visit the elephant farm it is possible by yourself, grab a visit to one or another of the island (so it will be even more interesting), for example, the big Buddha or viewpoint Karon View Point.

Prices about the same everywhere, 20 minute riding is 600-800 baht, 30 minutes - 700-900 baht, 50-minute - 1000-1300 baht. If you are interested in, can provide a discount of 100-150 baht. Children 4 - 11 years 70% - half the adult fare, children 3-4 years are free. There are no requirements for age, the campaign is not allowed for pregnant women.

All routes pass through the jungle, so in addition to skiing, it is possible to enjoy wonderful views of the Thai jungle

Elephant Safari in Phuket

Also, besides skiing, all farms can feed the elephants bananas, making for some memorable photos. Bananas for feeding it is better to bring with you on the farms the price tag is decent, a few bananas cost 100 baht.

Elephant Farm, Phuket

While riding the driver will offer, for a small fee of 100 baht, to take some photos of you riding the elephant, if your route goes near a body of water, the elephant will pour you some water, by typing it in the trunk, satisfied, that is to say, a refreshing shower.

Elephant Safari, Phuket

Ride on the elephant for two people, the price of riding stated in the price list of farm, for one. So, given the price tag, feel free to multiply by two, if you are traveling alone.

Elephant Riding, Phuket

Landing on the elephants takes place in special houses, where easy to climb in the basket on the back of the animal.

Boarding elephants

The most famous elephant farm in Phuket:

On the way to the big Buddha from the beaches of Karon and Kata Elephant Station. A small farm offering elephant trekking, photo + feed elephants, and also to drive through the jungle on ATVs.

Elephant Station, Phuket

Elephant Station Elephant Farm, en route to Big Buddha, Phuket

Elephant Station elephant farm, ATVs, Phuket

Siam Safari Nature Tours, located on the way to Phuket Big Buddha.

Khok Chang Kata Safari, is on the way to the viewpoint Karon View Point, if we move from the beaches of Kata and Kata Noi. The first trek starts at 08:30am and ends at 17:30 (last 50 minutes of the hike starts at about 16:30). One of the most inexpensive farms, where you can ride elephants.

Khok Chang Kata Safari Elephant Farm in Phuket

Khok Chang Kata Safari Elephant Farm, Phuket

Elephant Farm Prices, Phuket Elephant Riding

Safari Elephant Club, Patong beach. Hours farm every day from 8:30 a.m. to 17:30 PM.

Camp Chang Kalimis located on a hillside between the beaches of Kalim and Kamala. Opening hours from 08:00 to 18:30 hours

Elephant Camplocated on the slope of the mountain, near the observation deck Karon View Point, if we move along the road towards Nai Harn beach.

Phuchada Safari, farm, located as above, near the observation deck Karon View Point, if we move along the road towards Nai Harn, close to the beach, the farm Elephant Camp.

Of course, the above farm, far from all the places in Phuket, you can ride on elephants, there are other camps for elephants, which, every year more and more.

In addition to the classic elephant riding, farms offer other services

These include, show with elephant, monkey, or snakes. That show, the show is difficult to call, CEE action lasts about 10 minutes, of which:

- little elephant twist Hoop on the trunk, will you wave your foot kiss the audience, turn and play the harmonica, and after that, pass the hat around the audience and collected money;

- monkeys jump, twist umbrellas;

- and the snakes... don't even know what will snakes, on this show we did not go. Maybe you were such a show with snakes? Share in the comments your experience!

Children shows like they love it!

Elephant Show, Phuket

Elephant Show, Thailand

Elephant show on elephant farms, Thailand

Skating with the show costs more classic riding on elephants. Example: the elephant ride 30 minutes, monkey show + snake show - 1200 baht for adults and 800 baht for children.

Bathing with the baby elephant,

also a common service elephant farms. The cost is around 300 baht for bathing.

Bathing is as follows: small pond, natural rivers, where to give birth to a baby elephant, then I suggest you to join him. You watered it with water, RUB his back, and finally posing with them. The whole process takes 10-15 minutes. It's not pretty, the kids love it.

Elephant swimming in elephant farms, Thailand

Baby elephant bathing, Phuket

Bathing with the baby elephant in Phuket

In the show, and bathing involved the little elephants, they are under a certain age not allowed to ride tourists. Because, of course, their small size and low exercise. The first few years of training a baby elephant needs to get used to his driver, his voice and gestures, so they are trained for shows and swimming, and later, when older, the bones get stronger, and gain experience, send to roll the tourists. Yes, all so sad... but more about this later, tell you about personal opinion.

Tours, riding/Hiking on elephants (elephant trekking)

Tours in Phuket, which included elephant trekking, offers a variety. Go to any travel Agency, there are beaches at every step, and choose a tour.

At a cost tour, including to the program elephant trekking + visit to the other attractions will be economically advantageous, and will be more fun. The cost of the tours includes the transfer from hotel and back.

There are trips around the island and beyond. The cost of these excursions is approximately 1000 - 1300 baht per person. In the brochures, which you can take in points tours coast were unreal prices for excursions from 1900 to 3000 baht. But this is only a trick when buying excursions, but if you still pretend to doubt pricey, will give you a great discount. Price will immediately fall three times. We visited the excursion to the national Park Khao Lak (or Khao Lak/Khao Lak), which is outside the island, which included: transfers, pineapple plantation, cave temple of the reclining Buddha, monkey temple, elephant trekking 30 minutes, the show with the elephant, lunch, bamboo rafting, turtle farm and fruit market. Brochures price was quoted of 2 800 baht per person, bargained up to 1,000 baht per person. And so it is with all tours, so the price of the tour lead will not.


the excursion includes elephant trekking

You can only book the ride, which will include: transfer from(to) hotel, insurance, elephant trekking, + show, or bathing with the elephant.

Various island tours, including a visit to the attractions of the island + elephant trekking. For example,

Big Buddha + elephant trekking + show with the elephant

Big Buddha + ATV + elephant trekking + waterfall

Rafting + elephant trekking + lunch +monkey cave + waterfall

Big Buddha + elephant trekking + Wat Chalong

- Lookout + elephant trekking + Botanical gardens or the big Buddha, etc.

Some excursions outside the island, also include elephant rides. For example, as already mentioned above, this visit to the Park Khao Lak with quite an interesting and rich program, as well as, Krabi province, including: the temple visit, elephant ride and show with the elephant, lunch, swimming in the waterfall, canoe in a cave, swim in emerald pools and hot waterfalls.

Elephant riding in Thailand

Personal opinion

When you sit on the back of an elephant, the earth is far enough away, and the basket still swinging if the animal ascends or descends from the hills, you're shaking and talking from side to side. It's not scary, some hilarious, but personally we have not received such a riding pleasure, but only disappointed. Yeah, I wonder if the first time, but...

Currently, most of the camps for the elephants to take care of their animals. So whatever you say and no matter how convinced people are about good attitude to elephants, a sacred animal for bullying fines and imprisonment, and blah blah blah... it is partially true, feed them, take care of them.

But to use the animal in daily Catania tourists on her back, and the very young in the entertainment of the public, is, anyway, causing a feeling of pity. Large elephants round and round, daily, rolled by people passing on the same routes for the hundredth time. And they are not happy, you can see that they stop and don't want to go, and the driver drives them and makes sitting on the neck of the elephant with the hook.

Elephants have tusks sawed to inadvertently hurt the tourists.

Elephant riding, Thailand

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