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Bergisel hill in Innsbruck: springboard, museum, viewings and panoramic trail

The Bergisel - hill in Innsbruck, with a height of 746 meters, located in the southern part of the city in the district Wilten.

As the earlier usages, the hill served as a place of dwelling and place of burial.

In 1809, Bergisel was the site of the legendary battle - the four battles (the battle Bargielski) during the Tyrolean uprising under the command of the freedom fighter Andreas Hoffer, who was arrested on 28 January 1810 and was shot on 20 February that year in Mantua.

Currently, the hill Bergisel is not only a historical place but also a place of recreation, Hiking trails and a place where the hills are some of the important sights of Innsbruck, including the observation deck (observation points) and the Museum Bergisel.

The rise of the hill Bergisel

Distance from the historic centre of Innsbruck (the triumphal arch on the street of Maria Theresa Strasse) prior to climbing the hill Bergisel is about 1.2 kilometers, nearly straight (leopoldstraße and Brenner Strasse). So walk the walking route from downtown to the hill Bergisel can be a pleasant walk.

The rise of the hill, its main attractions, starting from the intersection of Brenner straße and Klostergasse. The rise of easy, among the lush vegetation equipped with a winding sidewalk with railings.

During ascent eyes open by Wilten.

The sights of the hill of Bergisel

Panoramic terrace

The upgrade brings to the street Belgeseli (Bergiselweg) where is a small terrace with Seating and panoramic views of the area Wilten, Innsbruck in General and the North Tyrolean Alps (relative to Innsbruck).

Jump Bergisel

The Bergisel ski jump (Bergiselschanze, the Bergisel Schanze) is one of the venues for the competition phase of the world Cup ski jumping - annual 3rd stage Tour of four jumps.

Its present form the springboard received in the course of the reconstruction in 2001-2002, the head of which stood the architect Zaha Hadid, who received a prestigious architectural award for his masterpiece.

The Olympic games in the springboard was conducted in 1964, 1976 and 2012.

Currently jump Bergisel, in addition to its direct purpose - competition in ski jumping and training center is a modern symbols of Innsbruck and a popular tourist attraction.

Tower hill, executed in steel structure with an attached descent, is considered one of the architectural masterpieces of Innsbruck and is clearly visible from many points in the city.

Jump Bergisel is open to visitors year-round. In the tower is a panoramic restaurant "Bergisel Sky" with a glass facades from floor to ceiling and a viewing deck (panoramic terrace), granting a stunning overview of Innsbruck and the surrounding area.

The climb to the viewing takes several minutes, in two stages, first in a cable car to the tower for jumping, then the Elevator to the observation and/or restaurant. Read more about the jump Bergisel...

The area under the jump Bergisel

Outside Belgeseli, right after of Hiking climbing the hill, is the so-called area under the trampoline, which is a historical monument.

The highlights of the area under the jump:

- the historic monument of Brickhaus (Urichhaus) - the former summer room for the officers of the Tyrolean Imperial regiment Kaiserjager (Kaiserjäger). A small hut was built in 1838, and later rebuilt of solid masonry and served with small house.

The building was named in 1892-1893 years in honor of a former regiment commander Colonel von Urich.

Today Urachus are administrative rooms, a Grand ballroom, and on the first floor - a vast military-scientific library. The building can accommodate anything from weddings, graduations, presentations and corporate events.

The address of the building: Bergiselweg, 3;

- former shooting range shelf Kaiserjagerthat existed from 1816, which is now the site of the annual team competitions in shooting;

- the monument to the Emperor of the Austrian Empire and king of Bohemia Franz Joseph I (Kaiser Franz Joseph I);

- Phillips chapel Bergisel (Bergisel-Kreuzkapelle);

- the monument of Andreas Hoffer, opened in 1893 in memory of the battle on Bergisel and in the presence of Emperor Franz Joseph.

Kaiserjager Museum and Tirol panorama

Regimental Museum of the Tyrolean Imperial Riflemen Museum Kaiserjager known as the Museum Bergisel (Kaiserjägermuseum) and the new building Tirol Panorama which is also a Museum (Tirol Panorama Museum) is a unified complex of the military historical Museum Bergisel, which, in particular, tell the history of the Tyrolean regiment Kaiserjager and battles on the hill.

Giant round painting included in the Museum's collection, is the greatest work of art and reflects the Tyrolean struggle for freedom on 13 August 1809 with the portrayal of events per 1,000 square feet in a thrilling 360 degree visibility. The painting was created in 1896.

The Panorama Museum, which ball opened on March 12, 2011, inter alia, includes an underground permanent exhibition hall "Schauplatz Tirol" and access to the Museum Kaiserjager, who as regimental Museum of the Tyrolean Imperial Riflemen, gives an idea about the military history of Tyrol from the 18th to the 20th century.

In the building of the Tyrol Panorama also has a restaurant 1809 (1809 Bergisel Restaurant am) to 130 seats, with a shaded terrace for about 50 people.

In the building of the Tyrol panorama on the -1 floor there is a toilet, which you can access for free.

The address of the Museum and restaurant: the Bergisel, 1-2.

The entrance to the Museum is paid. The cost of tickets and opening hours can be found on the website.

In front of the Museum of Kaiserjager makes a stop of sightseeing bus Hop-on Hop-off.

Information about the tour bus, including stops, time of driving and the cost of tickets, can be found on the website. With the Innsbruck Card - free card you can also purchase here.

Christmas market on Bergisel

On the eve of Christmas and New year in between the buildings of the Museum (Museum Bergisel and the Tyrolean Panorama) is a Christmas market, where organized points sell drinks, food, Souvenirs and other products. Read more about all Christmas markets in Innsbruck...


Behind the Museum building Kaiserjager at the foot of the hill, located around a covered pergola, which offers panoramic views over Innsbruck and the Northern Alps.

Panoramic tour of the Bergisel

Panoramic tour of the Bergisel (Panoramarunde Bergisel) is equipped with a circular Hiking route that passes through Bergisel, including over the gorge of the Sill (Sillschlucht) and has several observation points (the observation deck), including the hill, the valley and the Bergisel ski jump.

The route length of about 2.2 kilometres begins at the Museum Tirol Panorama and runs around Bergisel. Lifting height of 120 meters (the highest point 706 metres above sea level). Total time on the review trail, about 50 minutes.

Itinerary panoramic tour

Panoramic tram

Tram line No. 6 in Innsbruck runs from the hill, the Bergisel and further to the South, is one of the attractions.

The tram runs past meadows, through shady groves and towns with traditional Tyrolean architecture, to the village of Igls (station Bahnhof Igls), located at the foot Pacherkofel (Patscherkofels) with Hiking trails and a ski area with the cable car and Olympic history.

The journey time is about 30 minutes.

The schedule of tram stops and ticket prices can be found on the website.

All accommodation facilities in Innsbruck you can view and book here

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