Andrassy Avenue, Budapest (Andrassy utca)

Andrassy Avenue (Andrassy utca) is a main Avenue and one of the main streets (Boulevard) in Budapest.

The Avenue was formed in the period between 1870 - 1876 and named in 1885 after the main supporter of the plan, Prime Minister Gyula Andrassy.

Andrassy Avenue is situated on the pest side, its length is about 2.4 kilometers long and stretches up the street from Heroes ' square (city Park Városliget-city Park) to the intersection with Bajcsy-Zsilinszky, where smoothly flows into the Jozsef Attila street. Under the prospect passes the metro line M1.

Built in the style of neo-Renaissance mansions and townhouses with stunning facades and interiors, the andrássy Avenue was declared a world heritage site in 2002. It is also one of the main shopping streets in Budapest, lined with shops and boutiques, cafes and restaurants, as well as embassies, theatres and museums.

Behind a Grand, elegant look of the andrássy Avenue is often called the Champs elysées of Budapest.

Conventionally, the andrássy Avenue can be divided into two sections

First, stretches from the street Bajcsy-Zsilinszky and from Oktogon square (Oktogon). This part of the Avenue is a carriageway of the street both sides of which are pedestrian walkways.

In this section of the Avenue is notable for:

- The Hungarian state Opera house (Magyar Allami Operahaz), which is one of the main attractions of Budapest and the national monument of the 19th century.

The building of the Hungarian Opera house was built on the model of the Opera house in Vienna neo-Renaissance Hungarian architect Miklos Ibem between 1875-1884 years and open to the public on 27 September 1884.

Currently, "Operas" Budapest is considered one of the most beautiful Opera houses in Europe.

One of the most impressive decorations of the interior of the Opera house is a large staircase leading from the lobby directly to the entrances to the hall.

Address of the Opera house: andrássy Avenue 22.

Website Opera: opera;

- the house of Drechslera, also known as the former Palace of Drechsler (Drechsler-palota) is a building in neo - Renaissance style, located opposite the Opera house at the address: Andrassy Avenue, 25.

The house was built in accordance with the plans of Odon Lechner and Gyula Partos.

Reflecting the style of early French Renaissance, the building has three distinctive floor, and four doors;

- The Paris Department Store (Parisi Nagy Aruhaz, formerly known as: Divatcsarnok), located at: Andrassy Avenue, 39.

The building was erected in 1882, and its first restructuring began in 1909 after Samuel Goldberger purchased the building to create within its walls the most modern Department store of its time on the model of French design.

Currently, the Central Department store is a store and office building, the roof of which is a popular bar 360Bar included in the list of viewing areas of Budapest.

Also in the walls of the Department store is notable for the Lotz hall, located on the first floor of the building.

- a former Palace Harkanyi (address: andrássy út, 4), built in 1896 and the Museum Miniversal (Miniversum Budapest), which presents detailed and embellished the layout with the sights of Budapest and Hungary, and also a bit of Austria and Germany (address: Andrassy Avenue 12, the site of the Museum: miniversum).

The second section of andrássy Avenue runs from the Oktogon square and Heroes square.

This part of the Avenue is wider than the first, and represents a busy street, both sides of which are pedestrian malls with places to rest.

In this part of the Avenue is notable for:

- the house-Museum of Terror (Terror Haza Muzeum), which is one of the most visited museums in Budapest, and one of the Tops sites of the city.

The building in neo-Renaissance style was built in 1880 as a civil residence according to the plans of Adolf Feszty and was previously the headquarters as the fascist and Communist secret police, as well as a center of torture, executions, registration of observation data, etc.

Currently, the walls of the house is a Museum showing how the Hungarians survived the regimes of the Nazis and the Communists, that is, in fact, the house has now become a "monument in memory of those who were in captivity, tortured and murdered in this building."

The address of the Museum of Terror: Andrassy Avenue 60.

The website of the Museum of Terror: terrorhaza;

- near the house of Terror is a sculpture - small Berlin wall memorial or a monument "the Iron curtain" (Berlin Wall Memorial / Berlini fal emlekmű).

This monument is a symbolic wall of iron, draped in very dense rows of chains. In the literal and figurative meanings of the sculpture looks like a "Iron curtain";

- cultural center (Yunus Emre Enstitüsü Budapesti Török Kulturalis Központ), located near the house of Terror address: andrássy Avenue, 62;

- Budapest puppet theatre (Budapest Babszinhaz) is the largest puppet theatre of Central Europe.

The theatre was founded under the name of the State puppet theatre in 1949 and for a long time was the only professional puppet theatre in Hungary. The modern name of the theatre was awarded in 1992.

The address of the theatre: Andrassy Avenue, 69.

The website of the theatre: budapestbabszinhaz;

- area Kodala (Kodaly körönd) is a large space on Andrassy Avenue, the center of which is decorated with monuments, and on both sides of the historic building.

One of the most remarkable buildings on the square is the house numbered 89 to 91, which is a memorial Museum and archive of Kodaly Zoltan (Kodaly Zoltan Emlekmuzeum es Archivum).

In the corner apartment four-storey building, from 1924 until his death (1967) lived composites kodali. This is similar to the bronze relief on the wall. Apartment kodali was later converted into a Museum.

Museum website: kodaly_muzeum;

- Museum of East Asian art the name of Ferenc Hopp (Hopp Ferenc Azsiai Műveszeti Muzeum), which is a specialized section of the Museum of fine arts, which contains works of art from the Far East.

The Museum is housed in the former Villa Buitenzorg (Buitenzorg villa), which after its first trip around the world in 1885 was bought by Ferenc Hopp. It was his personal collection formed the basis of the Museum's collection, numbering nearly 4,000 items. The Museum was opened in 1923.

Address: Andrassy Avenue, 103.

Museum website: hoppmuseum.

- Villa Babocsay (Babocsay-villa), located at: Andrassy Avenue, 129.

Art Nouveau Villa, built in 1910, was designed by Aladar Arkaim and is named after chief Builder of the redesign of Herman Babocsay.

Currently, the walls of the Villa is the Embassy of Serbia in Budapest.

Heroes ' Square

From the North-Eastern end of andrássy Avenue is one of the main, the largest and most visited areas of Budapest - Heroes ' square (Hősök tere), which is also a Central entrance to the city Park (Városliget-city Park / Varosliget).

Heroes ' square was formed for the celebration of the Millennium of Hungary. It was then the monument to the Millennium, which is the main decoration of the square.

Currently, the square hosts concerts, festivals and other public events.

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