Nordkette in Innsbruck (Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen) - funicular and cable car

The funicular and cable car Nordkette (ski lift Nordkettenbahnen) is not only a popular attraction and entertainment in Innsbruck, but also enables only 20 minutes from the city centre to get to the top of the mountains (height of about 2 300 metres) and viewpoint Hafelekar (Hafelekar) - South mountain range, the largest nature Park of Austria Karwendel mountains (Karwendel).

In winter, the gondola is the heart of the ski area Innsbrucker-Nordkettenbahnen, and in the warm season - from the tramway Hiking trails, there are places for rock climbing.

The view from the summit offers stunning panoramic views of Innsbruck, on the one hand and the natural Park Karwendel on the other.

The funicular and cable car Nordkette

Lift Nordkette has three means of transport - a funicular railway and two cable cars. To get from the centre of Innsbruck to the top station, having made the ascent in three stages with two changes.

The funicular and the lower station of the Nordkette

Lower lift station (Congress), which runs the funicular located in the centre of Innsbruck on the edge of the old town, close to Hofburg Palace and St. Jacob's Cathedral, at the following address: Rennweg 3.

In the station ticket office you can buy tickets and take a trip on the funicular.

The cable car makes two stops:

- first, the intermediate station is close to the Alpine zoo of Innsbruck (Innsbruck Alpenzoo). You can purchase a combined ticket: zoo + the zoo or funicular + funicular + cable car, and a ticket without a visit to the zoo is just on the cable car or funicular + cable car.

At the intermediate station, you can go to visit the zoo and continue the route. Also near the station there are automatic ticket for the funicular and the cable car.

In addition to the funicular to the zoo you can walk from Innsbruck's city centre or by car (rent a car in Innsbruck...) or bus line W. Near the zoo, there are places to Park the car.

The zoo tickets can be purchased at the box office of the zoo. Near the banks there is a free toilet. The website of the zoo: alpenzoo.

Photo of the funicular station near the zoo

Photos of zoo

- second, the upper (final) station of the funicular - Hungerburg or Hungerberg (Hungerburgstation Hungerburg / Hungerberg) - the height of 860 meters.

At this station you need to go out and, in the case of the continuation of the route, go to the cable car station located nearby.

Near the station is indoor dining, designated Parking and observation deck, which offers stunning views over Innsbruck and on the eve of Christmas and New year on the site there is a small Christmas market on Hungerburg (Panoramamarkt auf der Hungerburg). Read more about all Christmas markets in Innsbruck...

Photo café and the top of the funicular

Photos site, Christmas fair and Innsbruck

From the zoo to the top of the funicular you can walk or ride a bike, car, bus.

One of the Hiking trails runs along the convenient paths through the woodland. During the rise-equipped place to stay. Panoramic views of Innsbruck. In the case of a decision to go on foot, we recommend you to wear comfortable shoes. During inclement weather and after such (rain, wet snow), trails tempted and are formed of mud.

Photo Hiking ascent

The cable car Nordkette

The path above is from a trip on two cable cars, between which there is an intermediate station.

Near the lower station of the first cable car (top station of the funicular) the offices are located, where you can buy tickets. The cost of a full adult ticket up and down of 32.30 euros. If the station to ride the cable car, the cost of an adult ticket from the lower station, in the heart of Innsbruck, is 38 euros.

You can also go on foot, but the path is not close and more complex.

The cable car lifts its passengers to a height of 1 905 meters, where the average station Seegrube (Seegrube). Here is an observation deck, cafe, gift shop and toilets. There are Hiking trails.

The second cable car takes passengers to a height of 2 256 m, where the last (upper mountain) station Hafelekar (Hafelekar). On the top there is a restaurant and observation deck (observation point).

The scheme of the stations of the funicular and cable cars Nordkette

The cost of lifting the funicular and cable car Nordkette

Full adult round-trip ticket (from the lower station of the funicular to the top station) is 38 euros. A visit to the zoo - 43 Euro.

Combined ticket: cable car + zoo - 17 euros.

Cable car round trip to the station Hungerberg - 9,90 EUR.

Cable car from the upper station of the funicular round-trip (back to the cable car valley station) - of 32.30 euros.

You can also purchase tickets separately to each station of the ropeway.

The timetable of the funicular and cable cars Nordkette

The funicular and cable car run every 15 minutes.

The upper cable car runs less time. The longest time at the funicular.

The cable car may not operate due to weather conditions, unforeseen forced the prevention and causes of failure.

Funicular: Monday - Friday 07:15 to 19:15 hours; Saturday, Sunday + holidays from 8:00 to 19:15 PM.

Seegrubenbahn cable car: daily from 08:30 to 17:30 hours.

Cable car Hafelekarbahn (top): daily from 09:00 to 17:00 hours.

Attention! The price and terms of sale of tickets and opening hours the funicular and cable cars can vary, please specify the information immediately before the trip, the best on the official website.

The website of the Nordkette lift: nordkette.

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