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Viewpoints in Innsbruck (Observation Decks)

In the Tyrolean town of Innsbruck there are viewing platforms and observation points, which not only give beautiful panoramic views of the city, the countryside and the surrounding mountains, but also some of which are in the Tops of the sights of Innsbruck.

City tower

The city tower (Stadtturm), which is one of the symbols of Innsbruck and one of the main attractions of the city, also represents the best observation deck in the historic centre of Innsbruck.

On the tower (altitude 31 m) is an open platform with an iron railing and mesh fencing, which is a circular observation deck that gives a 360 degree view on the Innsbruck, the historic centre, the mountains and the surrounding area.

Address of tower: Old town Innsbruck street Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse 21 (Herzog-Friedrich-Straße, 21). Read more about city tower and lookout.

Panorama café in new town hall

In the building of the new town hall, which was expanded to include a shopping Mall "RathausGalerien" with 4-star design hotel The Penz, there is a bar on the roof (7th floor) with terrace and panoramic 360-degree view of the city.

Website Mall: rathausgalerien.

Address new town hall and cafe: the centre of Innsbruck, the street of Maria Theresa Strasse, 18 (Maria-Theresien-Straße, 18).

The streets of Innsbruck

As Innsbruck is located between the mountains, just walking around the city center you can enjoy views of the surrounding mountain ranges.

For example, the good types offer such streets as: the Herzog-Friedrich-straße, Maria-Theresia-Strasse, Rennweg (Rennweg), Anichstrasse (Anichstraße), maximilianstraße (Maximilianstraße), etc.

Bridges and embankments of Innsbruck

The river Inn, which separates the city of Innsbruck into two parts, represent a good overview points.

The two banks of the river connect the bridges and along the river, on both sides, are the embankments. And bridges, and embankments with views of the historic city centre and the surrounding mountains.

The most beautiful part of the embankments of Innsbruck is the part that is located on the left (North) side of the river near the bridge Inn (Bridge Inn). There are historical buildings with colorful facades (district Mariahilf-St. Nicholas), lined up in a row along the river, beyond which rise the peaks of the Tyrolean Alps that creates a picture of unrivalled beauty. This particular panorama is often depicted on many postcards, Souvenirs, as well as in brochures and guidebooks to Innsbruck.

Lift Nordkette

Lift Nordkette (Nordkettenbahnen) is not just a means of transportation, which takes 25-30 minutes to deliver its visitors from the centre of Innsbruck to the top of a mountain with a height of about 2,300 metres, but also over time, the way gives you the opportunity to visit several viewing platforms (observation points).

The lift has three means of transport - a funicular railway and two cable cars. To get from the centre of Innsbruck to the top station, having made the ascent in three stages with two changes.

The first observation deck (Hungerburg)

The first observation deck is located near the upper station of the funicular - Hungerburg or Hungerberg (Hungerburgstation Hungerburg / Hungerberg), height of 860 meters.

From the lookout panoramic views of Innsbruck, the mountains and surrounding area, and the eve of Christmas and New year on the site there is a small Christmas market. Read more about all Christmas markets in Innsbruck...

In addition to the cable car from the centre of Innsbruck up to this lookout can be reached on foot, by car (rent a car in Innsbruck...) or bus.

The second observation deck

The second observation deck is located near the intermediate (middle) station of the cable car Nordkette - Seegrube (Seegrube), height on 1 905 metres.

Near the station are the: observation deck, a panoramic restaurant with Seating area, gift shop and toilets.

In addition to the lift station and landscaped area near such Seegrube depart from several developed Hiking trails with rest areas and observation which are also suitable for families with children.

One such route is a panoramic circular Hiking trail Perspektivenweg with viewing platforms. During the path of the equipped places for rest, observation decks and platforms. The length of the route is about 1.5 kilometers.

The third observation deck

The upper station of the lift (the second cable) of Hafelekar (Hafelekar), takes passengers to a height of 2 256 meters. On the top there is an observation deck (observation point). Read more about gondola Nordkette...

The left side of Innsbruck (the river Inn)

Left (North) side of the city of Innsbruck, on the Inn river, in addition to the lift and the observation Nordkette has departed (mountainous) terrain with abundant vegetation, for this reason, in the area there are parks, Hiking and Biking trails and many locations offer panoramic views of Innsbruck, the mountains and the surrounding area.

View from area near Hettinger old parish Church (Alte Höttinger Pfarrkirche). The Gothic Church was first mentioned in 1286, and then decorated in the Baroque style. The round fortified tower of the Shrine is visible from afar.

The address of the Church: the Church is located at the intersection of Schulgasse and Steinbruchstraße.

The view of the site near the parish Church of St. Leonard (Pfarrkirche St. Leonhard). The first building of the Gothic Church was completed in 1432. The Church was replaced with a larger Baroque building in 1748. The frescoes on the ceiling and elevation of the facade of the Church in Baroque style was executed by Johann Michael Strichninom (1749). The facade acquired its present appearance in 1880.

The address of the Church: Schloßfeld, 2.

The Bergisel ski jump

Ski jump "Berg isel" (Bergiselschanze, the Bergisel Schanze) with Olympic history in its present form was built under the project of Zaha Hadid, which won the prestigious architectural prize for his masterpiece.

In the tower of jump is a panoramic restaurant "Bergisel Sky" with a glass facades from floor to ceiling and a viewing deck (panoramic terrace), granting a stunning overview of Innsbruck and the surrounding area.

Address Bergisel ski jump: Bergiselweg 3, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria. Read more about the jump Bergisel and the observation...

The Bergisel Hill

Hill Berg isel (Bergisel), a height of 746 meters, located in the southern part of Innsbruck, in the heart Wilten.

In 1809, Bergisel was the site of the legendary battle - the four battles (the battle Bargielski) during the Tyrolean uprising under the command of the freedom fighter Andreas Hoffer.

Currently, the hill is not only a historical place but also a place of recreation, Hiking trails and a place where the hills are some of the important sights of Innsbruck, including the Museum and the observation deck (observation point).

Some points of the hill with panoramic views of the district Wilten, Innsbruck in General and the North Tyrolean Alps (relative to Innsbruck).

Within the Hill lies a "Panoramic tour of the Bergisel" (Panoramarunde Bergisel) - equipped Hiking a circular route via Bergisel and has several observation points (the observation deck), including the hill, the valley and the Bergisel ski jump. Read more about Bergisel hill and its attractions...


At the southern tip of Innsbruck, in the village of Igls (Innsbruck), located at the foot Pacherkofel (Patscherkofels) is a cable car that lifts visitors to a mountain hill with Hiking trails, ski area and observation points.

Site lift: patscherkofelbahn.

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