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Cathedral of St. James in Innsbruck (Dom zu St. Jakom) - the main church of the city

Cathedral of St. James (Jacob), also known as Innsbruck Cathedral or Innsbruck Cathedral (Dom zu St. Jakom) is the main Catholic Church of the city.

Patronizing holiday is celebrated on the Day of Jacob (Jacob's) on July 25.

Currently, the Cathedral of St. James is one of the main shrines and attractions of Innsbruck.

A brief history of St. James Cathedral

The first mention of the Cathedral date back to the year 1180 as on the possibility of construction of a new Church in a new city, along with the creation of a new market. After the construction in 1191 in the late-Romanesque style, the Cathedral was to be part of an important medieval pilgrimage of Christians - "St. James way".

Cathedral complex was badly damaged during the earthquake in 1689. After that, plans were developed for partial demolition and erection of a new Cathedral. The new Cathedral was designed in accordance with the plans of Johann Jacob Herkomer and Johann Georg Fischer in the Baroque style and built between 1717 and 1724 years.

During the history the Cathedral has undergone several major restorations. So, during the Second world war, in 1944, the Cathedral was damaged by bombing. The reconstruction began soon after the war and could not be completed until 1950. The construction management was carried out under the supervision of architect Theodor Hutera. In 1990-1993, the Cathedral underwent a thorough internal renovation.

Exterior of Cathedral of St. James

The appearance of the Cathedral is rather modest and austere.

It is distinguished by two tall bell towers, gracefully leaning forward relative to the main portal, giving the impression of sea waves.

The main facade is decorated with arched and oval Windows, with sculptures set in niches. The two lateral towers are the same round the clock.

Every day at noon to hear the bells of the Cathedral.

View of the tower and the dome of the Cathedral

All the Majesty and austerity of the Cathedral can be seen from the observation deck, located in the city tower of the old town hall of Innsbruck. Read more about city tower and observation deck...

The main facade of the Cathedral of St. James goes to the small Domplatz square (Domplatz), which, in addition to the Cathedral, surrounded by historic buildings.

The interior of the Cathedral of St. James

In contrast to the exterior of the Cathedral, its interior has a luxurious Baroque interior. Here play bright colors of marble, frescos and stucco work placed sculptures and sculptural compositions.

The main altar of the Cathedral was created in 1729 Cristoforo Benedetti and his son Teodoro.

In the center of the main altar is a small icon "virgin Mary - Helper", which is the main relic of the Cathedral. The work of Lucas Cranach the Elder, circa 1537.

The gilded pulpit, richly decorated with angels and the three divine virtues: faith (angel with cross), love (an angel pointing to the heart) and hope (an angel with an anchor). The work of Nikolai moll, circa 1724.

Grave of Archduke Maximilian III is located in the left wing of the Cathedral.

Tombstone tomb was designed by Caspar Gras, and cast by Heinrich Reinhart in Innsbruck, after placed in four column structure. The composition depicts a German master Maximilian, kneeling, and George, the patron Saint of the Teutonic knights, a defender.

Above the entrance to the Cathedral, placed a large blue body, decorated with sculptures and decorated with gold.

The frescoes on the ceiling of the Cathedral.

In addition to the above the Cathedral is the lower Church (lower Church hall), which was created thanks to the pastoral requirement to provide a place of silence and prayer separate from the flow of tourists. The lower Church was built by the Liechtenstein artist Dr. Georg Malin and architect of Innsbruck Helmut Dreher.

Designed in a simple manner, the lower Church serves as a direct order. In addition, the lower Church is the place of baptism, the celebration of the Eucharist and prayers for small communities, up to 40-50 people.

Practical information

Cathedral of St. Jacob in the historic centre of Innsbruck, address: Domplatz 6.

Entrance to the Cathedral is free (free).

Photo of the interior of the Cathedral is 1 Euro. A vending machine for tickets is located just behind the main entrance, on the left side of such.

The site of the Cathedral of Saint James:

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