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Spain Square and the most elite boutiques of Rome

In this article, we decided to combine two interesting topics about travel to the Italian capital Rome. The first part of the article will affect one of the most famous and visited squares of Rome - Piazza di Spagna, and a second, less well-known and popular of all the tourist streets of Rome, which focused boutiques of famous Italian and European brands.

To combine these two seemingly very different topic - the attraction and convenient shopping, we decided due to the fact that "streets of boutiques" go to the very center of the Plaza of Spain. Walking from the Vatican city, in shopping streets and looking in boticki, slowly getting to the most visited square of Rome.

Spain square in Rome

Plaza of Spain, Piazza di Spagna (Italian name Piazza di Spagna) as already mentioned in the beginning of this article, is one of the most famous and visited squares in Rome. Located square in the center of Rome, in the Campo Marzio and walking distance from Cathedral of St. Peter and our most beloved squares of the Italian capital, Piazza del Popolo square.

This seemingly strange Italian name, the square of Spain was due to the fact that on the territory of Piazza since the 17th century housed the Spanish Embassy.

When we came to the square, it was people just darkness. People were standing, looking around the square, walked back and forth in the square and just sat on the steps of the Spanish steps. It was the most crowded area of all visited us. From all this crowds the area seemed small and cramped.

In the center of the square at the foot of the Spanish steps is the Barcaccia fountain (Fontana della Barcaccia) designed in the Baroque style, in the form of a small boat. The composition of the fountain built by the Italian sculptor Pietro Bernini.

The fountain was erected in 1627(1628) - 1629, in memory of what happened in 1598 flood, which on this flooded area stranded boat. The name "Barcaccia", that is, the boat, the fountain has received its half of the boat.

Barcaccia Fountain, Spain square, Rome

The fountain originates the Spanish steps. This ladder is so famous, the lovers often date. Also the Spanish steps have featured in many movies and literary works. On the top of the Spanish steps, in the Northern part of the Piazza Spagna is the titular Church of Trinita dei Monti (the Santissima Trinita al Monte Pincio)

Spanish Steps, Rome

The area of Spain is famous not only for the fountain and staircase, it is also full of other architectural and historical buildings.

In the southern part of the square is the Palace of Spain (Palazzo di Spagna, the Italian name, Palazzo di Spagna) in front of which is a figure of the virgin Mary, or "the column of the Immaculate" (Colonna Dell'immacolata), embodying the idea of the immaculate conception. The column erected in 1854 in honour of the proclamation of the dogma of the immaculate conception.

Immaculate Column, Plaza of Spain, Rome

Ascending the Spanish stairs, you get to the observation deck and Via Sistina and Piazza della Trinita dei Monti (Sistina and Piazza trinità dei Monti). Views of Plaza españa and the surrounding area.

square of Spain, Rome

church of Trinita dei Monti, Rome

observation deck of Piazza di Spagna, Rome

Boutiques of Rome or luxury Rome shopping

On departing from the Plaza of Spain the streets are the most fashionable shops and boutiques, which represent the products of famous Italian and European brands. It is because from the Spanish originated the streets with the elite boutiques of the world, the area of Spain is considered to be the center of Roman fashion district.

The largest and most famous boutique street is the street of via dei Condotti. This street originates from the very center of the Plaza of Spain, the passage on it is clearly visible from the Spanish steps in the photo.

Shopping street Condotti, Rome

On this street lies the realm of the most expensive shops in Rome. If fashion and brands are your thing you prefer to dress in the latest and exclusive models of shoes, clothing, accessories and jewelry, and luxury shopping gives you pleasure, then this street is just made for you. This is a prestigious area located the boutiques such as Armani, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Giantranco Ferre, Cucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Laura Biagiotti, Valentine, Rocco Barocco, Trussardi and many other offices the registered homes of tastemakers. Naturally about any discounts and sales even speech can not go, only the fashionable and expensive.

Prices in boutiques starting from 1 500 Euro and reach, perhaps "to infinity".

boutiques street in Rome

Parallel to via Condotti stretch and other shopping streets of Rome. They also presented a large number of shops and boutiques, famous brands.

Itself via Condotti, ate to move in the direction of the Tiber river, flows smoothly into the street via Tomacelli (Via Tomacelli). On this street there is a shop of the famous brand Ferrari. At least used to be, and in August 2015 the store was closed, hopefully just for renovations. The Ferrari store presents clothing and accessories brand Ferrari.

Ferrari store, Rome

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