To Budapest with children (where to go, what to do)

Budapest is a beautiful city with lots of variety and interesting attractions.

In the capital of Hungary, without a doubt, everyone will find something for everyone, including families with children (family with child).

All children are different, however, in Budapest, each family will be able to find something to do and something to see, to build a route through the city in accordance with their tastes and preferences.

In Budapest with children

What to see, where to go and what to do in Budapest with children (with children)

City Park (Városliget)

Park Városliget-city Park (Varosliget) is one of the largest and most visited parks in Budapest and also one of the most popular family attractions in the city.

In the Park are:

- children's Playground including a wooden carousel that have become landmark;

- places for recreation and walks, cafes and restaurants;

- an artificial lake, which occupies a large part of the Park.

Across the lake is spanned by several bridges. Along the lake are equipped with places for rest and walks, and in the lake there are a couple of small fountains. In summer lake can go boating or catamaran, and in winter an outdoor skating rink (Varosligeti Mujegpalya). In the building of the skating rink located on the lake, to get changed, warm up and rent skates.

Site rental boats and catamarans, winter skating rink: mujegpalya;

- Vajdahunyad castle (Vajdahunyad vara), which is called the most romantic and one of the most beautiful castles in Budapest.

The castle is a complex consisting of a group of buildings and objects of architectural combines some of the best buildings of the historical Hungary into a single eclectic Palace. For this reason, the architecture of the complex there are various styles: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque, and the castle is like a small fairy town that can be interesting for both adults and children. Read more about Vajdahunyad castle...

- the Budapest zoo and Botanical garden (Fővarosi Allat - es Növenykert), which is the oldest zoo in Hungary and one of the oldest in the world.

The zoo has over 1000 animals including elephants and white rhinos and around 2,000 plants from around the world.

The zoo is a "Home of elephants" - one of the art Nouveau buildings in Budapest.

The website of the Zoological and Botanical garden in Budapest: zoobudapest;

- capital circus of Budapest, located near the zoo, at the following address: Allatkerti krt. 12a.

The website circus of Budapest: fnc.

Read more about city Park (Városliget)...

The Baths Of Budapest

Budapest is famous for its thermal baths, which the city has more than ten.

The baths are all different, some will be fun for children of all ages, as many baths, in addition to thermal baths, there are also swimming pools (open and closed), including baby and water slides.

For example, the Roman beach baths (Romai Strandfürdő), beach bath Punkosdfurdo (Pünkösdfürdői Strandfürdő), the beach and the pool Csillaghegy (Csillaghegyifürdő), széchenyi thermal bath (Szechenyi fürdő). Read more about all the baths in Budapest...

Ferris wheel

In Budapest the whole family can ride a Ferris wheel, thereby delighting the children and considered the panorama of the city.

The Ferris wheel is located on the area of Elizabeth (Erzsebet / Erzsebet ter).

Website Ferris wheel: oriaskerek.

Museum Miniversal

Museum Miniversal (Miniversum Budapest) is a small Museum of miniatures, which presents detailed and embellished the layout with the sights of Budapest and Hungary, and also a bit of Austria and Germany.

Address: Andrassy Avenue, 12.

Museum website: miniversum.

Budapest puppet theatre

Budapest puppet theatre (Budapest Babszinhaz) is one of the largest puppet theatre of Central Europe.

In repertoire of theatre there are shows that are suitable for small children (4+) and for older children and adults (10+, 14+, 16+).

The address of the theatre: Andrassy Avenue, 69.

The website of the theatre: budapestbabszinhaz.

Museum Foldalatti

Museum Foldalatti or underground railway Museum (Földalatti Vasuti Muzeum) is a small technology Museum, located in the old station meters, which in addition to photographs, documents and objects that tell about the stages of development of the underground railroad, presents three old wagon of the Hungarian underground, which may be of interest to children.

Address: Erzsebet ter 14 (Deak ter underground passage).

Museum website: foldalatti_vasuti_muzeum_budapest.

A café with cats (Cat Cafe)

There in the centre of Budapest café, where guests, in addition to the direct purpose of the institution, can "talk" and play with cats, unless the cat you want.

Address cafe with cats: Revay utca 3.

