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City tower in Innsbruck (Stadtturm) - the best observation deck of the city center

The city tower (Stadtturm), also called the town hall tower is one of the symbols of the city and a popular viewing platform of the center of Innsbruck.

City tower stands in the heart of the historic centre of Innsbruck, on a pedestrian street, to the address: street the Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse 21 (Herzog-Friedrich-Straße).

Town hall tower is a slightly protruding Gothic building, flanked by historic buildings.

The tower was built between 1442 and 1450 years and in that time added to the old town hall built in 1358. The construction of the city tower demonstrated increased confidence of citizens and their determination to protect their rights and freedoms. The building of the old town hall is to the left of the tower. During its history the town hall has undergone several structural changes. Until 1897 it was used as the residence of the city authorities. On the main façade of the town hall you can see a relief of the coat of arms.

The very same City tower is a 51-meter height. In the upper part of the square bases of the towers are the clock tower. The first clock tower was built in 1603 by the Erasmus Melchior. For this reason, the city tower is also often referred to as a clock tower or clock tower.

Over a three-tiered square base rises a narrower octagonal structure with four semi-circular Bay Windows, surmounted by a bathing hat Renaissance (converted in 1560).

Previously, for almost 450 years, the tower served as a viewing facility for the conduct of patrols, which was on duty hours and warned residents about fires and other impending dangers. The lower floors of the tower served as a prison.

The observation deck at the city tower of Innsbruck

On the city tower (a height of 31 meters), between the square base and the narrower upper part is an open platform with an iron railing and mesh fencing.

The platform is a circular observation deck that gives a 360 degree view on the Innsbruck, the historic centre, the mountains and the surrounding area.

The observation tower you can climb through the tower, the spiral staircase, breaking the 133 steps (a total of 148 steps).

Photos of ascent to the observation deck of the tower

The views from the observation deck of the city tower of Innsbruck

Practical information

Hours city tower:

- June - September, Monday to Sunday from 10: 00 to 20:00 hours;

- October - may, Monday - Sunday: 10:00 to 17:00 hours.

Admission to the observation deck:

- complete full ticket - EUR 4.50;

- discount ticket (pupils, students and people over 60 years old) - 3 EUR;

- children 6-15 years EUR 2;

- family ticket (2 adults + child 6-15 years) - 9 EUR;

- combined ticket (observation city tower + Museum of the Golden roof + city Museum / Stadtarchiv) - 8,40 EUR.

With the Innsbruck Card entrance free.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office, located on the lower floor of city tower.

Attention! Hours of operation of inspection and the cost of tickets may vary, please check the information directly before visiting.

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