Rome, general impressions

About Rome, you can write forever. To tell about the beauty and grandeur of the city, to praise the works of the great masters and put your own legend.

Rome is a beautiful, huge, majestic and varied.

It seems, in the same city collected charms throughout Europe. Here, architectural landmarks, and narrow streets and wide avenues, public gardens, alleys and parks, small detached houses and residential areas rynecki and shopping centers, cozy little coffee shops and cafes, upscale hotels and restaurants. All mixed up on the streets of this city.

To visit in Rome should, at least once in a lifetime, and preferably two, three, four...
We've been once and believe one hundred percent, will come again.

How much time does it take to Rome? Answer, a lot, the more the better. Our stay in the city lasted six days, during which time we and half did not.

In Rome if you need to walk only on the main attractions, but there are still beautiful streets, sea, shopping and other enjoyment.

Smell. About a smell in this town, one he is worth. Before visiting Rome, I've never inhaled anything like it. This smell is no longer in any country of the world.

And the food! It can be enjoyed daily, each time discovering something new. And it's not only well-known pizza and pasta. This divine pizza, so far as I remember, so pack a suitcase and fly. The food of Rome is still very tender steaks, fresh salads, hot rolls and ice cream. By the way Italian ice cream is recognized as the most delicious in the world.

Walking the streets of this city every corner eyes the majestic and beautiful buildings of past times. To stand and admire each of them for hours. You're like an empty vessel which is filled, something beautiful, good and bright when you look at these stately buildings.

Rome each of us does a little kinder, sincere and benevolent.

Architecture of Rome

The nature of Rome, one of the finest in the world. In the city there grow such beautiful and majestic, and all around, trees.

Nature of Rome

Nature in Rome

Transport Of Rome. About public transport will not speak here, it's obvious - buses. But the personal transport of the Romans should pay attention to. Citizens, because the city streets are very narrow, opt for a small and economical cars. Even wanted such a car. Very many people travel on mopeds.

Transport of Rome

cars of locals in Rome

Refueling because of the same narrow streets are underground, outside one can see only the top of the columns. Very convenient and takes up very little space, can be placed directly on the sidewalk.

Gas stations in Rome

People of Rome are generally a separate topic, they are responsive and kind to everyone.

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