Museums of chocolate

In Budapest there are two chocolate Museum:

- the Museum shop of Szamos chocolate, located on the second floor of the cafe Szamos on the area of Lajos Kossuth, near the Hungarian Parliament building, address: Kossuth Lajos ter 10, represents the history of cacao and chocolate, the culture of consumption of hot chocolate, the storage form of chocolates and other information related to chocolate.

The Museum features articles made of chocolate and marzipan, for example, a miniature of the Parliament, articles for the coronation and world's largest marzipan, created by Jean-Etienne Liotard the.

Also in the Museum, when pre-booking online, you can order a chocolate tour, during which, besides visiting the Museum's exhibitions, offers "chocolate molding" - when a chocolate master chocolate pouring table, and the guests decorate it to your liking and a short film about the creation of chocolate, which clearly shows how, step by step to make chocolate.

Museum website: csokolademuzeum;

- the second chocolate Museum (Muzeum Csokolade) is located on the Eastern edge of the city, at: Bekecs u. 22.

This Museum can be visited as part of tours that take place in certain days and hours.

The program of the tour depending on the tour, for example, guests are greeted by a chocolate fountain where everyone tries it; participants can do to make chocolate; taste is already prepared chocolate products; to visit the Museum-movie with a Cup of hot chocolate, where guests are shown a film about the history of chocolate.

Museum website: csokolade-muzeum.

Park Olympia

Olympia Park (Olimpia park) - small Park (a public space), located near the Pest embankment, close to Margaret bridge.

The Park has a good Playground, small fountains and places to stay.

What makes this Park with a Playground so attractive? - It is located in the city centre close to the Parliament building and the waterfront, giving the opportunity to entertain young children and relax themselves between the main attractions of Budapest.

The Museum of pinball (flipper)

The pinball Museum (Flippermuzeum) are slot machines, the flippers, on which guests can play for free when you visit the Museum.

This Museum can be interesting for both adults and children.

Address: Radnoti Miklos utca 18.

Museum website: flippermuzeum.

Isle Magic

Margaret island (Margitsziget / Margit-sziget) island, located on the Danube in Budapest.

Vehicular traffic, except buses (№№26 and 226), taxis and rickshaws that can be rented on the island is prohibited.

Currently, the Margaret island is a popular recreation Park for the whole family, with cafes and restaurants, Seating areas, green areas with paths and alleys for walking, playgrounds and rides, and historic sites.

In addition to reckoned, for families with children at the Margaret island can be interesting:

- musical fountain (Zenelő szökőkut) jets which squirm in accordance with the rhythm of the music, so the fountain seems to be dancing to different classic playable topics;

- mini-zoo (Margitszigeti Vadaspark), located near the Eastern shore of the island.

The entrance to the zoo is free. The zoo is home to ponies, rabbits, fallow deer, but mainly Pets and waterfowl;

- water tower (Margitszigeti Viztorony) in the art Nouveau style, is the oldest water tower in Hungary.

The tower is 57 meters. In the tower is the exhibition center. In good weather, it also serves as an observation deck with a 360-degree review. Near the base of the tower café.

Opening hours and ticket prices can be found on the website;

- a small but elegant Japanese garden (Japankert).

In the garden: a thermal pond with rich vegetation and sculptures in Oriental style, places to stay, ornamental bridge, waterfall, and other elements. Read more about Margaret island...


Tropicarium - Oceanarium (Tropicarium - Oceanarium) opened in 2000 on the outskirts of Budapest, in the building of the Campona shopping centre, address: Nagytetenyi ut 37-43.

Tropicarium - Oceanarium consists of several rooms, in which visitors are freshwater fish, including the home fauna, tropical wildlife and a variety of sea creatures, including sharks, alligators, exotic reptiles and amphibians, little monkeys, birds and colorful fish.

Every Thursday at 15:00 starts the feeding of the sharks when divers are feeding their predators by hand. In "tropical forests" is the tropical rains that start every quarter of an hour.

Attention! Day and hours of feeding, as well as tropical rains can vary, we recommend you to check the information before visiting.

The website of the Tropicarium - Oceanarium: tropicarium.

Gellért Hill

The Gellert hill (Gellert-hegy) is a hill (mountain) with views of the Danube river, with a height of 235 metres.

