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Margaret Island, Budapest (Margit-sziget)

Margit island or Margaret island (Hungarian name - Margit-sziget / Margitsiget) - an island located on the Danube in the center of Budapest.

Until the end of the 19th century Margaret island consisted of three small Islands, sandbanks. The result of the discovery of medicinal water in the West Bank, further gradual development and expansion of the Islands, led to the fact that the Islands were merged into one larger island, which became the place to stay.

For story time at the Margaret island had several names. From the 13th century and later it was known as Rabbit island, the island of Gentlemen, the Buda island, the island of the virgin Mary. But, ultimately, began to carry all the current Nathaniel - "Margaret", which comes from the name of Princess St. Margaret, daughter of Bela IV who lived in the island monastery of the Dominican order in the 13th century in the honor of the vow of the king during the invasion of the Tatars.

Since 1908 and currently the Margaret island, in fact, is a theme Park and is also known as the Park and the Margaret (Margitsziget Park). This Park is the second most popular, after the Park Városliget-city Park, a place for walking and recreation in Budapest.

The island is located between two bridges: the bridge of Arpad (Arpad hid) on the North side of the eponymous bridge Margaret or Margaret (Margit hid) - from the South.

To get to the island with the two bridges. Vehicular traffic, except buses (№№26 and 226), taxis and rickshaws that can be rented on the island is prohibited.

Margaret Park is open all day, 24/7, all year round, except when the Danube rises and the water level threatens visit to the island in a few days a year.

The Margaret island has a length of 2,5 kilometers (1,6 miles), a width of 500 meters (550 yards) and the square of 0.965 km2 (238 acres).

For such a small area of the island are some of the important sights of Budapest, including historical as well as cafes and restaurants, places to stay, parks with paths and alleys for walking, playgrounds and amusement rides, a mini zoo, Jogging track, musical fountain, sculptures and monuments, a pool with water entertainments, a sports area and three accommodation facilities (hotels).

All of the above contributes to the fact that Margaret island is one of the attractions and gems of the Hungarian capital.

Park and the Margaret island in Budapest

Memorial Century

Memorial Century was installed on the island, in its southern part, in 1973 in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Association and of education of the city of Budapest in 1873 with the merger of the three cities on the banks of the Danube: pest, Buda and óbuda.

The monument, a height of 4.5 meters, smooth on the outside and detailed the inside, is one of the main features of Hungarian history.

Musical fountain

Musical fountain (Zenelő szökőkut) - one of the main landmarks of the island.

The fountain is located in the southern part of the island, near the memorial of the Century, surrounded by beautiful flowerbeds and benches for relaxing.

The fountain has an area of 1000 m2, the diameter of the fountain is 36 meters.

Jet fountain squirm in accordance with the rhythm of the music, so the fountain seems to be dancing under various classical themes reproduced. The main (Central) jet of water rises to a height of 25 meters. In the evening 227 colored lights provide a light show, offering a beautiful sight.

Franciscan monastery ruins

Former convent of the Franciscan order was founded on Margaret island, then it was named Rabbit island, presumably around 1270 king of Belam IV.

The monastery Church was dedicated to Saint Clara.

The monastery functioned until the Turkish occupation of Buda. Then the monks left it. The Turks destroyed the structure of the island, including the monastery.

Presently, the monastery remained only the ruins of a Gothic Church facade and one of the side walls, near which now carry out the wedding ceremony.

Near the ruins of the monastery is the obelisk Madame (Madam Obelisk).

Statue of Imre Mahad (Madach Imre szobra)

The statue of the Hungarian poet, writer, lawyer and politician, was installed in the Central part of Margaret island, in honour of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Imre of Madaha.

This is one of the most popular monuments on the island. Many tourists do not pass by and make a couple of shots on a background of bronze statues.

Mini zoo

Mini-zoo (Margitszigeti Vadaspark) is located on the Eastern shore of the island.

The entrance to the zoo is free. The zoo is home to ponies, rabbits, fallow deer, but mainly Pets and waterfowl.


Small rose garden (Rozsakert) under the open sky, located right in the middle of the island, is a great place for walks, with the accompanying scent of the roses blooming season.

