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District Mariahilf-St. Nicholas, Innsbruck (Mariahilf-St. Nikolaus)

Mariahilf-St. Nikolaus is a district of the city of Innsbruck, located on the left (northern) side of the Inn River and which is part of the historical center of Innsbruck.

This area extends in a narrow strip along the Inn river, parallel to the Old town of Innsbruck, is located on the opposite right side of the river. Two districts among themselves connect the bridges.

District Mariahilf-St. Nicholas is the oldest part of Innsbruck, it was founded as a settlement around 1165. The area some sources refer to the continuation of the old town of Innsbruck.

The Gothic buildings of the district for the time the history was rebuilt, including the style of the so-called Inn-Salzach (Inn-Salzach), developed in the 16th and 17th centuries. This architectural style is typical in older parts of some cities of Austria when a few houses form a closed ensemble through false facades to the roof, thereby practically concealing the roof, if you look at the facades of the houses from the street. It makes the house to seem cubic and monumental. Sometimes the Gables are decorated with projections or they are curved.

The Mariahilf district of St. Nikolaus remarkable historic buildings with colorful facades lined up in a row along the river, beyond which rise the peaks of the Tyrolean Alps that creates a picture of unrivalled beauty. This panorama is depicted on many postcards, Souvenirs, as well as in brochures and guidebooks to Innsbruck.

The streets and sights of the district Mariahilf-St. Nicholas

Street Innstrasse

Street Innstrasse (Innstraße) is the main and largest street of the district.

Part of this street, the one closer to the bridge Inn (Bridge Inn) and runs parallel to the old town of Innsbruck, remarkable historic buildings with colorful facades and elegant Bay Windows on the first floor some of which are located shops, cafes and restaurants.

On the street Innstrasse remarkable:

- house number 3, which is home to some famous artists and craftsmen. Around 1500, the house belonged to the armourer Conrad Sassenhof, in 1607, the founder Heinrich Reinhardt, and in 1608 the modeller Caspar Grau. In 1683, there lived Delama Regina, wife of the artist Caspar Waldman.

Rich stucco facade of the building dates back to around 1730, the company;

- art gallery (Galerie Innstraße), located at the address: Innstrasse, 35-37;

- Walter Park (Waltherpark) - a small green space, located directly next to the river and along the streets Innstrasse.

The Park includes: children's Playground, places for recreation and historical monument - the monument to the German poet and composer of the classical period minnesang Walter von der Vogelweide (Walther von der Vogelweide);

- a small square Hans Brenner Platz (Hans Brenner Platz) which is located in the historic fountain-well.

On the eve of Christmas and New year on the square Hans Brenner has a small Christmas market "St. Nikolaus" ("Christkindlmarkt Innsbruck Sankt Nikolaus" - Christmas market St. Nicholas) with a few wooden stalls and in the evenings live music. This fair is not a tourist, it is more for her. Read more about all Christmas markets in Innsbruck...

- the building of the Tyrolean vocational-technical schools of St. Nicholas (Tyrolean Fachberufsschule St.Nikolaus), located at Innstraße, 36.

Street Hettinger Gassho (Höttinger G.)

The Priory Catholic Church Maria Khil'f (Priorat Maria Hilf), located at Höttinger G., 14.

The Church of Mariahilf district Saint Nicolas

From the 15th century, the area is dominated by the name of Vanbruggen (Anbruggen). Vanbruggen and the upper - part of the territory over the Inn bridge and the bottom of Vanbruggen - part downstream from the bridge.

From the 18th century, these two parts were named after the local churches of Vienna and St. Nikolaus, in consequence of which the whole area got the name "Mariahilf-St. Nicholas."

Church Of Mariahilfkirche (Mariahilfkirche)

The Roman Catholic Church was erected in the years 1646-1647.

The court architect Christoph Gumpp Jr. designed the Central dome of the Church in the style of Italian early Baroque.

The first Holy Mass was noted on 23 April 1648, and the consecration of the Church took place on 26 June 1660. In 1853, the Shrine was elevated to the rank of parish.

The parish Church has an organ by Johann Pirchner since 1986 and holds regular concerts.

The Church is located on the street Dr.-Sigismund-Epp-Weg.

The Church of St. Nicholas

The parish Church of St. Nicholas / Nikolaus (Pfarrkirche St. Nikolaus) is the main and the most beautiful Shrine area. It towers over the historic buildings of the eponymous district and is considered one of the most important monuments of neo-Gothic Church architecture of the city of Innsbruck.

The Church evolved from a small chapel, recorded in this place, in 1313, was consecrated in 1502, and in 1505 was already known as the Church of St. Nicholas.

The Church was enlarged in 1665, but in the 19th century became too small. In 1881 the old Church was demolished and in its place was erected a new Church of St. Nicholas, built according to the plans of Friedrich von Schmidt in the Gothic revival style and consecrated in 1885.

During the Second world war the Church was badly damaged and had to be restored.

Especially beautiful in the Church: winged altars with open holidays and closed everyday option, and the wooden pulpit.

Address Church of St. Nicholas: Weiherburggasse, 2nd

House Schöneck

Building built in 1853-1854 years, is located in the historical area of the district ("Schöneck" - "Chenek" means the perfect angle), because in this place were the medieval road leading to the valley of the Lower Inn. That is the way the boundaries of the city of Innsbruck was held until 1939.

Currently, the building is a restaurant.

The building is located at the address: Weiherburggasse, 6.

The views from the area of Mariahilf-St. Nicholas

The terrain of the area is partially evade foothills.

For this reason some places, such as streets Vierbergen (Weiherburggasse) panoramic views of the area, the Inn river, bridges and old town of Innsbruck, is located on the opposite side of the river.

District Mariahilf-St. Nicholas on the map

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