Currently, gellért hill is one of the points of tourist routes to Budapest. Within the hill are some of the important sights of the city.

In the South-Eastern slope of the mountain (near the baths and the 4-star Gellert) there are playgrounds, including a large rollercoaster, which is considered a hidden treasure of Budapest for families with young children.

On the same hill is an observation deck which offers beautiful panoramic views of the Danube and pest, and on the top of the mountains: the statue of Liberty, the citadel, cafes and stalls with Souvenirs. Read more about Gellert hill...

Buda castle

Buda castle or the castle district (Budai Varnegyed) - a historical part of Buda side in Budapest, representing the district of Buda castle, located on Castle hill.

Currently, the castle of Buda is a city within a city, which are the important sights of Budapest, such as: Royal Palace, Matthias Church, Fisherman's Bastion, etc.

Within the Buda castle, the children can be of interest:

- Fisherman's Bastion (Halaszbastya), built on the site of the partially destroyed city wall and like the scenery of some of the creations of Disney, is a kind of fairytale Bastion. Read more about Fisherman's Bastion...

- Museum of the Labyrinth (Labirintus), in fact, a cave system, which already passes half a million years.

Currently, in the winding corridors and vaulted halls of the underground Labyrinth, you can see Gothic and Renaissance stone monuments and Turkish tombstones. Exhibits.

Address Labyrinth: Uri u. 9.

The website of the Labyrinth: labirintus;

- Museum "Hospital in the rock" (Sziklakorhaz Atombunker Muzeum) suitable for senior schoolchildren, students and adults.

The Museum is an object, an area of about 2000 m2, located under Buda castle, which was used during the Second world war and during the revolution of 1956.

In the underground premises of the Museum are the exhibition of wax figures, as well as tools and equipment of civil protection concerning the history of the hospital and the development of military medicine.

Visiting the Museum is possible only in tour groups that go to the beginning of each hour during the opening hours of the Museum.

Museum website: sziklakorhaz;

- Kapitanskaya area (Kapisztran ter), within which, near the military history Museum of the city (Hadtörttneti Muzeum), from the South and West sides, placed military equipment - guns, tanks. Read more about Buda castle...


In Budapest, on the Buda side, there are two caves which can be suitable for family entertainment.

In both caves you can buy single tickets or combination of both - giving you the right to visit the two caves.

The temperature in the cave is 11°C - 12°C throughout the year, so in the summer you should dress a little warmer and be sure to come in comfortable shoes.

Mountain cave in Her (Szemlő-hegyi-barlang), which is popular among families with children and tourists. In the cave you can also watch movies in the cinema and to visit the interactive exhibition.

This cave can be visited with young children.

Address caves: Pusztaszeri ut 35.

The cave site: dunaipoly.

Stalactite cave PAL-Velde (Pal-völgyi-barlang) is the longest cave of Hungary, famous for its stalactites, which was opened in 1919.

A 500-metre walking trail with rock formations will appeal to fans of the underworld.

Some areas in the cave and a steep staircase not suitable for small children, so this cave will be suitable for older children (up to age 5 and up to 115 cm are not allowed).

The coordinates of the cave: 47°31'58.2"N 19°00'58.1"E (address: Szepvölgyi ut 162).

The cave site: dunaipoly.

Mount Janos (lookout, cable car, children's railway)

A mountain or a hill Janos / Janos (Janos-hegy) is the highest point and one of the best lookouts in Budapest.

On the mountain is an observation tower with a height of 527 meters, known as the observation tower or the Elizabeth lookout tower Elizabeth (Erzsebet-kilato) and giving a beautiful panoramic view. Admission is free (complimentary).

For children, this attractive mountain, especially the fact that to get to its observation deck, you can use:

- cable car - gondola-lift (Zugligeti Libegő). Website cable car: bkv;

- ride the children's railway, one of the stations which is located near the tower Elizabeth.

In the station building Huvosvolgy (Hűvösvölgy) is a Museum of the Children's railway (Gyermekvasutas Muzeum), which stores the material and visual memories from the start of construction of the children's railway.

The website of the children's railway: gyermekvasut.

