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How to save money on food, water, excursions, shopping, hotels, etc. in Rome. Useful tips!

Rome, the city is quite expensive, prices are certainly not as high as in Western Europe, but still significantly higher than the Baltic and Central European countries. But even despite this, if you know some of the subtleties and nuances in Rome you can save some money and protect your budget from unnecessary spending.

Some ways to save money in Rome we will cover in this article. First of all, we will focus on the urgent and daily expenses on food, water, sightseeing, museums, toilets, tipping, hotels, shopping, and currency exchange. Perhaps this is just some advice from all possible saving options in Rome.

If next time you are in Rome, we'll scout ahead about some ways to save, then be sure to share your observations on the pages of this blog. So follow our movements and are looking for a lot of useful information on this website.

How to cheat tourists on the streets of the Italian capital, and how to protect your pocket we described in a previous article, find out here. And now: How to save money in Rome! A few tips from personal experience!

First, you can save some money in Rome, it to drinking water.

Free drinking water on the streets of Rome

Southern Europe and Rome in particular, the country's Sunny and quite hot. Especially in Rome, a huge number of attractions, monuments of history and architecture to explore all of which certainly worth it. However, to walk under the scorching rays of the sun have to nd how many and long.

That is why drinking water when exploring Rome sypletsya more than a dozen liters. And the water in the stores is expensive, sometimes in the stalls near the attractions and large crowds of tourists bottle of water 0.5 liter can reach up to 5 euros. But... don't worry drinking water on the streets of Rome there are free and clean and high quality.

Literally on every street, square or Park in the centre of Rome with a small fountains, which, not fearing for their health, you can safely drink and dial in bottle water. Water in all the drinking fountains absolutely free.

But don't confuse drinking fountains with great fountainsfrom which to drink water strongly recommend, it there dirty, but from a small drinking always please. To distinguish drinking fountains, not drinking very simple. Drinking a small size, usually embedded in walls or sticking out of the ground and is similar to our column. Moreover, most of them with granicami. Or simply watch the passers-by around where they gather and to drink water there and you.

free water on the streets of Rome

how to save in Rome on water

Definitely not to drink water from large fountains and where there is an inscription non potabile.

Convenient to carry small bottles of water and as needed to fill them at drinking fountains. So we always have two bottles of water 0.5 liter and just fill them with water from the fountain and carry it in your backpack. Very comfortable, besides two bottles just enough from one fountain to the other.

If you decided to buy water in the shops, then step back a few streets from the tourist routes. In such stores the price of water, and the whole other range of goods will be much lower than in the shops, designed for tourists. In big supermarkets is cheaper than in small shops.

And another tip about water, he touches the water in the restaurants and cafes of the city. One day a friend who came from Rome, we were very surprised exclaiming: "What are the expensive prices in Rome, especially the water in the restaurants that you want to buy a must!". How so? Do I have to? It's like he's not in Europe, but in the camp some stayed. Not at all, water is not necessarily to buy. Yes, the Europeans almost always drink water with meals and therefore, in many catering establishments bring her by default, but that doesn't mean anything. You can always politely refuse water, is it in the restaurants very expensive. Actually, to be honest, the waiters, when taking orders, always ask whether the water, you can refuse immediately and will bring you nothing, but at least you need to know English.

How to save on food in Rome

Here too there are some nuances about how to save money.

The first is that drinking coffee and snacking less in just the bar, or if you just take a Panini or bun, then take with a take-away and eat on the road. The fact is that coffee shops and cafes in Rome to the small size and if you will enjoy your coffee at the table, the snack will cost you twice more expensive than standing at the bar.

how to save money on food in Rome

Secondly, cheap restaurants, and most importantly delicious food you will find only away from the tourist routes.

Our Council! Tested on personal experience! Never go to the restaurants and cafes on the main squares and sights. Not only that, the prices are higher, and the food is not tasty, served at times even heated semi-finished products. We at the Central area saw over a table in a cafe, the man ate pizza, kind of disgusting, the dough is thick, filling consistency was more like mush... that's certainly not Italian pizza... in our stores semi-finished look and nicer.

food in the central squares of Rome, contraindicated

Authentic Italian food you will try, if you step on a couple of streets from tormarton. And it is best to go to those places where I prefer to dine local. See where they are and go after them.

In Rome we often used to go for dinner at one Italian restaurant Risky Point (point Risks). The restaurant is located near the Vatican, in the direction of residential areas, in Via Francesco Satolli, 57, 00165 Roma, Italy.

This restaurant is always tasty and fresh food, many local. Sometimes to get a table you have to stand and wait for a vacant on the street. The pizza cooked in a wood oven. Enjoy the taste of authentic Italian pizza only if it was cooked in a wood-fired, not electric stove. Feature ovens that pizza fried it evenly, and for a very short period of time, which gives a rich taste and a toasty crust. The pizza at this restaurant is worth 5 euros. Serves delicious beer, awesome salads and steaks medium rare for 12 euros per serving.