Bath Of Palatinus

Bath and aquapark of Palatinus (Palatinus Gyogy-, Strand - es Hullamfürdő) was the first bath in Budapest under the open sky. The bath is available since 1919, it finally opened in 1921.

In the baths of Palatinus:

indoor pools: thermal - 36°C, children's swimming pool - 32-34°C; swimming pool with hot water 42°C; cold water pool of 16-18°C;

- several outdoor pools with water temperature from 24°C to 36°C, including a wave pool and a beach pool. Outdoor thermal and swimming pool, including a cool time of the year (outside the summer season);

- a Finnish sauna, a geothermal sauna, steam room;

- Playground, sunbeds, cafe, Luggage storage and other additional services.

Read more about all the baths in Budapest...

Ruins of the Dominican monastery

Dominican monastery (Domonkos kolostor) was founded in the 13th century on the island of Belam IV in honor of the virgin Mary. In the middle ages the monastery of the Theotokos on the island of Rabbits was the most important and richest monastery building on the island.

It was in this convent in 1256, along with other nuns, lived the daughter of Bela, in whose honor and named the island.

The nuns left the monastery during the Turkish occupation.

Currently visible remains of the ruins of the monastery, showing the buildings of several eras. The main elements of the ruins of the monastery are: the tomb of Saint Margaret, the ruins of the Church and convent.

Photo of the ruins of the monastery

Photo of the tomb of Saint Margaret

Water tower

The octagonal water tower on Margaret island (Margitszigeti Viztorony) in the art Nouveau style is the oldest water tower in Hungary. The tower was erected in 1911.

The tower is 57 meters, the diameter of the pool is 13 meters with a volume of 600 m3.

In the tower is the exhibition center. In good weather, it also serves as an observation deck with a 360-degree review. Near the base of the tower café.

Opening hours and ticket prices can be found on the website.

The chapel of St. Michael

The Church premonstrate monks, dedicated to St. Michael, was built approximately in the 12th and 13th centuries in the Romanesque style and functioned as a monastery.

The sacristy and the chapel on the South side were added to the Church in the 15th century.

During the Turkish era (1500 years) the building was destroyed. The ruins were discovered during excavations in 1923. The Church was rebuilt on the ruins discovered in 1930-1931.

The bell of the Church was discovered in 1914, between the roots of the dumped by hurricane hazel. This bell is one of the oldest bells in Hungary, was cast approximately in the 15th century, master Joanna Strauss.

Japanese garden

A small but elegant Japanese garden (Japankert) is located in the Northern part of Margaret island.

The garden was founded in the 70-ies, the head gardener was George Magyar, who, at the time, created an innovative and unique Park quickly became a popular place for meetings and recreation.

In the garden: a thermal pond with rich vegetation and sculptures in Oriental style, places to stay, ornamental bridge, waterfall, and other elements.

Music pavilion

Music pavilion, also known as the singing well, musical fountain or fountain Beard (Zenelő kut), is a small pavilion, which was originally built for concerts under the open sky.

The pavilion is located in the Northern part of the island.

Sports stadium and swimming pool

On the island is also a sports complex, the national sports swimming pool, built according to the plans of Alfred Hajos and opened in 1930.

Hotels on Margaret island

In the Northern part of Margaret island, located two 4-star hotel, if you want, you can stay, daily enjoying the tranquility and elegance of the island.

The 4-star Thermal hotel Margaret Island Ensana with free Wi-Fi, a restaurant, a bar, a terrace with views of the Park, and a free Spa centre with outdoor and indoor pools, a fitness room and offers a range of massages and beauty treatments.

In rooms: air conditioning, balcony, Desk, bathrobes and a TV with satellite channels.

Room rates may include Breakfast. Link to the hotel booking

The 4-star Grand Ensana Margaret Island with a restaurant, bar, pool and Spa.

The rooms are decorated in classical style, equipped with Minibar and air conditioning. The rooms overlook the Danube river or the Park Margate.

Room rates may include Breakfast. Link to the hotel booking

Hostel Island Hostel Budapest, located in a pedestrian area on the island.

The large terrace overlooks the Danube river. It offers a pub and a shared kitchen. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi.

Rooms with functional furniture. Some rooms have a private bathroom, while dormitories have a shared bathroom in the room. Link to hostel booking

Margaret island on the map

Map of Margaret island

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