Hungarian Museum of trade and tourism

The Museum also known as Museum of Commerce and hospitality (Magyar Kereskedelmi es Vendeglatoipari Muzeum) and its collections tell the history of the trade (domestic wholesale and retail, international, financial, etc.), as well as the hospitality industry (hospitality) and tourism industry, presented as an interactive exhibition that may be of interest to children.

The Museum has both permanent and changing (temporary) exhibitions.

Address: Korona ter 1.

Museum website: mkvm.

The Museum Of Óbuda

Óbuda Museum (Obudai Muzeum) is a Museum of óbuda (formerly a separate town, now part of Budapest) with a collection of furniture, appliances, coins, tools and other items including household, narrates the history and culture of the area.

Including the Museum presents a permanent collection of toys.

The Museum is housed in the Palace of Zichy (Zichy-kastely), which in itself is an attraction and a two-storey building in the Baroque style, with outbuildings, originally built on the ruins of a Church count miklós Zichy in the years 1746-1757.

Address: Fő ter 1 (entrance from the square and Szentlélek ter).

Museum website: obudaimuzeum.

The Park of Hungarian railway history

Park the history of Hungarian Railways (Magyar Vasuttörteneti Park) - the Museum under the open sky, clearly tells the history of the development of the Hungarian railway.

The Museum features old locomotives, rail vehicle, rail car "the Seagull", a dining car from teak wood, which was operated on the Orient Express, cars of special importance in the history of Hungarian and international rail traffic.

In addition, the Museum created an exhibition of miniatures, you can ride on an old steam train, locomotive, rail car, trolley or a small kiddie train.

Attention! In the winter opening hours of the Park/Museum is limited. The opportunity to ride on a particular rail vehicle depends on the day of the week and(or) activities. You will be charged separately for entrance and separately for skating.

Address of the Park/Museum: Tatai u. 95 (coordinates: 47°32'32.3"N 19°05'44.1"E).

The website of the Park/Museum: vasuttortenetipark.

The Island Of Obuda

The island of Obuda, also known as Haidari and island dockyard (Obudai-sziget, Hajogyari-sziget) is a large island in the waters of the Danube.

The island is popular among visitors to the city, he is known primarily due to the presence of a large recreational area and as a venue for the annual music festival "Sziget" (Sziget).

In addition to this off-island is a children's Playground with tall slides that some call one of the most interesting in Budapest.


Water Park (Aquaworld / AquaWorld) is the largest water entertainment area of Hungary, with both indoor (year-round) and outdoor (from may to October) areas.

In the Park there are several indoor and outdoor adventure pools, Windsurfing, diving, water bowl, and 11 special slides for all ages.

From may to October for the sun lovers beach open landscaped area of 1.5 hectares, where there are two children's pools, a 25 metre swimming pool, sun loungers, Playground, mini Golf and a trampoline.

The website of the Park: aquaworldresort.

Address of Park: Ives ut 16 (the Park is located on the Northern outskirts of Budapest).

Besides the water Park complex also includes:

- modern 4-star resort hotel Aquaworld Resort Budapest with free Wi-Fi, restaurants and free Shuttle to the city centre.

Facilities also include free direct access to the indoor water Park Aquaworld.

The room price includes: Breakfast or Breakfast and dinner. Link to the hotelbooking

- Spa - fitness centerwith swimming pool with thermal water, sauna, Hammam and gym.

Danube river cruises

For family holidays you can go to one of the cruises on the Danube.

Duration of cruises-walks and programs are different. Is hour sightseeing cruises with welcome drink, a 3-hour sightseeing walk, there are evening included champagne and(or) dinner, live music, etc.

Information on cruises can be found on the place, or buy a cruise in advance. Link to cruises and other trips in Budapest...

Tour bus-amphibian

Tour bus is amphibious, also known as a floating bus (RiverRide Budapest), who takes a walk to the sights of Budapest by road (landmarks on the pest side), and water (the Danube), can be a great solution for the whole family.

In this tour combines a cognitive part of the entertainment was when the bus goes from land right into the water.

The amphibious bus follows a circular route in the centre of Budapest. Part of the tour is on land and the other half on the water (the bus goes down and follows the route along the Danube).

The travel time is about 1 hour 45 minutes. The bus departs from the square of istván széchenyi. Audioguide in many languages, including Russian.

This tour bus is very popular among visitors, especially in summer. Tickets can be purchased on the website.

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