Observation Decks in Budapest

Observation decks and observation points in Budapest are the places from and from which panoramic views of the city or part of the city open.

Budapest divided by the river Danube into two parts: pest on the Eastern side of the city, Buda Western. Pest is flat terrain, so in this part of the city, the observation deck located mainly on the attractions as Buda - the hilly terrain, many points which offer panoramic views, considered the best in Budapest.

Also sightseeing points of Budapest can be attributed to Ruth bars bars and cafes located on the roofs (terraces) buildings, of which also offer views of the city.

Bridges and embankments of Budapest

With bridges and embankments of Budapest, situated and passing over (the bridge) and along (embankments) of the river Danube panoramic views of the Danube from the Pest embankment on the Buda side and the Buda embankment on the pest side, respectively. Read more about the bridges and embankments in Budapest...

Viewing platforms and observation points of pest

Vajdahunyad Castle

In the complex of the Vajdahunyad castle located in city Park (Varosliget / Varosliget), you can climb a siege corridor, located above the entrance gate and the tower of the Apostles, with views of the castle complex, the Park Varosliget, and part of the city of Budapest.

UPS paid, tickets can be purchased at the ticket office of the castle. Read more about Vajdahunyad castle...

St. Stephen's Basilica

For a fee in the amount of 1,000 forints you can climb to the dome of St. Stephen's Basilica (Szent Istvan-bazilika): the lift, or on foot, the spiral staircase, breaking the 364 steps.

On the dome there is a circular open area, giving a 360° view of Budapest, district of pest.

The Basilica is located in the eponymous square (Szent Istvan ter 1). The rise is from the internal part of the Basilica, tickets can be purchased here - at the box office. Read more about Basilica of St. Stephen...

Ferris wheel

To contemplate the panorama of Budapest can ride the Ferris wheel, located on Elizabeth square (Erzsebet / Erzsebet ter).

Website Ferris wheel in Budapest: oriaskerek.

Concert hall Pesti Vigado

Concert ass Pesti vigadó is located on the Pest embankment, on the same Vigado square (Vigado ter, 2).

On the 6th floor vigadó is a panoramic terrace facing the Danube, which offers views of the Danube, the Pest embankment and the old Buda side.

Entrance fee. Read more about Vigado concert hall...

Viewing platforms and observation points Budy

The hilly Buda side offers more panoramic views than the pest side, and the views from this part of Budapest in a larger and more impressive.

Gellért Hill

Mountain, also called gellért hill (Gellert-hegy), the Eastern slope which runs along part of the Buda embankment, has several equipped observation decks and lookout points, accompanied the guests during uphill or downhill.

On the top of the hill there are several attractions and an observation deck that gives some of the city's best panoramic views of Budapest. Read more about Gellert hill...

Castle hill (Buda castle district)

Castle hill, which runs along the Buda embankment and on top of which is one of the best Budapest attractions - Buda castle, which is not only a treasure trove of interesting objects, but also Budapest is a Paradise for lovers of panoramic views.

On the mountain there are several viewing platforms and observation points, the bulk of which are free.

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace (Budavari Palota) is the historical castle and Palace complex, once the residence of Hungarian kings.

The walls of the Royal Palace there are museums, the national széchenyi library and government agencies. And terraces located near the Palace complex, with panoramic views of the Danube and pest, the castle courtyards and garden. Read more about Royal Palace...

St. George's square

On the North side of the Royal castle lies St. George's square, also known as St. George's square (Szent György ter) is one of the main squares in the castle district of Buda.

On both sides of the square (East and West), with panoramic views, including the river Danube and the pest district, and the Western part of Budapest - district Krisztinavaros (Krisztinavaros). Read more about St. George's square...

Fisherman's Bastion

From the Fisherman's Bastion (Halaszbastya), built in neo-Romanesque style on the site of the partially destroyed fortification wall, with panoramic views of the Danube river and the historic district of pest.

To examine the lower part of the Bastion is available for free at any time of the day.

In the high tourist season, access to the top floor of the Fisherman's Bastion and towers are paid.

"Sources if you come to Bastion in time (that is, when the ticket office is closed), no one will mind if you step over a modest barrier, and wander around the top floor for free. Read more about Fisherman's Bastion...

Matthias Church

Matthias Church (Matyas Templom) is located near the Fisherman's Bastion on the Holy Trinity square (Szentharomsag ter).

In the lower canopy of the bell tower, with a height of 46.73 meters and has access from the 197 steps you can climb. This site offers panoramic views of the Will, the Danube and a part of pest.

The entrance to the Church and the rise of paid. Read more about Matthias Church...