View of the Vatican, not far from the restaurant Risks point

close to Risky Point restaurant, Rome, Italy

Each restaurant or café stand or hang on the glass price lists. Come, read, get acquainted with the prices and range of dishes. In General choose. So that it, and the choice in Rome is always there.

And the last tip! If you just want to grab a sandwich or Panini, do not go to cafe and visit the supermarket. Prices on these dishes at the supermarket lower and the quality is the same. Moreover, in a cafe not surprising that you warm up the same sandwich purchased in the shop around the corner, and the price clocked in 3-4 times.

Tipping in Rome

Oh, and speaking of cafes and restaurants, we will mention about the tip. Rather, I will refute such a common misconception about them.

Usually in books we write, or well, the guides say that tipping is customary to leave 10% of the total order. No way... Another trick for tourists. In tourist areas it is clear here and no need to talk, the entire staff is waiting for tourists such tip, and only because I used to, and not because they decided so...

In fact, the Italians leave from 1 to 5 euros, regardless of the amount of the check. And not all, and only 30-50%. The rest do nothing and leave it in Italy the norm.

Moreover, in many restaurants in the centre of Rome (again, designed for tourists) additionally, by default, in the bill already included the interest for the service, use of tables, etc.

In hotels, too, are tipped by a small amount. In a taxi on request, but the local are not allowed.

In General, always, regardless of time and place tip only when considered necessary (you do excellently served, you have the money, you're just such a generous person, etc.), but remember, it is not necessary.

Save even the toilets in Rome

We ate, drank... if in a restaurant, the case is clear, free toilet here. And if the itch on the street? And here you can save.

On the streets of Rome a lot of both paid and free toilets. They are located most often in the squares. If you see the toilet, it does not mean that it is paid, stop in and see, maybe and free.

If free toilet near you have not found, feel free to go to any fast food or bar and with a straight face right in the toilet.

The way to Termini station there are bars, checks which can be used for free entrance to some toilets at the same station.

Save on excursions, with visits to sites and museums in Rome

Any time visiting all the churches and cathedrals of Rome for free. Even St. Peter's Cathedral in Vatican.

Admission to museums free on the international Museum day, during the "night of museums" and some other national and international holidays.

There are also rumors that in Rome there is a day when the entrance to the state museums, galleries, archaeological excavations, parks, national monuments and gardens absolutely free. It is every last Sunday of the month. Like it or not, we don't know, but even on the last Sunday of the month when entry was always paid.

For single tickets at 12 euros for two days to visit just three attractions - the Colosseum, Roman forum and Palatine Hill.

Many guides recommend to buy excursions in Rome, but it is not very beneficial and just predatory pleasure. There was a case we were standing in line at the Vatican, suitable guide and also offers 25 euros per person to spend for free in the St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican museums, they say plus you will have to pay if you want to climb the dome of the Cathedral. Note that the entrance to the Cathedral of the already free, and all though it seems long, moves very quickly, in 10-15 minutes we were already in the Cathedral. But the rise to the dome of St. Peter's Cathedral cost 5 euros per person. So don't believe everything that they say and suggest, even in Rome,: -))

To buy additional audio tour support think not having the appropriate. It is not cheap, and all the information about particular attractions, if you want, you can always find online and absolutely for free.

Save in Rome shopping

In the shops of Rome, regardless of the season there are always discounts and sales. In the markets and in small shops you can always negotiate for a few euros.

In large stores and shopping malls to bargain, of course, not accepted, but if you notice a slight defect or a marriage ceremony things - a speck, a lead, etc., and if it will not spoil your impressions from things and you still want to buy it, you can ask for discounts.

Also remember when shopping in stores with the sign Tax Free, you can always return this is the tax - Tax free.

Savings on hotels in Rome

It's simple, the closer the hotel is to attractions and the centre of the historic part of the city, the more expensive the room and Vice versa. If you do not mind walking, choose a hotel away from the main tourist routes, but not too far so will have to spend money on public transport.

The best option would be to stay in the centre but within walking distance from the tourist routes. We always choose these hotels, thus saving on travel and hotels.

Choosing and booking a place where you will live in Rome is best in advance, even when preparing for the trip. Choose the most optimal hotels by location, price and quality of service will help you online hotel reservation services such as Roomguru and Booking. These two systems are equally reliable, we always use one of them, looking at which point in the world we are going to go. Booking is better suited for Europe; it is designed and targeted specifically at European cities.

Save in Rome at the currency exchange

The national currency of Rome and all of Italy is the Euro. Therefore, to come to Rome already the most profitable the brought currency, the Euro.

To change the currency at airports and railway stations unprofitable, the rate is really exorbitant. In exchange offices in the city, although the course is already better, but the commissions are still high.

Here, perhaps, and all personally tested, simple ways to save in Rome. And to save on it all or not, personal choice. It all depends on financial possibilities.

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