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Triumphal Arch in Innsbruck (Triumphpforte) - a symbol of joy and sadness

Triumphal arch in Innsbruck (Triumphpforte) is one of the most striking sights of the city.

The arch is located at the intersection of roads surrounded by modern and historic buildings at the southern end of one of the main streets of the city: the street of Maria Theresa Strasse (Maria-Theresien-Straße) - once the South road out of town.

Now arch forms the boundary of the city centre and is a symbolic gate - the entrance to the historic centre of Innsbruck.

Arch in Roman style is not that old, it was erected by order of Maria Theresa in the 18th century, when the Empress had planned his son's wedding of Archduke Leopold with a Spanish Princess Maria Ludovico.

At that time were made many changes in the urban environment, including was ruined medieval city gate at the entrance to the old town of Innsbruck, partly of stones which they erected the Triumphal arch. The arch was richly decorated with intricate marble reliefs and inscriptions.

The arch has three passages (passage): Central - a large arched doorway, through which runs the transport and two small side - one is designed for bikes, one for pedestrians.

In addition to the main entry of the character in the old part of the city, the triumphal arch also serves as a reminder of joy and sorrow at the same time. The fact that during the preparation for the wedding, on 18 August 1765, the husband died, the Empress and the father of the groom. This event was a great tragedy.

For this reason, arch has two "face": on the North side of the gate depicts a memorial to the memory of the sudden death of the Emperor, and the South is decorated with festive and more colorful motifs with reliefs dedicated to the wedding.

The original work on the decoration of the arch was performed by the Konstantin Walter and Johann Baptist Hagenauer. In 1774, the gate reliefs made in stucco plaster, was replaced by Balthasar Ferdinand Moll in marble.

The North side of the triumphal arch

South side of the triumphal arch

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