Tower Of Mary Magdalene

The Mary Magdalene tower (Maria Magdolna Torony) is a preserved tower of the eponymous Church (Maria Magdolna-templom).

In the tower is a small exhibition telling about the history of the Buda castle and the Church of Mary Magdalene. From the top floor of the tower offers a panorama of the city. Entrance fee. Read more about the tower of Mary Magdalene...

The Vienna gate

Vienna gate (Becsi kapu), located on the square, the Vienna gate (Becsikapu ter) are the extreme North-Eastern point of the Castle.

At the gate you can climb (for free). With gate, views of Vienna, a part of the district of Vizivaros (Vizivaros) and district Orszagot (Orszagut), located at the foot of the hill of Buda castle. Read more about square, the Vienna gate...

The Western ramparts of the Buda castle

Along almost the entire Western ramparts of the Buda castle from St. George square to the North-West corner of the castle space, pedestrian street, walking along which you can admire panoramic views of the Western part of Buda and gellért hill. Read more about Buda castle...

The Mausoleum Of Gul Baba's Tomb

The mausoleum of Gul Baba's Tomb (Gül Baba türbeje) is a sacred place of pilgrimage and also tourist attraction is a complex that includes the terraces, a fountain, flower beds and the tomb of Gul Baba.

The panoramic views from the terraces of the mausoleum complex are not the best in Bude, but, nevertheless, although below average, but the review provide. Admission is free (complimentary).

Mausoleum address: Mecset u. 14. Read more about the mausoleum of Gul Baba's Tomb...

Mountain Janos and viewing Elizabeth tower (+ looks)

A mountain or a hill Janos / Janos (Janos-hegy) is the highest point and one of the best lookouts in Budapest.

On the mountain is an observation tower with a height of 527 meters, known as the observation tower or the Elizabeth lookout tower Elizabeth (Erzsebet-kilato) and giving a beautiful panoramic view. Admission is free (complimentary).

To get to the observation tower in several ways:

most interesting is the cable car - gondola-lift (Zugligeti Libegő), during lifting which also will be open panoramic views. Website cable car: bkv;

not far from the tower Elizabeth station the Children's railway. Website: gyermekvasut;

- by bus number 21A can be reached to stop the "Normafa", and then walk about 2 kilometers. The website of the public transport of Budapest: bkk;

- by foot, taxi, car.

Margaret Island

Margaret island (Margit-sziget) island, located on the Danube in Budapest.

Along the shores of the island are walking paths that offer views of the Danube and the opposite side of the coast.

Also on the Margaret island, among other attractions, there is a water tower (Margitszigeti Viztorony) in the art Nouveau style, is the oldest water tower in Hungary.

The tower is 57 meters, the diameter of the pool is 13 meters with a volume of 600 m3.

In the tower is the exhibition center. In good weather it serves as an observation deck with a 360-degree review. Read more about Margaret island...

Rooftop bars and hotels

Rooftop bars of Budapest bars and cafés located on the roofs (terraces), which are also viewing platforms, for example:

High Note SkyBar

Address bar: Hercegprimas u. 5.

The website of the bar: highnoteskybar.

St. Andrea Wine & Skybar

Address: Deak Ferenc utca 5 / Vaci 1.

Website: standreaskybar.

360 Bar

Address: Andrassy ut 39.

Website: 360bar.

Intermezzo Restaurant and Bar

A rooftop terrace and a restaurant located in the centre of pest, close to Freedom square and St. Stephen's Basilica, at the address: Hold u. 5.

The website of the restaurant: restaurants/roof-terrace.

The building also houses a 4-star hotel.

Leo Budapest

Bar-cafe located on the Buda side near the Chain bridge, at the address: Clark Adam ter 1.

Website: leo-budapest.

Attention! Café-bars can be closed and(or) to move. Before you visit is recommended to clarify information about RUF-barracks on the site.

In Budapest there are hotels, rooms panoramic views, for example:

The 5-star Budapest Marriott, located on the Pest waterfront and all rooms have a panoramic view of the Danube, Postscool promenade and Buda side. Link to the hotel booking

The 5-star InterContinental Budapest, the 5-star Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest, located in the building of the Palace Gresham and the 5-star Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge luxury also located near the Pest embankment and some offer views of the Danube and the Buda side.

The 5-star Hilton Budapest islocated in the territory of the Buda castle, beside the Fisherman's Bastion and Matthias Church. Some rooms offer views of the Danube and pest. Link to the hotel booking

Hotels on the Buda side, some rooms panoramic views: the 4-star Danubius hotel Gellert is in a historic building which is also a thermal bath of Budapest the 4-star Lanchid 19 Design and 4-star Clark Budapest - Adults Only, for adults only.

All accommodation in Budapest you can view and book here booking

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